Rise of the Apes OwO

I went to the premiere of Rise of the Planet of the Apes two days ago and I must say it wasn’t waisted money :D This movie is just plain awesome xD xDD Really – I was blown away o_o I still can’t understand how they animated those apes, they seemed so REAL. I already know Andy Serkis is brilliant at doing creature roles, but this is simply his best role yet! I really think he deserves a price for his acting as Caeser, he made the character very believable and not to mention he had an enormous presence in the movie when you compare his animated character to live actors. Apart from the amazing apes, I was also moved by the story in which a researcher (Will Rodman) struggles to find a cure to his father’s Alzheimer’s, but instead saves an ape who otherwise would have died in the laboratory and gets a new family member, who is nearly as important as his own father.

I loved the scenes where we watched the baby ape Caesar grow up and becoming smarter and smarter. My favorite scene was definitely the scene where Caeser jumps around from place to place in Will’s house and you just can see that he feels really at home, knowing where all things are placed and carefully moving around without breaking anything. Was really a joy to watch! ^o^ James Franco did a fine job too with his character and it was great to watch a movie with him as the lead character (I’ve only seen him as the antagonist in Spider Man – lol). And I found myself thinking the same thing all over again: This Man Is Hot xD Eheh… ♥ Sorry I just had to say that ^^; And I’m gonna say the same thing about Tom Felton, but he played the evil character Dodge, who was mean towards the apes at the animal center. As Felton said it himself – this character makes Malfoy seem almost kind in comparison xD Haha! Well, he was a nasty character, that’s for sure, but I’m not sure I would go that far though :P He certainly made the character believable, no doubt about that! ^o^; Lol. The soundtrack was a pleasure as well, composed by Patrick Doyle (the man behind the soundtrack to Sense and Sensibility and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire) gave the movie a nice kick and made many of the scenes even more exciting to watch :D

But anyway, this was an entertaining and very enjoyable movie with all the suspense, drama, action, thrills and haunting scenes you could wish for. All people should give this movie a chance :) I can’t wait to get my hands on the Blu-ray, when it one day is out xD And I’m definitely gonna watch the 2001 movie Planet of the Apes now ;) I also hope there will be a sequel soon *o*



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  1. I want to see this movie to, manly to have a look at CG and special effects. The apes just look awesome in the trailer, being a big fan of 3D and CG, this movie is a must ;)

    I just stumbled over you blog, and I find it funny whenever I come across a blog where the writer is Scandinavian. Because I’m Norwegian, and when I am searching the net for a picture and than I open a blog, and all of a sudden the blogger is Scandinavian + they also are a fan of Japan :P And its funny as I don’t really expect to find that while searching the net XD Ok, that sounded really weird :o I’m not really that good at explaining things at times :) hehe

    • Haha… I actually feel it’s rare to find other Scandinavians who like Japanese culture, it’s more often I come across American, English, German or French people who likes Japan xD But then again there seems to be a lot of Swedish people who are into it ^^

      You should definitely watch this movie though, not only because of the CGI effects, but also because of the good story! :D And of course of the actors as well ;) (Hot actors :P)

      • Its is rare, I wish there where more, at least more that bloged so that I could stalk them X) hehe. I’m working on converting a friend of mine :D I have made her love the anime Dragon Ball Z :) We will most likely see a few episodes today actually :D The 6 time for me seeing it though (I love it, its my fav, I just cant help it) :3 There is a community of anime/manga/japan lovers close to where I live, they even have a website/forum. I just haven’t been to active there, I have a low attention span at times when it comes to online communities X) But I should, I really like to meet people like myself :) Its not so funny being the only crazy one ;) hehe.

        I hear a lot of good things about the movie and the story and if its true its a big plus, and I will see it. But for me the thing that attracts me the most at the moment is the CGI. Going to study 3D design & animation for a year now. Really looking forward to that :D

      • What do you mean by stalking? (lol) xD Well, I actually watched an episode of Dragon Ball Z today on the television (was in Danish though…) and quite enjoyed it. I used to watch it more often on television when I was younger, but now they only show it on rare occasions ^^; I’ve never really understood the story though >_<
        Who says that loving Japan means you are crazy? :O A lot of people love Japan :)
        So you are going to study 3D design and animation? Sounds really cool :D Then I understand why you are so interested in the CGI effects ;) I'm going to study Japanese starting this September ^o^

  2. Haha, I thinks its a nice way to stay in contact that way. And I enjoy reading blogs, especially if they have content that I’m interested in ;) I thinks its a nice way to share interests with each other XD Stalking is just a funny way of saying that I guess XD Because when you follow someone you kind of stalk them XD hehe, I guess that is my type of humor x)

    You know, funny thing. The reason I got into anime at all is because when I was 11, I watched 1 episode of Dragon Ball Z in Danish (we where on a trip to Denmark). It was love at first sight <3 When we came home I researched it and I started to watch Dragon Ball Z and it just exploded from there. Ever since that day Anime and Manga has been a big part of my life :D I own it all to Denmark, hehe x)

    Loving Japan doesn't make you crazy, its just that the people I have meet and know are a bit different, in a good way, a funny way. Just being with someone that understand what you say when you suddenly say a sentence in Japanese, and not having to explain what you say every time. I really want to meet someone that has the same interests as I do.

