New members added to Sakura Gakuin

Two new members have been added to the idol group Sakura Gakuin. They were introduced to the public in an event who took place in Shibuya, July 23rd.

The names of the two new members are Taguchi Hana and Isono Rinon. I think both are really cute! ♥ I cant wait to watch them in new releases ^o^ I wonder if they will be part of Twinklestars as well? :O

Hana and Rinon

Some info:

Taguchi Hana: (田口華)

Born: March 4th, 2000
Origin: Nagano
Height: 140 cm
Favorite subject: P.E.
Favorite phrase: I go without hesitation. If you go be seen.
Message: I will do my best at singing and dancing so you will remember me soon!

Isono Rinon (磯野莉音)

Born: November 16th, 2000
Origin: Kanagawa
Height: 146 cm (Wow! she’s taller than a lot of her sempais! :O I’m sure she’s gonna catch up to Ayami in no time xD lol)
My boom: Playing cards
Favorite food: Cherries and apples
Message: I will do my best to be a part of Sakura Gakuin.



All members of Mini Pati has also been replaced:
Green: Nene -> Moa
Yellow: Marina -> Yui
Pink: Raura -> Hana

A tad odd I think, why did they do this?? Hmm… Well wasn’t that crazy about Mini Pati’s songs anyway, but I really liked Nene :/ It’s like Yui and Moa are everywhere! Now they are both in Mini Pati, Baby Metal and Twinklestars! :O They sure must be popular xD

Baby Metal also have a new song called Ijime Dame Zettai. Many people says it has a great impact. I can’t wait to hear it! :D

Then the last thing: Maybe Sakura Gakuin will release a new single called FRIENDS. I’m not completely sure yet (as I used Google Translate, which we all know isn’t that reliable >_>) But I really hope it’s true, as Sakura Gakuin haven’t released a single in nearly soon 8 months! >_< And I’m really starting to grow impatient… o_o

Well, that was all for now, tomorrow I’ll post a review of Momoclo’s first album, so look forward to it (^o^)/


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