God, I love James Cameron

Today I went to the movies. Guess what I watched… ^^ AVATAR :D I have wanted to watch this movie for so long (I love James Cameron's film) and now I decided to watch it because the winter holidays have begun ^o^ I'm not afraid to admit my expectations were very high because all my friends had told how good it was. Well, I wasn't disappointed! xD

I really liked the main character Jake Sully, he had such an innocent heart and great courage, just like every hero should be! ^_^ I had a little shock, when I saw the avatar bodies for the first time… Didn't know they were that big! >3< But it actually made them much more interesting ;) That Pandora world was really amazing, so many fantastic creatures, plants and life. Those flying white spirits(?) were really nice<3 -* o *- It was funny how Jake just went running as soon he got control of his new avatar body, I couldn't help laughing xD

One of the things which got me really fascinated was how human the Na'vies felt like, especially the eyes… *O* Got to love those eyes<3 And the way they moved their bodies and faces, really well done ^.^b I was also very impressed by the avatars' faces' resemblance to the original human faces. Jake's avatar was so cute x3 I really liked him. Neytiri was so cool! I liked the scene were she killed those dog-like monsters, when she and Jake first met ^_~ heh – It was funny how she first acted like she couldn't understand English when Jake tried to thank her. Poor Jake ^^ Neytiri was really beautiful<3

Another fascinating thing about the na'vies were those small tentacles who appeared from the long braids! Didn't see that coming xD But very useful to control those creatures with :O Like brain control… Wicked xD I was happy to hear that the Navi'es had their own special language, because it would have been very unrealistic and weird if they all were able to actually speak English when they are from a completely different world ^0^;;

Jake and Neytiri were really good together :3 I loved how Neytiri was Jake's "teacher", he was really cute because he was so willing to learn, just like a child ^3^ And then they fell in love, so sweet, so sweet<3 ^^ But it also complicated Jake's situation even further – lol! xD How complicated it must be to live in two worlds, never actually sleeping :O No wonder the boy stopped having a sense of time and place! I would be so confused :/ But it was interesting to follow two worlds at the same time ^^

The war and fighting scenes were so amazingly done and truly exciting to watch, I found myself almost squealing out loud in the fighting scene with Quaritch and Jake in one of the last scenes xD It was really nerve-racking to watch! I nearly couldn't take it when he attacked Jake's helpless body in that trailer or what it was-! >o<,,


I liked the ending of the movie, just like I hoped it would end ^^ Wee~ I'm curious about how the continuation of the story will turn out, hope it will be just as good as the first one XD James Cameron just makes such wonderful movies, who never fail to entertain a large number of people ^^ Avatar was so so good, but nothing can ever beat Titanic xD   

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  1. I'm sooo going to see this soon!!!..funny I may be one of the last to watch though as this movie has earned so much money in the theaters it's amazing!!!! I totally agree as James Cameron makes so many wonderful and engaging movies brought to life on the screen~* and the effects even in the trailers I've watched look so real…all of the creatures and environments~! A friend saw AVATAR in 3~D recently and he said it was like he was literally in the movie with objects and characters moving beside and around him….!!

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