[Inception] Mind-boggling and brilliant at the same time!

I have just watched the movie Inception, and whoa! What a movie!! ohmy.gif
I watched it in Imperial (my favorite cinema in Copenhagen) and I had a really good time :D First my sister and I got worried because something was wrong with the ticket system, so people who hadn't payed in advance for their tickets could only buy emergancy tickets, where it was like the principle: "first come, first served". But my sister and I managed to get really good seats, so all were well ^_^

It was really an amazing piece of work; the actors, the music (by Hans Zimmer – love that composer!), the story and the scenery  I've never watched a film that kept me feeling so excited during the whole movie. Incredible! ^O^ The story was really unique and interesting, and then again I love movies about dreams. You never know what is going to happen next, a feeling I just love! 

I really recommend this to anyone who like movies who make you think afterwards. It's such an intense and deep film!
Here's the trailer ^^

By the way, I thought this guy was pretty hot ;D

The character Arthur was so cool, and I think every girl in that cinema had their hearts beating a tad faster than usual whenever he appeared on screen xD (I speak for myself at least here!) LOL

Here's a little more eye candy and pics from the movie ;3






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