Berryz has arrived… *O*

Oh my God… Finally the day has come! xD
Today Berryz has arrived in Bangkok, Thailand, ready for a big moment in their career:

Their first live concert outside Japan!

I so wish I could be there! >o<,,, *sob* I have to be content with pictures :'(

Here are pictures from the press conference which was held not so many hours ago ;3
Berryz in thailand 08Berryz in thailand 03Berryz in thailand 04Berryz in thailand 12Berryz in thailand 07Berryz in thailand 05Berryz in thailand 06

Here, the seven beautiful members in their new album dresses<3 The clothes look even better in real life! :O ~^o^b

Momo's so funny in this picture xD I wonder what she agrees with? ^  ^

Now Risako has something to say or what??? ^O^

Maasa in that gold dress… xD <3 LOVE it! They all look amazing~

This is probably the end of the conference – amazing how Berryz outshine the other people >:D

I can't wait to watch this conference on video xD It looks so good!~ I'm sure Berryz is having a great time right now, I hope they enjoy every minute of this trip. They deserve it!! I'm really excited about their concert and the setlist and costumes<3 I just know it's going to be epic~

Here's a picture of the place the concert is gonna be held in 2 days! xD Oh boy, am I excited or what!?

Berryz – Good Luck!

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2 responses

  1. They have already finished the concert ^^ I would really like to watch it, if it gets a DVD release xDI can't wait for their new album, the clothes are so pretty too~ <3 ^ o ^I'm really happy Berryz right now… They so much deserve this honor!

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