Eerie Indiana – Center of Weirdness

To whom it may concern:

If you are reading this document, it means I’m either dead or disappeared under mysterious circumstances.
My name is Marshall Teller. Not long ago I was living in New Jersey – just across the river from New York City. It was crowded, polluted and full of crime. I loved it. But my parents wanted a better life for my sister and me, so we moved to a place so wholesome – so squeaky clean – you can only find it on TV.
Unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Sure, my new home town looks normal enough – but look again.
What’s wrong with this picture? The American dream come true, right? Wrong. Nobody believes me, but this is the center of weirdness for the entire planet. Eerie Indiana – Home sweet home.

Still don’t believe me? You will…

These days I’m watching the old television series Eerie Indiana from 1991. I remember watching this strange and fascinating show as a kid, but not understanding very much of it and I can understand why. This show is really weird, but I mean the good weird!
The boy playing the main character Marshall Teller (Omri Katz) is really brilliant and for me he owns this show. I really like his personality and his funny “narrator voice” we hear throughout the whole series. It’s very entertaining! ^o^

The series is about 13-year-old Marshall Teller, who has moved with his family to Eerie Indiana from New Jersey. Marshall and his friend Simon (Justin Shenkarow) seems to be the only ones who notice that something is wrong with Eerie Indiana and begin to collect evidence of all the strange incidents they come upon. And I can assure you, there are some really weird incidents in this series! xD

Many of the stories in Eerie Indiana are really original and creative, like the episode with the human ATM machine, Mr. Wilson, who wants a friend, but ends up ruining everyone – the Foreverware episode with (Tupperware-inspired) products that keep your food (or other things…) fresh forever or the episode where  Marshall sets his clock an hour back, as it’s DST time, but wakes up the next morning in another dimension called The Lost Hour (Lol!)









It’s really rare these days that kids TV-shows have mystery, horror, science fiction and comedy mixed together like  you see it in Eerie Indiana or even half as original stories. It’s really nice to watch this show again, as I feel like I understand and appreciate it much more now than I did back then as a kid. Too bad it only lasted 19 episodes, 25 minutes long  each :(
I could easily watch 40 episodes! (Haha) xD


I haven’t watched the whole series yet (have watched to ep. 12), but so far my favorite episodes have definitely been:

– Just Say No Fun
– Heart On A Chain
– ATM With A Heart Of Gold
– The Lost Hour
– Forever Ware

These are really great episodes. But actually I think all episodes in this series have been entertaining :)

I love the good chemistry between Marshall and Simon, the goofy convenience store World O’Stuff, the epic opening theme, Omri Katz cute voice and eyes, the serious approach to hilarious incidents and all the naff 90s clothing xD

This series is great and if you still don’t believe me, you will!  ;D Haha



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  1. I love this show too! and I think it’s great to watch it again when you’re older ;) I love the fact that this show is both funny, weird, scary and goofy at the same time :D And I love Omri Katz too, he’s hilarious and totally adorable! XD Great pictures, and loved the quote in the start of the post – I believe him! :P haha

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