Earthquake and tsunami disaster in Japan

My prayers go to Japan right now >o< I’m so sad these events are happening…

I’m really lucky that so far everyone in H!P, AKB48, Momoiro Clover, Sakura Gakuin and TGS are safe. Phew! I was worried sick when I heard about this catastrophe in the news.

But I’ve heard that some of the Johnny’s Juniors have been injured though, I’m not sure exactly who…
But I know that my precious Arashi is safe (; o ;)

There are so many people to worry about, it’s really horrible. I hope the after quakes wont kill anymore people and wont cause too much damage :(

I pray for you Japan!

Edit: I have just read the creator of Pokemon Tajiri Satoshi is dead because of the tsunami… I’m so sad :'(
R.I.P. Tajiri Satoshi. This was a false rumor :O


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  1. Its a very unfortunate event (ToT) the death toll is exceeding 680!!! last I checked. I am glad to hear most people are safe. I pray for Japan’s safety. So many people live near the nuclear power plant that was damaged during the earthquake, I hope their alright.

    • Today I read: 1700 people have died, 10.000 are missing and over 300.000 have been evacuated… It’s so scary >o<
      And they are going to have so many serious after quakes in the months to come. I hope that most people are going to be all right ;o;

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