My first HMV order ^ ^

Today I stayed home from school, because my throat hurt like mad and I had a terrible headache… But fortunately my day turned for the better when the mailman rang my doorbell and gave me the package from HMV Japan! ^O^ Yay~
First I couldn't believe it, I ordered these things from HMV Japan 5 days ago… FIVE! This is the first time EVER I've received a package earlier than the site claims! :O When I ordered the site said 6-14 delivery days! >O< Wow! Now I know that paying a little extra money for delivery definitely is worth it! ^O^ 

This is my very first time buying Japanese idol magazines, so of course I was very excited! xD Additionally I found out HMV still had the limited edition of Berryz工房 third album: 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz (3夏夏ミニベリーズ) So I just had to buy that too~! x3 My baby~

Every since I discovered ヤ ンヤ ン (YanYan) magazine in January I've wanted to buy a volume ^ ^ So now was the time! Unfortunately Berryz didn't make it to the front page… Even though they have done extraordinary well this month :/ Well let's hope they do next time ;3 They deserve it!
I still get surprised at how small the ヤ ンヤ ン magazine is… :O It's not much bigger than a manga! Additionally it's much thinner than a manga. Well, it still has some lovely pictures and is overall a very nice magazine. But I think I like the BIG ONE GIRLS magazine a little better ^o^ heheh 

The size of the BIG ONE GIRLS (Mew Mew?) magazine was a little better ^ ^ (A4 size) and to my surprise it held collectors cards with Berryz and SKE48 members – nice! xD This magazine had many big beautiful pictures and a great variety of idol groups ^O^ Even Buono was included! Well there was something about their We are Buono! Tour ^^ Check below ;)

And of course it held a section with Berryz pictures from their new album as well ;D

To my surprise S/mileage and Momoiro Clover appeared in the magazine too! (Love~) ^  ^

I really, REALLY hope they will make it… Today I read they still need 1000 smile pictures to win the challenge… And there is only 3 days left! >O<,,, Wuaaa~ I'm worried! I've sent my picture and three other friends pictures in… > o < They have to debut! They just have to! Tsunku how could you even think of this huh?! >U< *@#&¤%=#X!!!!* xD

I really look forward to this groups mayor debut single release in May. Why is there so much time left to wait? XD Sigh I discovered this group maybe two weeks ago and I just love it so much already! My favorites in the group is Kanako Momota and Akari Hayami (aka "Mega" because she's the tallest girl in the group *3*)

At last but not least the Berryz stuff (^O^)/

I've wanted this limited edition of Berryz third album for a loong time xD It feels so good to actually own it myself now (evil laugh~) I just love all the songs on this cute little mini album, especially Maji Natsu Sugiru and Halation Summer ^  ^ <3 I really wish Berryz would make a summer themed album like this again ^3^ I love it~ The limited edition also came with a nice beach ball and beach slippers (too big for me though) I think I'll put the slippers somewhere in my room when it become summer – only as show of course ;D

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  1. CK did a bit of calculating with shipping charges and HMV came out on top from the top online music shops in Japan =). U~n Yan Yan is sized quite like Bomb! magazine although a bit thinner but so filled with wonderful photography and articles it's really great ne~*! I've purchased volumes 6, 7 and 9 for Manoeri and AKB48 but they really do cover so many of the popular idol♥ groups too with H!P, Idoling!!!, TNX and love their reviews and featured artists~. "BOG" looks awesome too and yay~* for photo cards!!! Really one of H!P's very best LE's ever in "Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz!!!"…I to have kept their beach sandals sealed as a collector's♥item….my favorite song is ”Maji natsu sugiru" and Riichan's version of Ayaya's "Yeah meccha holiday" ^ ^。

  2. Wow really? They sure shipped my order fast ^O^b I was so surprised xDBOG is a fantastic magazine! I like it even better than Yan Yan <3 Especially the photo cards was a huge PLUS (^—-^)/We share the favorite song "Maji Natsu Sugiru" :D cool~The beach sandals are way too big for me, so I'm keeping them as a collector item too<3 But I think I will use the beach ball when it becomes summer time ;)

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