Kingyo Club ~my new joy~

Okay so I’ll admit I’ve been a little bored lately without my weekly Teen Wolf fix (haha), but now I’ve found some new dramas to watch ^o^ One of them is the ultra cute and romantic drama series Kingyo Club :3 I discovered this series on Tokyohive (my new best friend) because they had posted an update of the ratings on current series airing in Japan. A screen cap of the beautiful Kariya Yuiko (刈谷友衣子) caught my attention and I found myself looking this actress up as I hadn’t heard about her before. I clicked on her drama Kingyo Club and decided to give it a chance. I’m glad I did! ^O^ ☆彡

It’s a really sweet story about a first year student (Harukawa Koto) who gets bullied every day, because of her alcoholic mother who goes out with men for money and a third year student (Hiiragi Haru) who used to play basketball, but now spend his days idly after a misunderstanding about his friend’s girlfriend and him caught at a bad time.
However, one day Haru sees Koto being bullied by some girls from her class and decides to stop them. Koto is grateful, but the bullying continues. One day, Haru sees Koto on the school roof looking like she’s about to kill herself and panics. Luckily, Koto wasn’t thinking of that and as an apology for his mistake, Haru takes Koto out for a treat. On their way home, they stop at a goldfish stand and catch two goldfish. For a lack of anything better to do, they decide to start a goldfish club just for the two of them in an unused building behind the school. But as love begins to bloom between them, the bullying just escalates…

I started watching this drama without any subtitles, as it’s not based on a manga, but a mobile novel by Tsubaki Hana, not very many people know about it. But fortunately someone recently started translating the two first episodes (out of currently five) so I was able to understand better what was going on ^^; Thank you! I really like this drama and I love the actors (whom I’ve never seen before) who I think are doing a great job. Especially Irie Jingi, who plays Haru, gives a very believable performance as the lost youth, who doesn’t know what  to do with his life. The soundtrack is also surprisingly good; composed by Uchiike Hidekazu, a relatively unknown composer, he does a great job at giving the series the right mood of happy and sad and just that wonderful feel of romance in the air ♥  I can’t wait to listen to that soundtrack, who sadly isn’t out before the 31st of this month :( Buhuu~ But I’m sure it’s going to be great! I’m also in love with the theme song Kimi Dake  wa Hanasanai performed by Supernova (aka Choshinsei) a really lovely romance ballad song, who I find just perfect for this drama ^^










Another cool thing about this drama series is that as the episodes only last 2o minutes, a live segment runs afterwards with a host and a guest, who either answer to questions send in by the viewers or do polls to find out what people think of miscellaneous stuff about the drama. I think that’s a really good idea and fits well with our time, where nearly the most important thing is to get your thoughts and opinions heard as often and much as possible xD (Haha). So that’s also fun to watch ^o^ Supernova were also guests in one of the episodes and made a live performance of the theme song ;) That was quite hilarious to hear their thoughts on the shows and the comments. I hope that maybe Jingi or Yuiko will get to be the guests of the show too in one of the episodes to come ^-^








I find Haru’s and Koto’s relationship really adorable, as Haru really shouldn’t have anything to do with Koto as her senpai and a stranger too, but nonetheless he choose to help her. That’s just so sweet x3 And then there’s also the age difference :O It’s kinda rare to watch a drama where the lead character falls for a person that’s younger than himself. Isn’t it? Or is it just me who haven’t watched enough dramas? ^^; (Haha, I feel like I’ve watched quite many though…) And because this is a romance drama, of course that includes a triangle: Hiiragi Haru > Harukawa Koto < Motoi Takaya.

