My poll results (Hello!Blog) 2010

I've just taken part in Paul's poll on his blog Hello!Blog and I found it very hard to complete my vote xD But here they are…

And here is my unit ranking.

I found it so hard to choose my favorite members… sigh. But I had to make my choice xD
t wasn't hard putting Momo on my top1, but the following members where hard >o< Because I've become more interested in Risako and Chinami lately I ended up putting them on my top2 and top3 (even though I still feel a little bad about Miyabi being on top4…)

Lately I've started to like S/mileage a lot, which are the simple reason why my favorite member from the unit Wada Ayaka has moved all the way up to my top6 xD I like the other members too, but they can't beat Maasa, Yurina, Gaki and Junjun~ ^  ^

I know it looks harsh to put Airi all down to 14th place, but recently she hasn't done much for me, I don't know… I just think she gets a little too much attention, when other members are just as talented (*cough* Maimai *cough*) And now I haven't ever hold the big interest for C-ute, so that's the reason for my low rankings for C-ute members.

I had a hard time placing Mano Erina too. I think I have some kind of love/hate relationship towards her >O< Sometimes I like her, because of her cute looks and personality. But at the same time I'm not too much fond of her singing voice… :/ I also reckon she gets overly much attention/promotion… (both in magazines, television and public promotion – like she just got her own FC Bus Tour Event :/) Maybe UFA should give C-ute or Buono a little more promotion, they need it more. That's my opinion :)

Sorry Aika.. I had to put somebody in the last place position… xD

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