Ghosts and pumpkins

Halloween's just passed. Went pretty fast, as usual. But I really enjoyed it, as I always do ^o^

Halloween 2010 018The carved pumpkins I made with my sister :) 

This year we watched one of my all-time favorites as a child:  Casper Halloween 2010 021 Casper
It has really been a long time since I watched this movie as I only own it on a video cassette :P But it was actually still in okay quality, no really bad disturbances to report about. I've really  watched this movie a trillion times as a kid, but actually this is the first time I think I've REALLY watched it PROPERLY – LOL! Probably, I didn't understand it completely as a kid, because of the English dialogue and subtitles (which I couldn't read at the time). But now I really noticed why I must have watched it so so many times xD 

The theme of the movie is "friendship" and won't you agree that is the most essential theme for a children's movie? I just loved the bonding between the girl Kat and the ghost Casper. Even though they are so different from each other, they were still able to become really good friends. That's just a great message to send out to the viewers! :D I don't know, the story really touches me. And on top of that the movie has one of the best scores I've ever heard for a children's movie, composed by James Horner (Titanic). I downloaded the soundtrack, and I just love love love it! x3 And then there's the actors. Bill Pullman nearly always deliver a good performance and then I think this is probably my favorite movie with Christina Ricci :) She just shines in her role as Kat and then she was also really cute back then! <3 I love the voice of Casper (provided by Malachi Pearson) and then it didn't hurt with the very adorable and handsome boy actor Devon Sawa portraying the role of Casper in human form! xD I always had a crush at him, even back when I was only a little girl, I found him so beautiful! *Sigh*Kat and CasperLove when Casper says: "I said I was a good dancer… Can I keep you?" (Well I wouldn't mind you keeping ME xD) 

Exorcist-431Later we also watched "The Exorcist" for our first time. A very scary movie. But really cool too. I liked the creepy make-up they did for the posessed girl Regan. It sure still scares today! ;D Which is amazing, when you think about the movie is over 37 years old! :O 


All in all, a good Halloween! :D


8 responses

  1. I have never experience making a pumpkin lantern before it looks fun!

    Also when I was a kid I love casper as well lol watched it so many times I cannot count XD.

    Whoa ‘The Exorcist’ looks too scary for me… I am not really into horror movies, although I started watching some lately.

    • Really? Have you never made a pumpkin lantern? :O Woow
      I have at least made ten or more I think xD

      Yeah, Casper is great. Love it so much<3 I'm glad you also like this movie! :D

      You don't like horror? What horror movies have you watched? :)

      • Wow do you eat the pumpkin?

        About the horror movies I don’t really remember, but the ones I have watched recently and intentionally are:
        – Higanjima
        – Zombie Hunter Rika
        – Honto ni Atta Kowai Hanashi 2010 Summer Special
        – Keitai Kareshi
        – Shirome

        Although their genre is horror its not really horror horror if you know what I mean. But I like them I guess…

      • Well you can use the pumpkin filling for cakes, muffins or pies. It’s really delicious, try it next Halloween! ;D

        I can see you like J-horror movies, and you have watched Shirome! :D That Momoiro Clover’s movie! I haven’t watched it yet, is it good?
        How much does Sakina appear in that Keitai Kareshi movie? I watched the trailer, but she only showed up for a short glimpse, so… >o<;
        I don't know the other movies, are some of them good? :) I have a lot of asian horror movies to recommend if you are interested ^o^

  2. Sounds interesting… (^_^)

    J-horror movies ……((((*。_。)_ I found some of them to be a little weird. Zombies, Vampires and Aliens are all perverts.

    Oh Shirome is nothing special but I guess that just my opinion you have to see it for yourself. (^_^) Seeing cute girls getting scared makes them more cuter. XD

    Sakina appears twice in Ketai Kareshi (;_・)I wish she was a main character. (,,#゚Д゚) But the main character playing Satomi was great! \(--)/

    The other movies are not really great but I thought Higanjima was great! it also had the guy from Ketai Kareshi in it, he is a great actor!

    …okay please recommend some horror movies… ( ゚▽゚)/

  3. I think I’ll watch Shirome anyway, just for the girls though! :D

    It’s sad Sakina doesn’t appear much in Keitai Kareshi :( I hope she will get to play the main character someday! xD That Satomi girl sure looks cute ;3

    Higanjima looks interesting, I haven’t really watched any Japanese vampire movies (they are rare!) can I watch it somewhere with subs? ^^

    I can recommend One Missed Call (Chakushin Ari), The Ring (Ringu), Dark Water and The Grudge (this is probably too scary xD). There’s even better Korean horror movies out there, like: Wishing Stairs, A Tale of Two Sisters (one of my all time favorite movies) and Phone. Hope this can help :)

  4. You’re welcome (^-~)
    I hope you will like some of them and tell me ^_^

    I’ve made an account on My Asian Cinema now, my computer is just bad at downloading big video files like these… Torrents work better for me ;)

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