Asuna and Setsuna ❤

I got my next batch of Negima figumates today ^o^
They are sooo cute x3

I love these limited editions.  Sailor seifuku + Pactio ver. ❤

Which one do you like the best? ^^

I just love my figumates so much!

Buono is back!

Oh my god, oh my god – OH MY GOD!! xD

Buono is finally back, and what a comeback! 8D I’m so happy right now I could cry x’D

This PV is seriously made of epicness:  epic song, epic clothes, epic setting, epic hair (Miya! :3), epic song title, epic band (Caucasians and a cute black boy wearing sunglasses<3), epic lyrics, epic light and epic directing! 8D Can this PV get any better?!
My favorite moment in the PV is definitely 02:09 to 02:17 (just totally gives me goosebumps!! xD)

Momo, Miya, Airi – you have stolen my heart<3

This is the best PV of the year and you know it!
Thank you H!P

P.S. I’m really happy I ordered a limited edition of this single (Oh, how I can’t wait for it to arrive now! >o<,)

Negi-sensei wa kawaii desu~! ;D

Kashiwa Yukina as Negi Springfield

I’m currently watching the Negima Live Action series (without subs!) as I’ve been really into Negima lately :) I’ve also started reading my Negima mangas for the second time and actually bought three new volumes (vol. 13-15). It’s been quite some time since my first episode of Negima fandom (Was it in ’06 or ’07? xD).  But I’m glad to get my fandom back and I’m also finally watching the whole anime (both the 1st and 2nd version).  So as you can hear I’m really into this series at the moment ^_^

Miyuu is so cute as Nodoka x3

I don’t know why, but I really, really like the Negima Live Action series! Even though the budget sucks and the acting is pretty bad, I just find the show really entertaining xD And actually I don’t mind that a girl plays Negi either, as I think the girl playing Negi (Kashiwa Yukina) is ultra cute! <3 and to my surprise, I found out that Yukina and Miyuu (the girl playing Nodoka) are ex-Momoiro Clover members!! :O Really shocking – lol xD

Currently, I’ve come to episode 16 of the Negima Live Action and so far I’ve liked all the episodes, except for episode 15… (I really didn’t understand why they dedicated a whole episode to some kind of bald wrestler O.o even though I liked the crazy race between Asuna and the wrestler, lol)

The actors I like the best are probably the ones for Asuna, Negi, Setsuna, Evangeline, Kazumi, Kaede and the Narutaki twins (^ o^)<3  Even though Wakatsuki Sara (Asuna) is a little older than the other actors (she was 18) I think she was the perfect choice for Asuna. That girl really kicks ass~! ;D I also really like the actor for Evangeline, she’s short, she has the cutest voice and she really know how to make those evil smiles<3

I don’t want to forget to mention that I really like the opening and ending themes too :P Especially “Tsuyuku Naare!” (such an epic song!) xD I’ve also listened to the live action character album (thanks to Takeru’s awesome blog :D) But am a little sad, Negi didn’t get a song though… :(

My favorite songs on the album are “Never Ever”, “Kitto Dokitto”, “Be Yourself”, “Starry” and “Tomodatchi Note#” ^_^ <3

Here’s some pictures from the series ^^

So far, the episodes I liked the best are as follows:

Episode 4: Konoka and Setsuna


I love this pairing! xD


Episode 7: The Walking Club!


This trio is always nice <3 ~nin nin~ ^v^


Episode 8: Nodoka<3


Intense drama in this episode >#<


Episode 9: YES! Baka Rangers!


An epic episode deserves a gif picture ;D


Episode 10: A secret date?! xD


LOL - This scene was totally hilarious!!


Episode 12: Evangeline-san ~yay!


Yukina (Negi) and Sakina (Eva) are adorable don't you think? ^^ <3<3<3

I still got 10 episodes left to watch, I look forward to what else is included of the Negima storyline :D Apparently episode 16 is about Chachamaru – yay! ^o^ I think I will watch the making of episodes after I’m through the live action series, as I would like to see more interactions between the actors ^o^

Now to something else :)

My Negima fandom all started again by me finding these adorable Negima figumates to an annual anime/manga convention held in my country.

Sakurazaki Setsuna

Sasaki Makie

Ayase Yue

Negi Springfield

Miyazaki Nodoka
Miyazaki Nodoka







They are cute right? ^^ I like that you can take them apart and change their clothes or hair. So cool! But they are pretty expensive xD

Recently I also bought some figumates on eBay.

I like to put my figures into a little “doll house” I got for Christmas. It’s hand-painted by my big sister!


I just love my Yue figumate ^o~   so cute<3

Setsuna is cool in her shinmei styled clothes ;D

And now I’m only waiting for these two babies to arrive:











I hope they arrive soon! x3