Negi-sensei wa kawaii desu~! ;D

Kashiwa Yukina as Negi Springfield

I’m currently watching the Negima Live Action series (without subs!) as I’ve been really into Negima lately :) I’ve also started reading my Negima mangas for the second time and actually bought three new volumes (vol. 13-15). It’s been quite some time since my first episode of Negima fandom (Was it in ’06 or ’07? xD).  But I’m glad to get my fandom back and I’m also finally watching the whole anime (both the 1st and 2nd version).  So as you can hear I’m really into this series at the moment ^_^

Miyuu is so cute as Nodoka x3

I don’t know why, but I really, really like the Negima Live Action series! Even though the budget sucks and the acting is pretty bad, I just find the show really entertaining xD And actually I don’t mind that a girl plays Negi either, as I think the girl playing Negi (Kashiwa Yukina) is ultra cute! <3 and to my surprise, I found out that Yukina and Miyuu (the girl playing Nodoka) are ex-Momoiro Clover members!! :O Really shocking – lol xD

Currently, I’ve come to episode 16 of the Negima Live Action and so far I’ve liked all the episodes, except for episode 15… (I really didn’t understand why they dedicated a whole episode to some kind of bald wrestler O.o even though I liked the crazy race between Asuna and the wrestler, lol)

The actors I like the best are probably the ones for Asuna, Negi, Setsuna, Evangeline, Kazumi, Kaede and the Narutaki twins (^ o^)<3  Even though Wakatsuki Sara (Asuna) is a little older than the other actors (she was 18) I think she was the perfect choice for Asuna. That girl really kicks ass~! ;D I also really like the actor for Evangeline, she’s short, she has the cutest voice and she really know how to make those evil smiles<3

I don’t want to forget to mention that I really like the opening and ending themes too :P Especially “Tsuyuku Naare!” (such an epic song!) xD I’ve also listened to the live action character album (thanks to Takeru’s awesome blog :D) But am a little sad, Negi didn’t get a song though… :(

My favorite songs on the album are “Never Ever”, “Kitto Dokitto”, “Be Yourself”, “Starry” and “Tomodatchi Note#” ^_^ <3

Here’s some pictures from the series ^^

So far, the episodes I liked the best are as follows:

Episode 4: Konoka and Setsuna


I love this pairing! xD


Episode 7: The Walking Club!


This trio is always nice <3 ~nin nin~ ^v^


Episode 8: Nodoka<3


Intense drama in this episode >#<


Episode 9: YES! Baka Rangers!


An epic episode deserves a gif picture ;D


Episode 10: A secret date?! xD


LOL - This scene was totally hilarious!!


Episode 12: Evangeline-san ~yay!


Yukina (Negi) and Sakina (Eva) are adorable don't you think? ^^ <3<3<3

I still got 10 episodes left to watch, I look forward to what else is included of the Negima storyline :D Apparently episode 16 is about Chachamaru – yay! ^o^ I think I will watch the making of episodes after I’m through the live action series, as I would like to see more interactions between the actors ^o^

Now to something else :)

My Negima fandom all started again by me finding these adorable Negima figumates to an annual anime/manga convention held in my country.

Sakurazaki Setsuna

Sasaki Makie

Ayase Yue

Negi Springfield

Miyazaki Nodoka
Miyazaki Nodoka







They are cute right? ^^ I like that you can take them apart and change their clothes or hair. So cool! But they are pretty expensive xD

Recently I also bought some figumates on eBay.

I like to put my figures into a little “doll house” I got for Christmas. It’s hand-painted by my big sister!


I just love my Yue figumate ^o~   so cute<3

Setsuna is cool in her shinmei styled clothes ;D

And now I’m only waiting for these two babies to arrive:











I hope they arrive soon! x3


8 responses

  1. WOW that is a great post!

    I didn’t know Miyu and Yukina were ex Momoiro clover members I am also ∑(O_O;)Shock!! and budget sucked and acting was bad XD but you still loved it, I feel the exact same way.

    There are no subs for this drama except terrible Japanese to Chinese to English translation of it. Well watching without subs it great, it improves your Japanese (^^;).