    Yup, 3D design & animation :D So looking forward to that. Its super cool, I had some 3D when I went to High school. And it is really cool. Looking forward learn more and do cool stuff in 3D :) Like make a room and make it look photo realistic :D That will be our first major assignment :3 Kyaaaa, so looking forward to school :3 hihi

    How fun :D Studding Japanese was also one of my choices, but I decided I wanted to focus on creative studies, like graphic design, Illustration, 3D and the likes. I'm taking a year of 3D now, and when that is over I'm thinking of taking a bachelor degree in Illustration. But who knows, I might just decide to continue with 3D ;)

    • I also love to read blogs ^o^ And don’t they show DBZ in Norway then? :O
      I’m glad Denmark helped you to discover anime and manga then ;)
      I know how you feel about feeling weird because of loving Japan and Japanese language. But I’m lucky to have a twin sister and two other friends who all love Japan, so I don’t have to feel that weird ^_^ And now that I’m starting on a Japanese language course, I’m going to meet even more people who loves Japan too! :D I’m looking very much forward to it. Your study sounds really interesting as well :) I hope you will love it! ;)

  3. Unfortunately they don’t TT-TT I just found out that the Swedish version was shown on Norwegian Cartoon Network in 2001. But they haven’t dubbed the series, but they have dubbed 4 movies I believe it was. And I own two of them :3 Movie 2 & 3. Its so hilarious to her the voices they have chosen for them XD They so do not fit them. And the stupidest thing is that they have change 2 names, and they make absolutely no sense. There is a guy named Piccolo (green guy with pointy ears), and in the Norwegian dub they call him Big Green, and here it comes, they say it in english o___O No kidding (Godt å se deg Big Green, gamle venn)……. And we have Bulma (girl with turquoise hair), and they say Bluma. If you can say Bluma in Norwegian you can surely say Bulma!! I found that quit irritating. Haha, look at me, babbling on about Dragon Ball Z XD Sorry, I cant help myself x) I so love that show :3 I own all the dvds :3

    Its only me here that loves Japan x( I’m working on converting my friend, and it seems like it works :3 She really wants to travel to Japan with me :) She doesn’t know any Japanese though. So I will have to be our guide XD hehe, don’t know if I will be able to help though. I just know some basics. I bough some learn Japanese Cd’s a few years back that I listen to know and than, should really listen to them more often XD There is this evening class thing where you can study Japanese close to where I live. If I ever get the money, I will do that :D And that is a sure way to meet other people with the same interests.

    I’m pretty sure I will meet someone with the same interests as me when I start school. Yeah, I’m pretty sure :3 I have it all planned out. I will use a Hello Kitty handbag, My Neighbor Totoro pencil case, anime related key chains and perhaps an anime related planner if I can find one I like on Ebay :D hehe. Going strong on the first day, perhaps I will even go with my I <3 Japan t-shirt x) Making a statement :3 hehe. It will be a massive overload for my fellow students =3

    • Haha! I can’t believe they did that on the Norwegian dub xD Poor Norwegians… Big Green is such a random name anyway! (lol) And Bluma makes no sense xD
      I don’t mind babbling, it’s fun! ^^
      I hope for you that you soon can start on Japanese classes and meet other people who like Japan :) And if you do all that on your first day at your new school, I’m sure some people will notice if they like Japan too ;) I would! And by the way, I love your humor! xD Haha.

  4. I know :s Its sad actually. So random calling him Big Green.. No sense at all. I feel embarrassed by Norwegian dubs. They often translate things wrong, or they just keep using the same voices over and over again xo I can still watch a dubbed cartoon or movie and recognize the voice from when I was 10. And I’m 20 now!! XnX

    That’s good, I have a tendency to babel a lot when I talk to people online x) I often have to shorten my comments or reply’s, they are just a little bit to long ;) hehe. But, hey, its me. Its just what I do :3 Give me 10 words and I will give you 50 >:)

    I hope to, it would be so much fun :3 I’m going to try and be active on this Norwegian anime forum. Its run by some folks pretty close to me as I mentioned in an earlier post. But I’m pretty sure that I will meet some when I start school :3 Or at least meet someone who knows someone and will introduce us :D It will turn out great :D I will go in strong |3

    Haha thanks, People keep saying that, I guess I must be funny :3 But that’s cool, because I am a weird girl :3 And I will unleash my weirdness on the world this fall, Mohahahahahahahaha XD I want to start drawing some comics of my weirdness and funny happenings in my life :)

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