Sexy Zone: A new era has begun

Only 1102 copies made the difference! :O

Today these lovely boys set a new record on their own by being the youngest group ever – with an average age of 14.4 – to debut at number #1 on the weekly Oricon charts, wee~! I’m really happy they made it as it was a really close race between Sexy Zone and AKB sub-unit Not yet–>

So a big congratulations to Sexy Zone!! ^O^ I have actually attributed a little to this success story myself, as I bought a copy of their single (Limited version C) as well. Got a nice little photo book and a big beautiful B2 sized poster with it ~yay~ and then I also got the awesome C-side song Knock! Knock!! Knock!!! ^–^








This song is just pure win as Marius has a lot of awfully cute English lines here and there throughout the song :D (will get back to it later in the post)
Listen for yourself to see what I mean ^^

I really think this is a great debut single. The main song Sexy Zone is a really catchy song overflowing with youthfulness which just makes my heart flutter and fills me with uplifting emotions ☼ ♪♪ ^o^ My favourite part is the beginning and ending of the song, where they sing: Sora ni kazashita te no hira (the palm I hold up against the sky) ~ It just sounds so epic – like they are able to do anything if they just do their best and don’t give up. I also love the part where Shori whispers Sexy Rose; sounds sexy~ ;P Then there are also parts where they sing: Sexy jidai wo tsukuridasu – Atarashii Age e – Kore kara hajimaru  Sexy Zone (let’s create a sexy era – to a new age – it begins from here, Sexy Zone). I think these lyrics is really fitting for this group as I’m convinced great things await them in the future :O The B-side With You is a lovely song as well and starts out with nice solo verses from Kento and Fuma soon followed by the cute, young voices of their kouhais; Shori, Sou and Marius~♥ This song has a more grown up feel to it and has a great bridge with Sou and Marius singing a solo verse together of nearly heavenly proportion x_x ~♥ xD You can understand what I mean by checking out the performance below ^^

The second C-side is called I See The Light ~Bokura no Stage~ and is a nice and calming ending track to this single. There are some really great harmonies in this song as well as a nice instrumental who makes an overall very enjoyable song. Maybe it’s not as catchy as the other three songs, but I like it because it is different in musical style and feel. A nice little surprise :3  Still I will have to admit that my favourite C-side is without a doubt Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!. It’s just such a hilarious and ridiculously catchy song with funny, failed English phrases like: Knock!! Knock!! Knock!! Who’s there? We are Sexy Zone! and Mirai wo Knock! Knock!! and so on xD As well as an 11-year-old boy singing come on! with possibly the cutest kid voice ever x__x ♥ Sigh~ (Yes I’m a big sucker for cute kids… ^   v^;) But otherwise the song reminds me of naff western kid’s music from early 2000 like this for example (a Danish boy band) xD Lol. So this single is a nice mix of cute, cool, fun, relax and weird :P A great mix indeed!

And now I would like to comment on the PV of Sexy Zone :)

Just in case the above video gets deleted or removed by the user, try this video instead:

[PV]Sexy Zone – Sexy Zone
I think they made a pretty nice PV for this song. It has all a Johnny’s PV needs: cute boys (check), bright colored clothes (check), a lot of Johnny’s Jr. back-up dancers (check), a handsome dance choreography (check), beautiful CGI background (check), red  roses (check) and Marius Yo … erh I meant a flying castle (check) xD  And I have to mention some of those back dancers are insane i.e. the guy spinning on his head like forever o_o and a lot of crazy stunt flips etc. I don’t understand how they do it! But apart from the back dancers I just love love the choreography and the whole rose thing going on. It’s both clique but at the same time really romantic and adorable ♥ And then the scene with them singing inside a glass cabinet is just gorgeous *o* Great work Johnny-san ;D

I will finish this blog post with picture spam of the members ^^

I LOVE SHORI AND MARIUS SO MUCH XoX ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ *dies*

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  1. even though Sexy Zone has debuted like sometime ago already but I still haven’t had the chance to listen to any of their songs yet ! XD so how many songs do they actually have in their debut album ?

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