Everybody say ~Ebizori Diamond~ ♪

Right now a certain song is stuck on my mind. It’s the song “Ebizori Diamond” by Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku also known as Ebichu for short (which I’m very grateful for ^^;) or the funny nickname King of Gakugeikai (Lol) The song is just too catchy for my own health xD

You probably haven’t heard about this idol group as it’s still pretty new (sort of, they debuted in 2009, but it seems like these two past years they have been training or preparing for their major debut) and then they haven’t released any major singles yet (only indie singles).

Shiritsu Ebisu Chugaku


What I really like about this group is that first of:

  • It’s a Stardust group (Whoah! Momoiro Clover is their senpai! xD)
  • There are a lot of members (there are 10 right now, but that’s not too many like AKB for example)
  • There theme is an elementary school class, so every member has her own student number (so cute! and reminds me of Sakura Gakuin)
  • The members fit each other nicely ♥
  • There are a lot of different personalities, but in general every member has her own charm points~
  • Most members sing well and their are even some really good voices in between (here I’m specially thinking about Hinata ♥)
  • Their songs are really catchy!
  • And last but not least they really are a bunch of cute girls ^o^ (heh~)


Now let’s learn the members names, shall we? ^^

1. Mizuki (27 february 1997)

2. Miyazaki Reina (24 August 1997)

3. Mayama Rika (16 December 1996)

4. Anno Natsu (12 July 1997)




















5. Yasumoto Ayaka (27 June 1998)

6. Hirota Aika (31 January 1999 )











7. Hoshina Mirei (2 November 1997)

8. Suzuki Hirono (24 March 1998)

9. Matsuno Rina (16 July 1998)










10. Kashiwagi Hinata (29 March 1999)












Member introductions (posted today on Stardust Entertainment Channel):

Part 1

Part 2

Members who left:

  • 2010 (March): Kanon ( 7 February 1997)
  • 2011 (January): Uno Narumi (19 March 1998)
  • 2011 (April): Yano Hinaki (5 March 1997)
  • 2011 (June): Koike Rio (18 January 1998)


Yano Hinaki

I’m a little shocked that already three members have left the group just these past six months! O_O I’m afraid other members will leave (like next month!) especially members I like a lot >o< I really liked Hinaki and I think she was one of the best singers before Hinata was added to the group *sigh* But of course nobody is forced to be in the group… I’m just really sad Hinaki chose to leave T-T (why~?)

It was also really weird, on the exact day I chose to look more into the this group (like learning the members’ names and such) I read that Rio has decided to leave the group as well – yes – just like that. I was in shock! >o< I was thinking: oh my god, how many members will be left tomorrow?! But luckily no other have decided to leave after Rio and I hope it stays that way! xD *Phew!*


Up until now Ebichu has released four indie singles:

  • Asa no Chime ga narimashita ! (朝のチャイムがなりました!) (14 February 2010)
    01. Nani ga nan demo (Ebichu ver.) 「なにがなんでも(エビ中 ver.)」
    02. Daibakuhatsu No.1 「大爆発No.1」
  • Ebizori Diamond !! (えびぞりダイアモンド!!) (7 August 2010)
    01. Ebizori Diamond!! 「えびぞりダイアモンド!! 」
    02. Ebizori Diamond!! (Okadada Remix)
  • Chime (チャイム) (10 January 2010)
    01. Chime 「チャイム」
    02. Doshaburi Regret 「どしゃぶりリグレット」 (Pouring Regret)
  • The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ (ザ・ティッシュ〜とまらない青春〜) (27 April 2011)
    01. The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ (ザ・ティッシュ〜とまらない青春〜)
    02. Ebichu Ichi Shukan (エビ中一週間)

My favorite songs of them so far are definitely: Ebizori Diamond!!, Doshaburi Regret and The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ ♪ Ebizori Diamond is just a crazy catchy song (no use denying that!), Doshaburi Regret is a very heartfelt ballad about regretting a lost love (simply fantastic song) and Tissue (the song about hay fever) is simply just a hilarious song ^o^ (as well as the first single to get a PV :O)

The Tissue ~Tomaranai Seishun~ PV

Kashiwagi Hinata

I find Rika and Reina incredibly funny in this PV and Hinata, Mirei, Rina, Aika and Hirono are just soo cute~ ♥o♥ but Natsu, Ayaka and Mizuki have yet to catch my attention.
The member I really noticed the most in this PV was Hinata. Her pigtails, voice and face are just all so amazingly adorable – it hurt my eyes *_*; I immediately thought: who is that girl? She’s so cute!! ~  That’s why so far I think Hinata is my favorite member ^-^

Other members I like a lot are Reina, Mirei, Hirono and Rina ♥

But I’m really into this group right now, so I’m quite impatient about new releases. I’m just thinking: please release something new soon! all the time ^^; (It’s horrible T-T) But I guess I have to be patient *sigh* It’s hard to be a fan sometimes… >_<

And just a last thing: to all of you who didn’t knew about this group, I hope you will give them a chance. I’m sure they are going to be the new best thing in the up-and-coming idol generation very soon~ ;)



6 responses

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  2. Great post

    I love them so much ( especially Aika and Mizuki )

    Most of Ex-members are my fav , let’s hope a bright future will come for them

    We want more Ebichu \m/

  3. Wauw, I’m sort of amazed to get an answer so many months later lol. But I don’t really mind ^^ Yeah, I agree it has a very different feel from their other songs – I wish they would make more songs like this ;) I look forward to their new single releasing in May, so lets hope for some good new songs :D

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