Motoi Takaya

I really dislike that guy Motoi from Koto’s class. He really doesn’t seem to care for Koto’s feelings at all. He’s never there to help her when she’s in trouble, but always come afterwards, when it’s too late. And then he just says things like: “You shouldn’t let them bother you”. Well, bro, it’s a little bit hard to do, when they trash her shoes in the trash bin, scribble over her books with death threats and pour both milk and paint on her clothes – jeez, that’s really something you just ignore!  –  Moron c_c And then he also goes spreading evil rumors about Haru, to make Koto dislike him (,,#゚Д゚) Shame on you Motoi! xD Haru is much more a man than you are!  (^▽^) (Okay I’ll stop my ditching now xD lol).


Apart from Kingyo Club, I’m also watching Ouran High School Host Club and IS ~Otoko Demo Onna Demo Nai Sei~ ^^Ouran is really crazy and funny, while IS is a very moving and quite thought-provoking. (If you want to read more about IS, my sister made a blog post about that drama) All three dramas are really good in their own way. Ouran I watch to laugh, Kingyo Club I watch to kya~ and IS I watch to think over life (^_~) It’s great with some variation ;P I like Kingyo Club so much I’m going to make a music video about Haru and Koto’s relationship. Will be posting it on my blog as soon as it’s ready, so look forward to that! ^o~ Well, that’s all for now, see you soon ^-^

Isn’t Kariya Yuiko just the cutest little thing you have seen for a long time? x3
She’s incredibly adorable ♥♥♥

The Teen Wolf finale is here!

I’ve been watching the TV series Teen Wolf from MTV and in just one hour from now we will get the conclusion to the first season :O I’m not sure I’m ready for the finale though, as not everyone will make it out alive O-O;;  Yikes! I really hope Lydia or Jackson don’t die or Stiles or Derek!! (>O<);;; Gosh, why does anybody have to die, huh?! I can’t take it xD

Well anyway, my favorite character from Teen Wolf is Stiles, so I made a tribute video with my top10 favorite Stiles moments :D He is such a cute and funny guy ♥

Hope you like it ;D

Rise of the Apes OwO

I went to the premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes two days ago and I must say it wasn’t waisted money :D This movie is just plain awesome xD xDD Really – I was blown away o_o I still can’t understand how they animated those apes, they seemed so REAL. I already know Andy Serkis is brilliant at doing creature roles, but this is simply his best role yet! I really think he deserves a price for his acting as Caeser, he made the character very believable and not to mention he had an enormous presence in the movie when you compare his animated character to live actors. Apart from the amazing apes, I was also moved by the story in which a researcher (Will Rodman) struggles to find a cure to his father’s Alzheimer’s, but instead saves an ape who otherwise would have died in the laboratory and gets a new family member, who is nearly as important as his own father.

I loved the scenes where we watched the baby ape Caesar grow up and becoming smarter and smarter. My favorite scene was definitely the scene where Caeser jumps around from place to place in Will’s house and you just can see that he feels really at home, knowing where all things are placed and carefully moving around without breaking anything. Was really a joy to watch! ^o^ James Franco did a fine job too with his character and it was great to watch a movie with him as the lead character (I’ve only seen him as the antagonist in Spider Man – lol). And I found myself thinking the same thing all over again: This Man Is Hot xD Eheh… ♥ Sorry I just had to say that ^^; And I’m gonna say the same thing about Tom Felton, but he played the evil character Dodge, who was mean towards the apes at the animal center. As Felton said it himself – this character makes Malfoy seem almost kind in comparison xD Haha! Well, he was a nasty character, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure I would go that far though :P He certainly made the character believable, no doubt about that! ^o^; Lol. The soundtrack was a pleasure as well, composed by Patrick Doyle (the man behind the soundtrack to Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) gave the movie a nice kick and made many of the scenes even more exciting to watch :D

But anyway, this was an entertaining and very enjoyable movie with all the suspense, drama, action, thrills and haunting scenes you could wish for. All people should give this movie a chance :) I can’t wait to get my hands on the Blu-ray, when it one day is out xD And I’m definitely gonna watch the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes now ;) I also hope there will be a sequel soon *o*