I bake a strawberry cake :3

Today I baked a strawberry cake for my very first time, and actually it was pretty easy :O I bought Danish strawberries (which always are a little expensive) but then nearly all the other ingredients I already had at home :D
It was really delicious~ :9

Funny fact: Strawberry is called jordbær [ˈjor,bär] in Danish ^O^

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4 responses

  1. I'm happy you like my cake! (It's nice to get comments – thank you so much!) You don't like desserts? :O Oh my~I love strawberries too :9 How's strawberries in Hawaii? They are very good in Denmark! ^O^

  2. Mmm…when I was little I would eat just about anything I think XD….but over time I've really grown apart from liking most desserts like with cakes, pies, pastries and donuts….oh and ice cream I don't care for much either. Oh! strawberries are back in season at our markets just recently…..love love strawberries! Very sweet~* here too!

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