    I also fell in love with Sakina ahhh~ she is so cute. Also if you love the character songs, I am sure that you will love the concert for it on my awesome blog =D
    ===> <=== you can download it or watch it on my youtube channel =D. It also has all the making of, the missing episode 26 and some baka ranger episodes~

    Wow those negima figumate are so cute! I think you brought my negima fandom back as well XD. I started my blog after watching this and went crazy trying to find all the concerts and music and trust me they were not easy to find. So I upload them and put them on my blog making them easy to find.

    Ah~ those negima figumate are so cute~ (I know I already said that) I feel like buy them all. Thanks for the great post and pictures. So cute!

    • Thank you so much for your sweet comment! And so fast after I posted too :O Wow

      Do you know Momoiro Clover? :D I love that group <3 ^o^ (If yes, who's your favorite member?? :P) It doesn't surprises me you didn't know, as Yukina and Miyuu already left the group before the group got to release their first indie single xD

      Yes watching the drama without subs is good to improve my Japanese skills, but sometimes I just feel like I'm missing an important part… heh ^^; Did you watch the show without subs as well? :)

      Actually I already watched the whole concert ;D It was really nice! (Even though no Setsuna…) I loved the performance with Sakina and Mari, they are so cool! <3 I've yet to watch the making of episodes, but look forward to them ^^ I have watched some Baka Ranger episodes, but they don't make much sense to me xD But they are funny~ I found out that Sakina has been in an idol group called Power Age, did you know? maybe that's why she danced with such talent in the concert ;)

      I know how you feel about those figumates. I just want them ALL. But it's far too expensive, and I probably don't have enough room either xD lol
      But there are just some characters I need to have :P Do you have a favorite Negima girl?
      I'm very happy that you liked the pictures and my post.

      Thanks a lot! <3

      • Your welcome(^^)

        Yes I love Momoiro clover! Hmm… I don’t think I have a favorite member yet o: I just found out about them from Nino-baby’s awesome blog :D

        Yes I watch many shows without subs because many Japanese tv shows don’t have subs and a lot of new movies also are not subbed. Sometimes I watch a show without subs without realizing it! until 5 mins later they say something I don’t understand. ??? where did the subtitles go? (・_・?)

        Sakina and Mari are awesome! Haha yeah the Baka Rangers episode doesn’t make any sense. (^。^) Wow you sure know a lot. ∑(O_O;) Sakina is now a former member of P-A, I have seen her dance in some of their rehearsal videos and also in Jyuken Sentai Geki Rangers when she danced I was surprise! Σ(゚Д゚|||) It was amazing. She also loves karaoke.

        My favorite negima girl is either Evangeline or Nodoka or Konoka. =D

  2. Oh, so you found out about Momoiro Clover from my blog? ^__^ It sure was fast you watched Shirome then xD (lol – “awesome blog” – thank you!)

    I know the feeling when you get surprised by how much Japanese you can understand without subtitles :D It’s such a nice feeling<3 But verbs can really be a pain sometimes… O.o;

    I would like to watch Sakina in Jyuken Sentai Geki Rangers, where can I watch that show?! :O

    I love Evangeline and Nodoka too! But I'm really fond of Yue, Setsuna and Asuna as well<3<3<3 Have you read the manga? ^^

  3. Hello!

    I found myself here ’cause I was searching for some site where I could download Edward Furlong’s Hold On Tight whole album cause I can’t find it anywhere. There are links of the songs here, but I just kinda wondered if you could upload or send that album to me in better quality please, the sound quality is pretty bad… That would be soooo appreciated, I’ve been searchin’ for so long! If you only knew…

    Give me a feedback! Your page is cool, by the way!

    • Thank you for the comment :) I’m not sure I can provide you with a better quality version of his album as the quality of this release is simply really bad xD but then again perhaps my program does make it a bit worse because it rips it to 128-bit mp3 files (or whatever its name is). Do you know a good program to rip in a higher quality? Then I would be delighted to help out a fan in need ^^

      Btw, how come you like Edward Furlong’s music and what is your favourite song? ^o^ I’m also puzzled why your comment ended up on my Negima post and not the Furlong post :P heh.

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