I really can't wait for this movie to come out!

The movie is called Gantz and is a two part live-action adaption of Oku Hiroya's manga series by the same name.

Part 1 and 2 of the Gantz movie will be released in spring and winter of 2011.

It's such a long time >O<;,,, Sigh

I'm actually so inpatient that I've begun reading the manga xD (I'm at chapter 172 already! :O)

I'm so happy Nino is playing the main role Kurono – he fits those complex characters, and I think he will be able the play Kurono's selfish side perfectly. And then Ninomiya Kazunari is simply just a GREAT actor~ love him<3 ^O^

I think Kenichi Matsuyama and Natsuna fits Katou and Kei Kishimoto really well~ at any rate, they look like the manga characters! :D (I'm just curious about their fates in the movie compared to the manga *-*)

Hongo Kanata playing Nishi is just the best casting I've ever seen – is their a person who can play this dark and creepy character it's Kanata! xD I can't wait to see him in the movie<3<3

I think it's a little weird Sakurai and Yoshikazu is included in part 1 of the Gantz movies, as they appear much later in the manga. And the same with the vampire guys in the train scene (from the trailer). But I think the guy they casted to play Sakurai is really cute and fits the character really well :3 But I hope they include Sakata (Sakurai's sensei) now when Sakurai is in the movie :/

I think Yoshitaka is a okay choice for Tae, but I probably would have chosen another actor, but lets see… :)

I hope these characters will get appearances in either the first Gantz movie or the next xD The vampires are quite cool and Reika got to have a role in these movies! 

There hasn't been released a full trailer yet of the first Gantz movie, but a teaser and a short trailer has been released :)

The movie looks amazing just from watching these short clips xD I'm so excited!~ It really looks like the vampires are included in the first movie by the looks of the train scene *O* This just doesn't make sense, as it's much later in the manga xD Oh, well they always have to mix the storyline anyway. I just hope it will be some good changes which make the movie work and not the other way around :/

In the last video the hosts say that all the actors needed to have 10 suits each and that each Gantz suits cost 5,000 USD! XD That's really crazy! :O But they also look very cool ;D I almost wanna try one myself  ^  ^

Even though the manga is very violent and sometimes too ecchi (for my taste xP) it's really an amazing manga with a very fast-paced storytelling~ ^ ^ And maybe it's sometimes not healthy for too sensitive souls >O< There's much death I tell ya @O@ But still it's a series you can't let go of as soon as one starts reading XD As it's very captivating~

 Read it here~

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  1. I'm not familiar with this manga (actually not with many at all (._.;) ) but I love the vampire themed stories!!!…so popular too now days! Are they like vampire hunters as I couldn't really tell by the teaser clip~*. Plus anything starring Nino♥ is automatically a win!!! He's definitely the best actor overall in Arashi for sure….so so talented and I especially loved him in "Ryusei no kizuna", "Yasashii jikan" and "Yamadatarou monogatari" all such awesome dramas♥. A~h when you mentioned there was a creepy character in this manga I immediately thought of Matsuyama Kenichi who acted in the manga adaptation of "Death Note"….he sure was creepy in those movies!!!!

  2. Why doesn't it surprise me? xD HahaOh they aren't vampire hunters, but actually 'alien hunters' ^ ^ When someone dies in the Gantz universe, some of them end up in the Gantz room where they are sent on a mission to kill aliens. If they haven't killed every alien after an hour, they die. But if they succeed, they can return home and live on! :O It's a very bizarre manga, as you probably have guessed by now XD And very bloody! I love Nino too~ He's such a talented guy ^ O ^ I'm really glad he's finally getting more active in movies again :D It feels like it have been awhile? :o Actually the creepy character I mentioned is the role played by Hongo Kanata who plays Nishi Joichiro ^^;; Kenichi Matsuyama plays the good guy in this movie, who tries to save everyone about him. Plus he's a very caring big brother as well ^o^ Heheh But I understand why you would think of him in that way, as he plays the very creepy L in Death Note. ^ ^

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