A little shopping…

I have not had the time to post my recent orders for some time, and today I wanted to post the pictures at least xD
I'll post the newest items first ^^

(From my little shopping trip in Copenhagen. After our field trip ended my sister and I enjoyed a little shopping ^o^)

I'vewanted to read the Battle Royale novel for a long time, and now I finally got it xD I'll read it as soon as I finish the final Percy Jackson book The Last Olympian ^o^

I couldn't stop myself for buying the shorts, they were so cheap! (100 Danish krones – around $17!) I look forward to taste the chocolate Lotte pies, haven't eat them before :9 
But I really used TOO much money today… >o<, Urghh…

28th of April:
(Got some really neat stuff that day~ xD)

Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 021Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 024Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 025Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 026Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 027Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 022Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 028Cinemateket + varer fra marts, april og maj 020

Some really nice music and a little cute pouch coming with the buy from YesAsia ^  ^

30th of March:
(The new Momosu album! :D)


I haven't listened to it that much, but I liked the duet song with Ai and Risa and the song Namidacchi ~ <3 ^__^

Soon I'll receive my Super Junior 3rd PB and S/mileage's debut single (which I have ordered two versions of! :D want posters<3) Can't wait!!

[Man, I use too much money … =__=;]

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9 responses

  1. I so love ramen♥♥♥!!! That's so awesome that you can purchase Japanese foods nearby and I bet the Battle Royale novel will be amazing! I've only watched the movies and was so impressed with the casting then as so many popular idols and actor are in it. The entire premise is most frightening…..I was once writing up a H!P Battle Royale short story but I never finished it….here but I don't think Wu's parts are up on his blog anymore :/..we were taking turns writing it as a joint project back then but I did save all of his chapters in a word program just in case I ever managed to finish it XD. Oh I just recently watched the Percy Jackson movie and I really enjoyed~* it!!!!…like with Harry Potter and Narnia I hope they make more movies soon! So much H!P to listen to too~* and the pouch is soooooo adorable~ ^ ^♥。

  2. Well I purchase the Japanese food from a little store in Copenhagen, which is a little far away from my place (I can't buy there so often as I want too >__<,,)Cool idea to write a H!P Battle Royale short story! ^O^ Must check it out soon!Nice you like the Percy movie, I'm still a little disappointed with it (well I ask for too high standards as a fan of the books…) But I still hope they'll make new movies, which will be better than the first one xD HahaYeah the pouch is too cute!<3 (But as always I can't think of anything to have in it…) =__=

  3. I used to keep my camera in a Japanese styled pouch….until my niece got a hold of it one day and broke the strap (cries!!!…) so now I just have the generic looking case :/. Still wonderful that Japanese foods are available and imported from so far away =). I tend to not read enough (._.;)….and then I watch the movies so I have nothing to base anything on….lol I have no expectations like watching blindly XD. The Harry Potter series was one of the few series that I've actually read first and it so made the movies that much better and I was able to compare how the screenplay and dialog were produced going from book to movie~*.

  4. Too sad about your Japanese styled pouch! x( But then again small children don't do that kind of stuff on purpose (even though it feels like it sometimes >.>)You should read more! :) It's often a really good experience to read a book, especially when you can watch a movie adaption afterwards! :DI think many people who usually don't read actually have read Harry Potter. It's just one of those books you can't get round right? ^ ^

  5. I really loved reading the Harry Potter series before the movies were made and also for the year long Taiga drama for "Musashi" which chronicled his entire life…just so amazing and with the drama adaptation taking directly from the written novel it made the watching experience so much more interesting, enjoyable and fun! That's so true~*!!!….her novels are so engrossing and on many days reading back then I would get so engaged that I would forget the time and you just want to know what happens next and not have to wait another day to read again =).

  6. Oh "Musashi" is Miyamoto Musashi, he's one of Japan's most iconic figures in history well known for his battle tactics and later he became scholar~like also writing well known books which are still being read today by businessmen and those moved by his thinking~*. The Taiga dramas are year long dramas which literally air every week for nearly an entire year!…happily Musashi the novel was made into a Taiga drama and aired here in Hawaii a few years ago =).

  7. Ahh alright then! I didn't know that! xD Sounds interesting, I haven't heard of this Musashi before but maybe I'll notice him the next time I read about him ^ ^

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