Berryz has arrived… *O*

Oh my God… Finally the day has come! xD
Today Berryz has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, ready for a big moment in their career:

Their first live concert outside Japan!

I so wish I could be there! >o<,,, *sob* I have to be content with pictures :'(

Here are pictures from the press conference which was held not so many hours ago ;3
Berryz in thailand 08Berryz in thailand 03Berryz in thailand 04Berryz in thailand 12Berryz in thailand 07Berryz in thailand 05Berryz in thailand 06

Here, the seven beautiful members in their new album dresses<3 The clothes look even better in real life! :O ~^o^b

Momo's so funny in this picture xD I wonder what she agrees with? ^  ^

Now Risako has something to say or what??? ^O^

Maasa in that gold dress… xD <3 LOVE it! They all look amazing~

This is probably the end of the conference – amazing how Berryz outshine the other people >:D

I can't wait to watch this conference on video xD It looks so good!~ I'm sure Berryz is having a great time right now, I hope they enjoy every minute of this trip. They deserve it!! I'm really excited about their concert and the setlist and costumes<3 I just know it's going to be epic~

Here's a picture of the place the concert is gonna be held in 2 days! xD Oh boy, am I excited or what!?

Berryz – Good Luck!

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My first HMV order ^ ^

Today I stayed home from school, because my throat hurt like mad and I had a terrible headache… But fortunately my day turned for the better when the mailman rang my doorbell and gave me the package from HMV Japan! ^O^ Yay~
First I couldn't believe it, I ordered these things from HMV Japan 5 days ago… FIVE! This is the first time EVER I've received a package earlier than the site claims! :O When I ordered the site said 6-14 delivery days! >O< Wow! Now I know that paying a little extra money for delivery definitely is worth it! ^O^ 

This is my very first time buying Japanese idol magazines, so of course I was very excited! xD Additionally I found out HMV still had the limited edition of Berryz工房 third album: 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz (3夏夏ミニベリーズ) So I just had to buy that too~! x3 My baby~

Every since I discovered ヤ ンヤ ン (YanYan) magazine in January I've wanted to buy a volume ^ ^ So now was the time! Unfortunately Berryz didn't make it to the front page… Even though they have done extraordinary well this month :/ Well let's hope they do next time ;3 They deserve it!
I still get surprised at how small the ヤ ンヤ ン magazine is… :O It's not much bigger than a manga! Additionally it's much thinner than a manga. Well, it still has some lovely pictures and is overall a very nice magazine. But I think I like the BIG ONE GIRLS magazine a little better ^o^ heheh 

The size of the BIG ONE GIRLS (Mew Mew?) magazine was a little better ^ ^ (A4 size) and to my surprise it held collectors cards with Berryz and SKE48 members – nice! xD This magazine had many big beautiful pictures and a great variety of idol groups ^O^ Even Buono was included! Well there was something about their We are Buono! Tour ^^ Check below ;)

And of course it held a section with Berryz pictures from their new album as well ;D

To my surprise S/mileage and Momoiro Clover appeared in the magazine too! (Love~) ^  ^

I really, REALLY hope they will make it… Today I read they still need 1000 smile pictures to win the challenge… And there is only 3 days left! >O<,,, Wuaaa~ I'm worried! I've sent my picture and three other friends pictures in… > o < They have to debut! They just have to! Tsunku how could you even think of this huh?! >U< *@#&¤%=#X!!!!* xD

I really look forward to this groups mayor debut single release in May. Why is there so much time left to wait? XD Sigh I discovered this group maybe two weeks ago and I just love it so much already! My favorites in the group is Kanako Momota and Akari Hayami (aka "Mega" because she's the tallest girl in the group *3*)

At last but not least the Berryz stuff (^O^)/

I've wanted this limited edition of Berryz third album for a loong time xD It feels so good to actually own it myself now (evil laugh~) I just love all the songs on this cute little mini album, especially Maji Natsu Sugiru and Halation Summer ^  ^ <3 I really wish Berryz would make a summer themed album like this again ^3^ I love it~ The limited edition also came with a nice beach ball and beach slippers (too big for me though) I think I'll put the slippers somewhere in my room when it become summer – only as show of course ;D

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March single releases :3

Today I finally received my copies of both Berryz and Arashi new singles! ^o^ Believe it or not, but these singles are both my very first Berryz single AND Arashi single… Even though I have loved these two groups for years :O (Shame on me…) But I can make up for it by buying both singles in Limited editions~! xD (Right?!)
3rd March release:

  • Berryz 工房 22nd single: Otakebi Boy Wao!/Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! (Limited A)
  • Arashi 29th single: Troublemaker (Limited Edition)

Even though the two singles released the same date, Berryz have actually done pretty well on their first couple of weeks. In their first week they got 3rd place on the Oricon weekly rank ^ O ^ In their second week they got 9th place! :O They managed to still be in the top10 in their second week, which is a first for Berryz xD Hallelujah! And last time I checked Arashi was still number one on the Oricon charts ^  o^ Heh…

The first time I heard "Otakebi Boy Wao!" I was really blown away. This new style and much deeper voices really didn't sound like Berryz at first, but now I think it suits them really nicely! ^ 3 ^ I think Yurina's voice surprised me the most. It really took me some time before I could recognize her voice! xD She sounds really cool this way and so do the rest of the members too!<3 So of course this song is my favorite song on their new single, but the other song (Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!) gets just as easily caught in my head ^^ Heh I like how the two songs is so different from each other, that's nice :)
I ordered the Limited A both because I liked the cover the best, but also because I thought the best PV choice was to get the close-up version of the Otakebi Boy Wao! PV. It's such a cool and crazy PV xD Love it! I really like the Tomodachi PV too, it's really smooth and nice to watch<3 Love how Momo kind of got the lead role in the PV x3 Yay for Momo!! ^O^

I looove Arashi's new song! It's such a lovely catchy song~ ^  o^ Even after 10 years, Arashi definitely still knows how to make a hit! xD Aaah, these boys… I will never stop loving them x3 It's such a crazy, funny and cute PV they have produced for this song<3 Their last couple of PVs have been awfully hot and sexy~ xD But this PV gets their cute and funny side back on the road! I really hope Arashi never stop, even though it's an impossible (and very demanding) dream of mine, I can't stop believing xD Yes… I'm a greedy person xP Love you forever~ <3  

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