Movies I would like to watch this summer

There are three movies coming out this summer I would especially like to watch.

1. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2
2. Super 8
3. Rise of the Planet of the Apes

Now I actually already watched Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2, which was an absolutely terrific and stunning movie. But I just want to tell a little about my opinion of it :) I really felt this was how it was supposed to end and the final battle was just nerve-wracking and amazing at the same time xD I’ve read the seventh book two times and I really felt that David Yates was faithful to the book. I will also say that Daniel Radcliffe has really improved over the years as an actor. I’ve always thought he was truly great as Harry, but it really shines through in the last film just how much experience and skill he has learned over the last ten years :O Great job Dan! ^o^
I also really loved how they did the memory of Snape, beautifully done. The child actors were well picked and you could almost feel the pain of loss from Snape’s grief over Lily yourself, as a result of Alan Rickman’s scarily convincing performance >_< Rickman is just the man! (His acting is actually so convincing that Daniel told in an interview from the first movie of the series that whenever he was shooting a scene with Rickman, he had to remind himself that it wasn’t for real over and over again because Rickman was so scary and convincing in his acting! xD Lol.)

Ryan Turner (Hugo Weasley), Arthur Bowen (Albus Severus Potter), Will Dunn (James Sirius Potter) and Helena Barlow (Rose Weasley)

The epilogue scene with Harry, Hermione and Ron as grown-ups with kids was actually one of my favorite scenes in the whole movie. I would actually like to watch the movie again, just to watch this scene ♥ The little scene between Albus Severus and Harry was just so cute! It was Harry as a kid all over again, afraid of ending up in Slytherin’s house :P Lovely and charming scene and oddly enough I didn’t find it weird to watch 21-year-old Daniel Radcliffe play a father, all I could think was “Wow, I would like to have Harry as a father!” xD I know, I know, no one could ever take my Dad’s place ;) But one could just feel that warm fatherly atmosphere ooze off Daniel.Was very heartwarming to watch ♥

Joel Courtney, Elle Fanning and Ryan Lee

So as you can hear I was very satisfied with my first movie experience this summer ;)
The reason why I want to watch Super 8 is because I’m a fan of Steven Spielberg as well as movies including cute kids as the main cast xD I love Dakota Fanning, so I’m very excited to watch her little sister’s performance in this movie. It seems like she’s just as talented as her big sister was when she was her age. Then there’s also Joel Courtney who plays the main character, he has a fresh new (cute) face as well, so there’s more to look forward too ^^ But I also want to watch this movie, because I like that the trailer doesn’t spoil the whole plot and leaves one with a mystery to solve, when going to the cinema. And then I’m just a sucker for kids movies in general, so there’s really nothing else to say, other than I’m going to watch this movie – no matter what.

It’s not like I’m a fan of The Planet of the Apes movies or anything, I just find it incredibly cool that two of the hottest actors ever are in the same movie: Tom Felton and James Franco ♥o♥ I know it’s stupid to only watch a movie because of the cast, but after watching the trailer, I’m convinced this is going to be an awesome movie! Andy Serkis acts as the CGI-character Caesar, a monkey which funnily enough moves around on four legs just as his previous role Gollum did. Poor Andy xD But I’m genuinely excited to watch how well the CGI-created monkeys come to life on the big screen and how convincing they are. I hope they are just as good as Gollum in LOTR ;D

But that was all for now, I will report back when I visit the cinema next time, because I’m sure Harry Potter isn’t the last movie I’ll watch this summer ^ ^


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