Yay my order arrived! ^O^

I was so happy when I got home from Sweden today! ^^ It feels like I have waited an eternity for this package… But now it's here :D *Celebrates*

My package contained:
Berryz 工房 Concert Tour – Medachitai! 2009 Aki
Buono! – We are Buono! [CD+DVD] Album

+ Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Strawberry Strap


Such gorgeous cover design~<3 ^0^

Got the Airi card, which of course is really pretty… but would really had liked the Momo card >O<,,, *sob*

Now to the album! Gosh it's heavy! I know it contains a DVD, but it stills weights a lot! :O I soon found out the reason: the photo book inside is crazy thick! :O Now I ordered their last album in regular edition but that photo book was so much thinner! O: (but of course, I don't complain! xD) While looking through the book I noticed a lot of solo photos of the members, so neat!! <3 I like the sofa pictures a lot and the out fits are just stunning!~ I like they both have a cool/rough look and a more cute/stylish look. They all look really beautiful~ ^  ^

Now the songs! ^o^
One Way = My Way A really nice catchy starting song :9 Thumbs up for that! ^^b And such an awesome title xD The song makes me really happy~
Our Songs Their newest single :) I like this song really much, I'm glad it's number two on the album ^O^ I just love love the chorus and the rock solo is just love<3<3 Airi sounds so good in this song :) (Another awesome song title!)
Independent Girl~独立女子であるために (dokuretsu joshi de aru tame ni) Whoa – ! Is this Buono!? xD This song has such a different sound to it! It's very rock/bad-ass/cool/tough type song, which so much equals awesomeness!!! >O< I must say it stand out on this album :O The guitar sounds so cool *O*
MY BOY Nothing beats this song – enough said ^O^
うらはら (Urahara) My favorite song on this album ~ahh I really like the easy breasy sound to this song!! It's both relaxing and rockish, great combo! xD The song title means "Opposite" or "Contrary" ;3 Neat~
Take It Easy! Yay the nice heart-warming sound continues in this wonderful lovely summer song<3 ^^ This songs just keeps getting better every time I hear it, and of course makes me take it easy and just relax :D The ultimate vacation song! Imo ^o^; Wee~
Bravo☆Bravo This song really gives a cheering feeling ne? ^^ I always feel in high spirits after listening to this :)
カタオモイ (Kataomoi) I love Momo's low toned voice in the intro of this song<3 The songs means "Unrequited Love" and makes me really curious too read a translation of this song xD Another cool guitar solo for this song ^o^ They sing really well in this song too~ ^O^
Blue-Sky-Blue Wow such a different sound too… I really like the light voices they make in the intro of every verse in the beginning of the song, sounds really nice *3* I just love the slow tempo rock ballad styled songs, some how they tend to make the biggest impressions on me, they are just so different from Buono's usual style in single songs ^^b Got to love the title of this song too<3 ~o~
紅茶の美味しい店 (koucha no oishii mise) Yay – an R&B style song xD Well at any rate the chorus verses :P Wish they did more songs in this style<3 The song title means "Delicious Black Tea Shop" wtf?! XD Would like to read a translation of this song too!
タビダチの歌 (Tabidachi no uta) Nice~ acoustic guitar ;D a good song too, the title sounds familiar (think Arashi has a song with the same title ^^) The ending of the song has a little bit Arashi sound to it too! (think it's the violin) XD Lol. The ~la la la~ part always gets my approval of course ;3
We are Buono!~Buono!のテーマ (Buono! no Theme) Wow! This song sounds so much better in the album version! :O When I listened to this song on youtube I didn't understand why everyone was so crazy about this song, but now I get it! xD Haha It has true Buono spirit~ ^  ^ a great song to end this amazing album :D
Rating: 9/10 stars ;3 Because the album has so many great songs, there's not a single song I would skip while listening to this wonder disc<3 ;D

Top 10 favorite performances in the concert:
  1. VERY BEAUTY (Momoko's solo)
  2. Halation Summer (Saki, Maasa, Momoko and Risako)
  3. Baka ni Shinaide (Miyabi, Risako, Yurina and Saki)
  4. Jingisukan (with rap interlude)
  5. Watashi no Mirai no Danna-sama
  6. The Special Medley
  7. Otoko no Ko (Miyabi and Yurina)
  8. Ohiru No Kyuukei Jikan (Chinami solo)
  9. Kokuhaku no Funsui Hiroba (Miyabi, Chinami and Maasa)
  10. Munasawagi Scarlet

  Funny I always get Korilakkuma… ~O~;

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3 responses

  1. I love how H!P concerts always feature different combinations of members from their recorded versions~*!…the Buono! album is really amazing and such a thick thick booklet…so much that the jewel case itself is much wider than standard ne~. A~h! so funny the card I received is a group shot which is sort of odd as the cover itself also is a group shot XD! The minis~* are adorable♥!!..from YesAsia?…I received a miniature stove pot the last time I ordered so cute it has a bear's face on it. "Tabidachi no uta" reminds me of Mr.Children♥..it's one of my favorite songs ^ ^。

  2. Yes it's the best! xD Yeah the Mini is from YesAsia ^^ The miniature stove pot sounds cute too!! ;3Tabidachi no Uta seems to remind everyone of something nee? ^^ Mr. Children ka? Haven't heard that singer so much, but I thought of Arashi ^_~What do you think of Berryz newest concert?

  3. I'm yet to watch BK's new concert DVD but I've watched Momusu's Kohachan graduation "Nine Smile" DVD and I've just received their anime expo in L.A. DVD…just need more hours in a day~ XD. I've written a bit about Mr.Children here~* if you're curious and there's much more performances in other related posts here ^ ^。

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