♥ ~S/mileage’s Debut Single~ ♥

Wau~ I got my two copies of S/mileage's new debut single Yume Miru 15sai today – ONE DAY after its release! *O* (CDjapan sure ships fast :O)

I ordered two copies, because CDjapan provided special posters with each single xD But to my disappointment I got two identical posters :(

Well, c'est la vie :/

BUT – the poster sure is pretty   ( ^ ^)~

The Limited A edition came with a DVD with the dance version of the PV – Though the dance wasn't that special… I would have liked if they switched between the white and black clothes, but it was only the white clothes :(
Still I really like the song and the b-side song Thank You! Crème Brûlée no Yuujou is really cute and happy~ :D

I really admire how the girls can sing in such high notes without sounding too shrill :O They sing in really strong voices and this single has a much more serious sound than their previous happy love singles xD

Here's the PV ^

S/mileage – 『夢見る 15歳』

S/mileage has done quite the promotion for this single ^O^
Here's their promotional truck! XD

They are just so lucky those people who can just visit their records store and meet these wonderful idols >⌂< I'm really jealous!

I like S/mileage very much and I was also one of those people who desperately sent smile pictures in to get them to debut XD 
That's why I hope their new single will sell well :3 well, I've supported them as much as my wallet allowed me to xD

Good luck S/mileage~!

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5 responses

  1. A~hhh I didn't know that their single's release date got bumped up???…when I pre~ordered the release date was said to be June 2nd :/. Wow I love the covers and omg a Tower Records in store signing!!!! I'm very very jealous too!!!

  2. Hmm I believe it always have been May 26th? Maybe the site was wrong? xDI love the covers too<3<3 Which one do you like the best? ^ ^ I hope I didn't spoil anything to you :P (You always seem to wait for the release, before checking the covers and PVs…) > o < ;,

  3. Oh no I still have my order confirmation from Cdjapan and they did initially have the release date as being June 2nd….odd though as they usually send out e~mails notifying you whenever you order an item which has a change in release date :/. Hmm…would have to be LE type A….their pose is so cute there ^ ^!Oh no it's okay =)…I usually bump into cover scans prior to hearing releases…..I just have to wait a bit longer now for my order to arrive.

  4. Oh, maybe it's because you ordered after the first press was sold out? And then you had to wait to the next release, which is June the 2nd? :O I've experienced the same with a photobook :)I love the LE type A cover too! (As I also bought that version xD) It's so nice and the girls just look great in those poses ^o^

  5. Hmm……okay I just checked my order and I do have the first press LE on order, actually it's on hand now and just waiting for the other items in that order to arrive a bit later this month so Cdjapan must have changed the release date as record labels have done that in the past but they forgot to e~mail me I'm guessing :/.

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