Taiwanese goodies~ ^ 3 ^

Today I received another order form YesAsia ^^ This time only Taiwanese stuff :3
After buying Rainies latest album "Rainie & Love…?" I just had to get more albums with her xD she has such a magnificent voice, I really like it<3 ^^ I also bought the movie "Hear Me" which I have wanted to watch for some time :) 

Both Rainie albums are really good, but I like Rainie's third album "My Other Self " the most, especially the tracks Lang Lai Le, Wan Mei Bi Li, Jue Qiang and Mao Zi Xi Fa   ^ o ^ In her second album "Meeting Love" I like: Zuo Bian,

Shi Mian De Shui Mei Ren and Qing Zhu :3

The film's trailer catched my interest, and I surely wasn't disappointed! This movie was such a touching, sweet and heartwarming piece of work, the best Taiwanese movie I've watched in a long time :3 Both Ivy Chen and Eddie Peng did some really great acting, you almost believed them to be deaf in real life as good as they were at sign language :O Impressive xD

The music was really nice too, and luckily for me I got the soundtrack on YesAsia before it was sold out! ^O^ I especially liked the songs with the band "Picks" they are really good! :D 

I was surprised that the soundtrack was made of cardboard :O That sure is more eco-friendly! xD Well it actually didn't bother me, because then the soundtrack won't take up very much space ^^ heh I also got a calendar made of postcards with the DVD Neat right? ;3 I've sticked the two first postcards (with the months Jan-April) up on the wall beside my bed ^o^  

Here's more pictures from the movie ^ ^


I really like Eddie and Ivy – they are so cute!<3 ^  ^

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