Happy 16 しおりん~

Tamai Shiori ~ 16 years old

Today this lovely lady turns 16! ^o^ I’m a big fan of Momoiro Clover (Z – it still feels weird to add that part of the name xD) and Shiorin is one of my favorite members (she’s second after Kanako ♥) and I’m happy to celebrate her birthday :)
It’s weird she’s already 16… She still looks so young xD (lol) But I like her childish personality and her pig tails as well as her color yellow – it just suits her perfectly! :P Maybe Shiori’s voice isn’t the strongest in Momoclo, but I still think it’s unique and I love her solo song Ai Desu Ka? :)

Stardust just uploaded a PV preview of Momoiro Clover’s new song 「Z Densetsu ~Owarinaki Kakumei~」 and it’s clear that Momoclo is taking the Zentai Ranger theme all the way with both the costumes, the music, the robots and stuffed bunny suits xD (Haha) Here are some screen caps :P


Shiori looks so cute in her ranger suit ♥ And I just love the costumes and these belts~

I can’t wait for the full PV and their first album releasing in July xD I’m so excited!! I really hope there will be a duet with Shiori and Kanako (that would be a dream come true! ♥o♥) and maybe more ballad songs ~ Love ballads!
But I wish you the best this year too Shiorin, you are the one and only person I know who can wear the color yellow and make it look so great ;D You go girl! ;P


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    • She was eating japanese curry :3 And yes I really love that dish! ^o^ Thank you for subscribing to my blog ~ I love your feet theme on your blog :P lol! But I don’t really understand it xD Please explain!

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