Momoiro Christmas

I just received this concert DVD with Momoiro Clover the other day and watched it with my sister. It was a really nice concert, the girls really gave it their best and you could see how much this honor meant to them. So cute ❤

The DVD itself is very neat :3 I love the cover art and it has two discs: one with the concert footage and one with making of footage :O The making of included photoshoots and the girls goofing around on the set, as well as backstage footage of the concert (before and after, as well as under the concert) and interviews with the girls after the concert too :D Really nice! And if those things weren’t enough, they also included a 20-page booklet with pictures from the concert ^o^ wow right? Hello! Project should learn from the guys who made this DVD xD lol

I think they got around to perform all their songs – plus some extra (cover) songs I hadn’t heard before. Shiori and Akari both got to perform solo, while the others will have to wait for next time :) I liked that it was those two members who got to perform solo though, as you don’t hear Akari very much in their group songs (except for the rapping parts maybe) and I just like Shiori very much (she’s my second most favorite member – next to Kanako) so of course I was happy xD Next time I hope to see Kanako or Momoka get a solo performance though ^^ Would be awesome!
Or maybe a Kanako x Shiori duet ❤ ❤❤ *O*

Here’s the setlist:
1 Hashire
2 Believe
3 Pinky Jones
4 words of the mind
5 Rough Style
6 Kimi Yuki
7 Zenryoku Shoujo
8 Momoiro Punch
9 Kibun wa Super Girl
10 Mirai e Susume
11 Fall into Me (Akari solo)
12 Ai desu ka? (Shiori solo)
13 Coco Natsu
14 Kimi to Sekai
15 Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo!
16 Orange Note
17 Mirai Bowl
18 Tsuyoku Tsuyoku
19 Ano Sora e Mukatte

Some of my favorite performances were Kimi Yuki, Zenryoku Shoujo, Akari’s solo – Fall into me, Shiori’s solo – Ai desu ka?, Coco Natsu, Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo and Tsuyoku Tsuyoku~ ❤ The entrance they did to Zenryoku Shoujo was amazing! I loved the outfits and the cool sunglasses xD Haha

The girls sang with playback, but they were singing over the playback as well – if that makes any sense? I wish they would just let them sing without the playback (as I think all the girls are really talented singers) but I guess they had to make the performances *perfect* because they only got to perform this concert one time (on Christmas Eve) as well as film it for the DVD… :/ Too bad. I hope they will sing without playback next time ^^

But otherwise a really great concert – worth your money!

Shiori ‘s solo performance

Akari’s solo performance

Kimi Yuki

More booklet photos ^^

By the way – I really really look forward to Momoclo’s first album releasing July 27th :O I hope there will be some duets or solos on the album xD


9 responses

  1. Hello from Sushipafu!

    Yep I like momoclo.
    I ripped the dvd into mp3s and play them in my car :)

    their performance energy is different.
    I’ve watched them live last month in Tokyo and they just blew me away..
    but chanting part is different.. coz it was just the day after watching berryz and its just weird – atmosphere etc

    • Wow cool I’m getting a comment from you Sushipafu! I actually read your blog ^^ I like that you post so much about Sakura Gakuin <3
      I didn't know you are a Momoclo fan – that's great :D I agree Momoclo's energy level is amazing – it's a joy to watch ^o^ But I can understand the atmosphere must be very different from that of a Berryz concert , because the idol groups in themselves are so different from each other ^^;

  2. A reader introduced me to your blog.
    Well I tried to connect with fellow gaijin SG fans out there,…

    Btw, I’m in the midst of ripping some SG dvds
    lol… feel free to grab them once its up :)

    unless if you are getting your own copies as well.

    oh and my fav member in Momoclo is …..
    …. SHIORI ~

    • I wonder what reader (lol) xD
      I know! There aren’t very many SG fans yet, so it’s nice finding other fans :3

      I really love Shiori too. Sometimes I feel like she’s almost my number one favorite, but then I see Kanako and remember I love her even more xD So I love them almost equally I guess x3

      I’m getting my own copy of the SG album, but I checked out some of your uploads nonetheless :D Thank you so much for uploading!

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