Sexy Zone: A new era has begun

Only 1102 copies made the difference! :O

Today these lovely boys set a new record on their own by being the youngest group ever – with an average age of 14.4 – to debut at number #1 on the weekly Oricon charts, wee~! I’m really happy they made it as it was a really close race between Sexy Zone and AKB sub-unit Not yet–>

So a big congratulations to Sexy Zone!! ^O^ I have actually attributed a little to this success story myself, as I bought a copy of their single (Limited version C) as well. Got a nice little photo book and a big beautiful B2 sized poster with it ~yay~ and then I also got the awesome C-side song Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! ^–^








This song is just pure win as Marius has a lot of awfully cute English lines here and there throughout the song :D (will get back to it later in the post)
Listen for yourself to see what I mean ^^

I really think this is a great debut single. The main song Sexy Zone is a really catchy song overflowing with youthfulness which just makes my heart flutter and fills me with uplifting emotions ☼ ♪♪ ^o^ My favourite part is the beginning and ending of the song, where they sing: Sora ni kazashita te no hira (the palm I hold up against the sky) ~ It just sounds so epic – like they are able to do anything if they just do their best and don’t give up. I also love the part where Shori whispers Sexy Rose; sounds sexy~ ;P Then there are also parts where they sing: Sexy jidai wo tsukuridasu – Atarashii Age e – Kore kara hajimaru  Sexy Zone (let’s create a sexy era – to a new age – it begins from here, Sexy Zone). I think these lyrics is really fitting for this group as I’m convinced great things await them in the future :O The B-side With You is a lovely song as well and starts out with nice solo verses from Kento and Fuma soon followed by the cute, young voices of their kouhais; Shori, Sou and Marius~♥ This song has a more grown up feel to it and has a great bridge with Sou and Marius singing a solo verse together of nearly heavenly proportion x_x ~♥ xD You can understand what I mean by checking out the performance below ^^

The second C-side is called I See The Light ~Bokura no Stage~ and is a nice and calming ending track to this single. There are some really great harmonies in this song as well as a nice instrumental who makes an overall very enjoyable song. Maybe it’s not as catchy as the other three songs, but I like it because it is different in musical style and feel. A nice little surprise :3  Still I will have to admit that my favourite C-side is without a doubt Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!. It’s just such a hilarious and ridiculously catchy song with funny, failed English phrases like: Knock!! Knock!! Knock!! Who’s there? We are Sexy Zone! and Mirai wo Knock! Knock!! and so on xD As well as an 11-year-old boy singing come on! with possibly the cutest kid voice ever x__x ♥ Sigh~ (Yes I’m a big sucker for cute kids… ^   v^;) But otherwise the song reminds me of naff western kid’s music from early 2000 like this for example (a Danish boy band) xD Lol. So this single is a nice mix of cute, cool, fun, relax and weird :P A great mix indeed!

And now I would like to comment on the PV of Sexy Zone :)

Just in case the above video gets deleted or removed by the user, try this video instead:

[PV]Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone
I think they made a pretty nice PV for this song. It has all a Johnny’s PV needs: cute boys (check), bright colored clothes (check), a lot of Johnny’s Jr. back-up dancers (check), a handsome dance choreography (check), beautiful CGI background (check), red  roses (check) and Marius Yo … erh I meant a flying castle (check) xD  And I have to mention some of those back dancers are insane i.e. the guy spinning on his head like forever o_o and a lot of crazy stunt flips etc. I don’t understand how they do it! But apart from the back dancers I just love love the choreography and the whole rose thing going on. It’s both clique but at the same time really romantic and adorable ♥ And then the scene with them singing inside a glass cabinet is just gorgeous *o* Great work Johnny-san ;D

I will finish this blog post with picture spam of the members ^^

I LOVE SHORI AND MARIUS SO MUCH XoX ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *dies*

Adorable Mana-chan

Right now I’ve been quite busy with my Japanese studies, so I haven’t had the time to blog that much even though I’ve wanted to. But now I feel the need to express my newfound love for this particular person.
This cute little girl’s name is Ashida Mana (芦田愛菜) ^o^ The first time I came across this 7-year-old girl was in the big hit movie Kokuhaku (Confessions) from last year, where she played the unfortunate daughter who gets murdered by some of her mother’s students. I didn’t get to see her talent that much in that particular film, though I found her really adorable of course! However, after having watched Kokuhaku I found myself seeing this girl everywhere! She was in TV shows, commercials, drama series and then suddenly also on music videos, as she debuted with the hit song Maru Maru Mori Mori together with co-star Suzuki Fuku (鈴木 福) from the drama Marumo no Okite where they sing the ending theme together to a cute dance. I really liked that song and kind of got addicted to it (even though it’s a children’s song… xD) and started following Mana-chan closer.
Then out of the blue came a contract with Sony Music for a solo singer career! Unbelievable :O Only 7 years-old and already signing with a music company for a singing career – not to mention a solo singing career (oh my god) o__o  Now I got even more curious about this girl who seemed to have it all: a cute smile, adorable personality, good acting skills, fair dancing skills and even singing skills, just at seven years old! Wuaah~ Almost too much xD and then I still want more… She’s just too cute and I’m a sucker for that, so I can’t stop loving her ^^;
Especially after having begun watching her in the role as Kaoru in the family drama Marumo no Okite I’m getting really hooked on this girl. Fuku-kun is also amazingly cute in the role as her baby twin brother Tomoki and together they just make the cutest little pair of twin siblings I’ve ever seen on television x3 ♥ I can really recommend this drama, as it’s both fun, sad, wacky and touching, which makes it a very memorable piece of work. I also think all the actors do a great job :)
Then I musn’t forget to mention that I’m looking very much forward to Mana-chan’s debut album Happy Smile! releasing the 23rd this month, as I already love the songs Suteki na Nichiyoubi ~Gyu Gyu Good Day!~ and Minna no Happy Birthday which have been released beforehand. The PVs are also really great, where Mana does her cute little jumps, smiles and energetic dance moves, where after I’m completely sold xD Haha. Aw, I wish both Ashida Mana and Suzuki Fuku an exciting and amazing career as both of them have that special “something” – that “it” factor – which makes them both so appealing and lovable to people in all ages.
Here are the beforehand mentioned songs sung by Mana-chan and Fuku-kun ^^