Happy B-day Shiori!



This cute girl’s name is Tamai Shiori (玉井詩織) and she’s from a idols group I’ve recently started to fangirl about. It’s name is Momoiro Clover, and If you do not know this group yet, I’ll try to change that! >:D

Now, first some pictures with the birthday girl Shiori ^O^

As you can see her member color is yellow ^^
I think it suits her so well, as her personality is very genki ~ :3  

She looks so pretty in a school uniform ne? ^ 3^  

Here’s some pictures from her Momoiro Clover blog~ 


Isn’t she just the cutest little girl? ^o^

She’s close friend to Momoclo fellow member Momota Kanako :3 

They seem like so good friends ^ ^

Here’s pictures with other Momoclo members~

Phew! That was a great deal of pictures huh? xD Well I had a lot on my PC, so I thought I just as well could post them all ^ ^;

I like Momoiro Clover because they kind of stick out. They mix traditional yukata/kimino style with modern styled school uniforms :) A really nice combination!




There are six members:


My favorite member is Momota Kanako closely followed by Tamai Shiori.
The rest of my list looks like this:

  1. Momota Kanako
  2. Tamai Shiori
  3. Hayami Akari
  4. Ariyasu Momoka
  5. Tagaki Reni
  6. Sasaki Ayaka

The group debuted in 2008, but it’s first in May 2010 they have released their debut single Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo.
They have also released two indie singles: Momoiro Punch! and Mirai E Susume.

Watch their new single PV here ^_^

Recently they also made a TV performance of Ikuze! Kaitou Shoujo on Music Japan. 

The girls are just so atlethic and full of energy! xD  

Here’s some screen caps :D 


I hope all this got you interested ^  ^

Because this was all I had to show you for today ^o~

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