New pictures of Sakura Gakuin

I just had to post these new gorgeous pictures of the Sakura Gakuin members xD

I’ve got them from this site:
It seems like they have a calendar system, where they add new pictures once every day up until the release date of their first album (March 23th) :D Pretty cool – like a count down xD I already look forward to the pictures tomorrow! ^o^

I will upload new pictures as they appear on the homepage ;)

EDIT: Because of the time difference it’s already the 22nd of March now in Japan, so two new pictures were uploaded ^o^ Wuhuu!
It’s picture with SCOOPERS ^O^

They are so cute! xD ~<3

So tomorrow is the big day! I wonder whose pictures they will upload then (probably an all-member shot ^^) I’m excited! I just wish the album release date hadn’t been postponed (to an unknown date in the future…) Y~Y *cries*
But at least I get this! xD

2nd EDIT: I were right! Today’s photos are  group shots ^o^

I like the artistic background ;)

I wonder if there is going to be uploaded more pictures the next days as well? :O I just kind of guessed it was up to  the (official) release date, but now the release has been postponed I’m not actually sure. For me, I hope they will upload more pictures (I really like them!), as a kind of replacement for the album, but that’s probably not gonna happen :/
We will see.

Today TOYSFACTORY JP uploaded a CM with Mutou Ayami :D I think it’s for another artist’s album under this lable.

God, she’s beautiful OoO


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