Two trips to the movies this week!

Yesterday I watched the movie "Precious: Based on the Novel 'Push' by Sapphire" and last Wednesday I watched "Percy Jackson – and the Lightning Thief"! xD That's two movies in one week – Wuhuu! ^O^

  First my opinions on Percy Jackson:
Well, now that I had read the book series and all, of course my expectations were a little bit high… ^o^; I really liked the guy who played Percy (Logan Lerman) he was very cute ^#^ But I was a little let down by the other two actors, mainly because they were nothing like the book description(!) >o< Annabeth should have had blond hair (the movie actress had brown) and Grover should have been pale Caucasian (not black!) :O Well looks are looks, the actors did a great job anyway, and portrayed the roles pretty well. Then some characters weren't even in the movie! :O
Dionysus and Ares! That's 2 gods! Dx I can't believe they took these characters away. They play such important roles. It even changed the story's ending and Kronos wasn't mentioned either (as the big bad guy) >O< They made it look like Luke was the only bad guy (where was Ares and Kronos, huh?!) The weird ending really disappointed me :(
Apart from all this, it was a overall okay adaption. I don't know… Some scenes were REALLY good, like the scene where the water heals Percy for the very first time and the underwater scenes were nice too<3 But then there were some places in the movie who really let me down :/ Sigh, I had a feeling the movie would be VERY different from the book. I just really hope the next movie will make up for the very strange ending XD


Now, my opinions on Precious:
I was prepared that this movie was a tough one. I wasn't mistaken! Some scenes in this movie actually moved me to tears! I really felt bad for the head character Claireece Precious Jones, but at the same time I was surprised at how strong a person she was too! I can't imagine living a life like hers… Just the fact she couldn't even read and write :O (a thing I find as normal as seeing and breathing!) And then her mother(!) >o< she is so harsh on Precious and at the same time really pitiful… That papa was sheer evil (abusing both his daughter and woman) I got so angry >O<,, Thankfully Precious met the nice teacher on the alternative school. She was almost the first person ever to had treated Precious nicely :O The girls in the class were such nice persons too, some of them really funny ^o^
Through the movie Precious gets more clever by help from her teacher, while at the same time building more self confidence. it's such a touching tale :'3 The fact Precious had two children at an age of 16… it's just insane! It must be so hard.. The most crazy scene in the movie (imo) was the fighting scene with the mother!! XO Omg, I nearly had a heart attack when the mother threw that TV! That was so insane! >o< Luckily Precious always look up xD But it was truly a scary moment when the mother let go of that TV… *shivers* ">,o<,

  The ending of this movie was pretty open. One option could be to think positive: Precious survives the disease and her life only gets better afterwards. But I also can't stop thinking the negative (more realistic thoughts): Precious doesn't survive the disease and her children end up on a orphanage… >o<, Of course I hope that it all ends well, but then again, the ending is very 'open' >_< But overall the movie was really really good! The actors did such a fantastic job, for me it was so so real~ :O Actually I didn't recognize Mariah Carey at all as Mrs. Weiss xD She looked so different! But of all the actors, Gabourey was the best.


After the watching Precious I shopped a little with my sister :) Here's what I bought:

Love Calpis soda, it's my favorite Japanese soda<3 Love daifuku too!! Today I got one with green macha tea flavor :D Finally I was able to buy SC vol. 8! (I have already read it now) Nagehiko finally found his guardian chara – Rhythm~ He's so cool x3 Then I got myself a new mascara (really needed one!) and a three-chained necklace (it's really nice<3) and the movie "Good Will Hunting" which I bought because of Matt Damon xD haha He looks so young nee? xD Look forward to watch it :D  

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3 responses

  1. When I was little I got to sort of meet Mariah Carey at an after concert sort of party thingie~*…she was really pretty~* in person and I thought it was so courageous of her to take on a role where she was do downplayed in her looks~* but it really does make you take note more about the character and the storyline that way so kudos to the director too~ of "Precious!" I've been seeing the trailer for "Percy Jackson – and the Lightning Thief"! a lot here and I really love fantasy~* type stories so this looks really amazing too and I hope to see it~*! Often times screenplays alter so much the original novel writings and I can imagine how frustrating it can be especially as you've read the novel~*. I'm happy that the main character was cast well~*….it mean so much and like with the cast of Harry Potter they got that cast so right to match the books I think~ ^ ^。

  2. Wow – you've met Mariah Carey?! Cool xDI really couldn't recognize her in the movie, and actually wondered, when is Carey showing up, didn't she had an important role?? LolI just kept thinking, wow this woman is really really pretty!<3 Her looks reminded me a little bit of a panda :3 funny huh?Percy Jackson: Yeah it was quite frustrating, but then again, maybe sometimes it's necessary… Yes the Harry Potter cast is so good! I simply just love Rupert Grint<3 XD

  3. Well..stood next to her lol but I was quite little so it was just me being overwhelmed in the moment~* (*´∀`*)。She does look so different not being made~up well….as most of us do I think (人∀`*)。。。but she was so impressive as an actress and I it really shined so much more in this aspect~*. E~h a 'panda?'..that's so cute~* and funny!!! I totally adore~♥ pandas for sure~ o(*´∀`)o゛♥。Even grown up~ the Harry Potter cast still matches the books so perfectly~* ne ^ ^。

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