My first Hey! Say! JUMP order ^o^

Two days ago I received my Hey! Say! JUMP singles (so I got them two days early!) Wohoo! ^O^ and this time the package wasn’t taken my customs, so I’m very very happy :’D

I ordered the OVER single bundle from CDjapan and it was really cheap (yay!) ^o^

There were wholly 4 songs on the regular single:
2. 愛-ing アイシテル (Ai-ing Aishiteru)
3. I Gotta More (Hey! Say! 7)
4. Screw (Hey! Say! BEST)

That’s almost a mini album imo :O My favorite songs are definitely track 2 and 3, love Hey! Say! 7 ♥ and these songs are just SO catchy! xD
Despite all the negativeness towards OVER, I actually really love this song xD It’s very different from their earlier singles and the PV also felt very new and refreshing from their previous work, as well as the clothes were chosen wisely *o* kya~
Screw didn’t do much for me though, but I’m sure the song will grow on me ^^

I’ve actually known Hey! Say! JUMP since their debut, but I’ve never been a real fan or anything. But fortunately this changed drastically after I watched their Arigatou ~Sekai no Doko ni Ite mo~ PV. Afterwards I found myself watching their old PVs, which I hadn’t watched in “years” (or so it felt). Then I found myself downloading their first album (wow! when did they release an album?!) and afterwards their concerts (have watched them all now *_*) and then their drama Scrap Teacher (which is really entertaining :D) and then at last I’m buying their new single ^o^ Wohoo!
So now I’m finally a JUMP-fan :D My all time favorite member is the amazingly cute and talented drummer Nakajima Yuto (he’s such a puppy ♥o♥)~ I don’t know what it is, but this boy just stole my heart xD I love his voice, his eyes, his smile, his awkward (and amazing!) height, his happy personality and his unlimited genkiness X♥X;,,
I also really love the other Hey! Say! 7 members, but mostly Ryutaro and Keito ♥ of the BEST members I love Hikaru and Yuya ;3

I’m so happy they reached number 1 on the Oricon chart today with 113k units sold ^O^ Congrats JUMP! I hope my order helped too ;)

I can’t wait for them to release something new xD Wuah~ (>^o^)>


8 responses

    • Really? o_o What about Arashi then? They are under the same agency ^^;

      Lol! Do you think Yuto looks like Oguri Shun?! xD I’m not sure I agree :P But that’s not the worst person to be compared to! ;D

      It seems like I introduce you to a lot of new artists huh? :P

  1. I love them too.
    Sadly Ryotaru got suspended because of smoking!
    But I was kinde shocked to read that there are pictures of him smoking while he was only 14 years old.
    I think that is quite young.
    But still I hope everything will be ok again soon!

    • I’m really sad about Ryutaro too… I didn’t know that he smoked as 14! :O OMG.
      I really hope he stops this behavior and rejoins the group :'( He’s such a cute kid… I can’t help think that he joined Johnny’s a little too young maybe? :/

  2. i dont know if u’re going to read this or not cus i picked your site randomly. but OMG ! i think we have the same taste. lol i just realized about Sexy Zone this month.booo ~
    lame me. bout JUMP , i also like Yuto :O and i really really like Shori from Sexy Zone. its great that u posted lots of their pictures in that entry. lol seems like u havent touch ur page for a long time,ayy? i hope one day u’ll read this :)

    • Gosh, sorry for replying so late o_o;
      Thanks for reading my blog :) I love Yuto and Shori, they are just the best of Johnny’s together with Ninomiya Kazunari from Arashi (even though he’s quite grown-up now ^^)
      So have you watched the new ‘JUMP’ MV Super Delicate yet? I really like it ♥ And Yuto’s new hair is just L-O-V-E-L-Y o^O^o
      I haven’t been active so much lately because of school and my trip to Paris, but will try to post more often again now! ;)

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