A very Berry 6th Anniversary too the best H!P group ever! ~^ o ^

Happy 6th Anniversary Berryz!! (^O^)/

  It's amazing it has already been six years since Berryz工房 was founded of the young young Hello Project Kids!  :O I got to learn this amazing group 3 years ago, so now I have been a fan half the group's life time ^^ … (Yeah I'm proud xD) These three years with Berryz has passed really fast, it only feels like a year ago that I watched my first Berryz PV (Nanchū Koi wo Yatterū You Know?)

when it's actually three! xD Of course I wish I could have known them from the beginning, I'm just happy I know them at all. I can't describe how much I love Berryz, they are just something really special to me :'3 

The members have really grown a lot these past six years; first they were cute children but today they have all grown up to be fine young ladies ^ O ^ Of course Momo is still very cute and childish but she can also be cool and womanlike if she wants too ;) Risako's voice has really improved too. I remember listening to some of my first Berryz live performances from 2006/2007 and I really noticed Risako's strained and shrill voice in this performance and thought: "Whoa, she sounds much better in PV's!" xD But today her voice is so much better, especially in this live performance, and in Berryz newest single "Otakebi Boy WAO!" her voice almost sound like Takahashi-san from Momosu :O And now we are talking about Otakebi, I have to say I just LOOOOVE this song! xD Every member are just fantastic in this song and the PV is just epic! ^O^

     Even the outfits are wow! xD Pink is the best color in the whole world! <3

Then there's Maasa's recent transformation – she has lost so much weight! :O And I'm really surprised how much it helped her looks, she's become really beautiful :3 She truly shines in the newest Berryz concert "Medachitai! 2009 Aki" It's almost like I can't recognize her anymore… It's extreme makeover xD lol But as I said before, she looks really stunning now~<3 Captain is still the great dancer and singer as she always has been ^^ She sounds absolutely amazing in her performance of "Baka ni Shinaide" in Medachitai! ^o^ You rock girl!
Miyabi is probably the most "grown-up" in the group, mainly because of her womanly voice and stylish looks (not to forget her body!) and I still think she has one of the strongest voices in Berryz (together with Momo of course!) ^^ Yurina just gets taller and taller… (or well it looks like it?) XD She sure is tall, and it doesn't look like any of the other members are going to get taller than they are now ;P 

I would like to watch their new FC Anniversary Event… Their clothes are so cool! (I love green<3) ^o^

I found some old school Berryz pictures, it's funny to watch how much they have grown since then ^O^ lol

Now to something more recent ^^ I've just watched the Medachitai concert and it's fantastic how much all members manage to perform so well, they are all so talented :3 Still my favorite Berryz concert will always be "Welcome to Berryz Kyuuden!" Summer tour 2007, which also was the first concert I purchased with Berryz<3 I just love the summer concerts, they make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. ^3^
I hope Berryz still has many years to come because they are just too good right now to just disband, especially with all the recognition they are getting from Asia right now. They have both been to Korea, China and Thailand to perform, what's next? Europe? Or maybe USA? :O Only time can tell… I simply just wish them eternal happiness and luck on their way to even more succes ^^ And for them to keep up their good work :3
Because I'll always be there to support them, no matter what ^ o ~

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