I’ve caught the Bieber Fever

I watched Justin Bieber’s 3D documentary/concert movie – Never Say Never – with my sister on the first day of Easter vacation over a week ago and I really liked it. I wasn’t the biggest fan before watching the movie, I just listened to Justin’s songs whenever my sister played the My Worlds 2.0 album and found the songs catchy, but I wasn’t a belieber – if you know what I mean. I respected his work and talent though and was excited to actually get to see how he got to kick off his career.
But the movie was so much more than I expected. It blew me away!
First I want to say the 3D effects were really impressive and suited this kind of movie perfectly, as it made it feel like you really was there at the concert with the other screaming fan girls xD (lol) Great ^^b (And the purple glasses also looks super cool ;D) The second thing I want to say is that I really was taken back how much this kid has fought for his dream – I didn’t know he started to play instruments when he was only two years old or that he did all the promotion himself to get the radio stations to play his songs, because he was too young in their eyes (wow!) and I didn’t know he was raised by divorced parents and a teenage mom :O That was actually the most unexpected (haha) ^o^ It’s just amazing to see how much Justin loves music and how much he appreciate everything: people’s support, his fans, his family, the people who helped him get signed and get him a recording contract (Usher, Scooter Braun and many others) and the ability to do what he loves the most – perform music.
I was surprised to see how much he (over)works too! 89 concerts in a row – that’s just crazy! (I think some time ago Berryz Koubou celebrated their 100th concert performance, and they have been a group for 7 years now. Justin Bieber performed 89 concerts over a single year, alone O_O). The poor kid also lost his voice at some point in the movie and wasn’t allowed to talk for two days! :O It touched my heart to discover how much it bothered Justin to cancel a concert because of his voice problem, he really doesn’t want to disappoint his fans. Ever! (As he wrote to his fans on his Twitter).  It’s nice to find an artist who cares so much for his fans, makes me want to support him ^^
I have really changed my opinion of him. Before I just liked his music – now I like him as a person as well. I feel stupid for not realizing this before now. I’m so slow ^^; (haha) I’m also sad I didn’t get to see him perform when he held a concert here in Denmark on April the 1st :( I know the tickets were sold out anyway, but still ;_; (sigh) Too bad. Now I’m just really excited for his next move. I know his voice is changing rapidly and his new songs probably will be very different from his previous (cute) pop songs. But I’m sure he will pull it off great as always. (Seriously, I haven’t been disappointed with any song he has released yet!)
I really don’t understand why this boy has so many haters. I guess they don’t like him because he’s so popular. It’s the same thing that happened when Twilight got huge. When something get that popular, some people just want to dislike it just because they don’t like the fan-hype. Really stupid actually. I mean there’s a reason for those things get that popular right? Well, I just think Justin Bieber deserves the attention as he is amazingly talented (he really is) and got to be known because of this talent, not a name or an acting career etc.
The last thing I want to say is: I love Justin’s humor. Listened to his new song Dr. Bieber yesterday and find the lyrics hilarious: “Yeah you females know of me – Time to realize I’m a beast” He’s a beast spreading the “disease” xD  “Catch that virus in the night – I know it’s uncurable, it’s durable, but it’s alright” When you get the fever it’s not going away! But “You’ll never regret this“. This song totally makes fun of the Bieber Fever phenomenon and the lyrics are so true in a way it just makes the song even more hilarious xD Would love to see a music video for this, maybe like the video Snoop Dog did for fun with his song Oh! Sookie :P Doesn’t need to be a “official” video, just one for fun ^^ Would be really funny to watch! But anyway – I look forward to see more of Bieber this year :D


3 responses

  1. hehe Bieber Feaver, wow 89 concerts in one year, that’s huge. Hmm… I don’t know about why he has so many haters, maybe because people are jealous? Well I never really know about these this because I just listen to anime music haha, OST and j-pop.

    I also don’t get what is so good and bad about twilight. (O.o?) Maybe I should check it out?

    • Yeah, that’s a lot of concerts huh? It must be really hard – but he does his best for his fans xD Well I listen to Japanese music mostly too, but there are some American/European artists I like :)
      You haven’t read or watched Twilight? :O Well, you should definitely give it a try then :D

  2. I’ll start off saying I was probably one of many Bieber-haters for no real reason any that I didn’t get the hype and I am picky when it comes to pop-songs. To me he has always just been this guy who got famous over-night performing pop-songs that really didn’t have any meaning (at least not to me) than just being pop-songs like any other.
    But then I read this – and I kind of promised you to comment on your blog, so here I go.
    After reading this post the first time I thought, all right, I’ll give it a shot – watch the movie and maybe I’ll change my point of view on Justin Bieber, too, so today I did.
    Home, being sick, I found it on the internet and watched it from start to finish, trying not to be too judgemental.
    And I must say that I agree with you. I was surprised how much work was actually behind him getting famous outside YouTube in the first place. And I realized that this kid (who is probably not much of a kid anymore) is actually talented. He started playing instruments at a much younger age than most kids probably do and the fact that he plays at least three instruments being only a teenager is very impressive to me, who is 23 has a keyboard and a guitar but doesn’t play (yet!).
    Seeing him singing, only playing his guitar also made me realize that he is a good singer, too. I just wish he didn’t end up in this pop-world where the songs he mainly performs aren’t personal but more catchy-almost-every-teenager-listens-to-them-tunes. I haven’t really listened to any of his music yet so I’m judging from the songs I’ve heard on the radio.
    At the point in the movie where he actually had to cancel a show because of him losing his voice I actually started feeling some sympathy – because he really doesn’t want to let his fans down and that just shows me that he actually cares for his fans, which I personally appreciate as a fan of any given artist be it Justin Bieber or anyone else. Clearly he has a love for music but I don’t really felt that this movie told us anything about him loving the music he’s actually performing on stage which I would have liked to hear about. I would have liked more interviews with Bieber in this movie.
    I could probably be talking more about this as there are many parts of the movie I haven’t mentioned yet but I think I’ll wrap it up for now and just say that I am really impressed by Justin Bieber’s story after seeing this movie. I don’t like him more as a person because there is just something about his attitude in the media that I just don’t like. I’m sure he’s a nice guy once you get to know him but I don’t know him personally and can therefore only judge from what I see and hear in the media. But that said I have gained a little more respect for Bieber as a musically talented person and I’ll definitely go listen to his songs and hopefully there is something there that I like besides the songs I have heard on the radio and disliked.
    So this movie didn’t make me a Beliber but I don’t regret seeing it.

    – Nadia
    Ps. Actually I just remembered that I like one Justin Bieber song. A cover of ‘Love me’ performed by the band R5 about 4 years ago. It’s a rock version. That’s about the only Bieber song I know by heart up till this point. You should check it out ;) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hbr9X4odziI

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