New pictures of Sakura Gakuin

I just had to post these new gorgeous pictures of the Sakura Gakuin members xD

I’ve got them from this site:
It seems like they have a calendar system, where they add new pictures once every day up until the release date of their first album (March 23th) :D Pretty cool – like a count down xD I already look forward to the pictures tomorrow! ^o^

I will upload new pictures as they appear on the homepage ;)

EDIT: Because of the time difference it’s already the 22nd of March now in Japan, so two new pictures were uploaded ^o^ Wuhuu!
It’s picture with SCOOPERS ^O^

They are so cute! xD ~<3

So tomorrow is the big day! I wonder whose pictures they will upload then (probably an all-member shot ^^) I’m excited! I just wish the album release date hadn’t been postponed (to an unknown date in the future…) Y~Y *cries*
But at least I get this! xD

2nd EDIT: I were right! Today’s photos are  group shots ^o^

I like the artistic background ;)

I wonder if there is going to be uploaded more pictures the next days as well? :O I just kind of guessed it was up to  the (official) release date, but now the release has been postponed I’m not actually sure. For me, I hope they will upload more pictures (I really like them!), as a kind of replacement for the album, but that’s probably not gonna happen :/
We will see.

Today TOYSFACTORY JP uploaded a CM with Mutou Ayami :D I think it’s for another artist’s album under this lable.

God, she’s beautiful OoO

Sakura Gakuin (さくら学院)

This is a new group I’ve started to follow.

Their name is Sakura Gakuin (Cherry Blossom Academy) and they are a school-themed idol group. There’s a class president and school clubs as special sub-units. They are signed to Toys Factory.

Here are the members:

The girls’ ages range between 11 to 14 years and the group debuted in 2010, April (the first month of the school year). So far the group has released one single as a main group (Yume ni Mukatte/Hello! IVY) and one single from one of the sub-unit school clubs, Twinklestars (Dear Mr. Socrates).


School Club units:










This is the Baton Club :3 (Baton-bu in Japanese)

The group includes all members from Sakura Gakuin, except Suzuka, Airi and Ayaka.


Mini Pati (Mini-Patissier)









This is the Cooking Club~ (Cooking-bu in Japanese)

– Horiuchi Marina (April 29, 1998)
– Iida Raura (April 9, 1998)
– Sugisaki Nene (May 8, 1998)

As you can see with this group, all members are around the same age! :D
I find that funny ^^











This is the Go Home Club (Kitaku-bu in Japanese)

The group has the same members as Mini Pati:
Marina, Raura and Nene <3











This is the Newspaper Club ^_^ (Shinbun-bu in Japanese)

– Miyoshi Ayaka (June 18, 1996)
– Matsui Airi (December 26, 1996)











This is the Heavy Music Club! xD (Jyon-bu in Japanese)

– Nakamoto Suzuka (December 20, 1997)
– Mizuno Yui (June 20, 1999)
– Kikuchi Moa (July 4, 1999)

I really like the school club BABYMETAL, it’s such a hilarious group! Two 11-year-olds and one 13-year-old sings to heavy metal with their super light voices xD It’s so different and funny that I can’t help to love them ♥
I really like the other school clubs too, such as Twinklestars and Mini Pati, but BABYMETAL is definitely my favorite club!


My favorite members are Nakamoto Suzuka and Sugisaki Nene, but I think Suzuka is my number #1 right now ^^
She has such a clear and strong voice ♥

Nakamoto Suzuka

Sugisaki Nene









Here’s a super nice solo performance from Suzuka before she joined Sakura Gakuin:

Here’s a picture from her performance ♥

















She’s so pretty~


Sakura Gakuin is releasing their first ever album on the 23th of March (only 10 days left!) called Sakura Gakuin 2010 Nendo ~message~ (さくら学院 2010年度〜message〜)
There’s going to be 4 versions:

Regular Version

"Sa" Version

"Ku" Version

"Ra" Version




















02. Hello ! IVY
03. Chime
04. Happy Birthday(Cooking-bu Mini-Patissier)
05.Princess☆a la mode(Cooking-bu Mini-Patissier)<– Only on the regular version
05. Medaka no Kyodai(Kitaku-bu sleepiece)
06. Dear Mr.Socrates(Baton-bu Twinklestars)
07. Brand New Day(Shinbun-bu SCOOPERS)
08. Do・ki・Do・ki ☆ Morning(Jyuon-bu BABYMETAL)
09. Yume ni mukatte
10. message

I’m getting the “Ra” version, as it has extras with BABYMETAL and the new Sakura Gakuin song message PV (which is absolutely love!) Watch it now! xD

I really like the old camera feel and the school setting is so beautiful! The song is also completely different from typical upbeat idol songs, which I like a lot. I really think this group will go far and I’m really looking forward to listen to their new album ^O^

Earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan

My prayers go to Japan right now >o< I’m so sad these events are happening…

I’m really lucky that so far everyone in H!P, AKB48, Momoiro Clover, Sakura Gakuin and TGS are safe. Phew! I was worried sick when I heard about this catastrophe in the news.

But I’ve heard that some of the Johnny’s Juniors have been injured though, I’m not sure exactly who…
But I know that my precious Arashi is safe (; o ;)

There are so many people to worry about, it’s really horrible. I hope the after quakes wont kill anymore people and wont cause too much damage :(

I pray for you Japan!

Edit: I have just read the creator of Pokemon Tajiri Satoshi is dead because of the tsunami… I’m so sad :'(
R.I.P. Tajiri Satoshi. This was a false rumor :O