Berryz Koubou – Ai no Album ⑧

Received my copy of Berryz new album yesterday and two days after the release date – yay! I like the theme for this album’s cover, even though the girls hanging from bed sheds just seems so hilarious xD lol. The theme is however a bit ambiguous to me; is it a princess, fairy tale, girls’ choir or Kiki’s Delivery Service theme they are trying to sport here? (Miya totally looks like Kiki, haha) ^^; The DVD extras were pretty neat. A concert performance of their new single Be Genki <Naseba naru!> together with solo shots versions of each member and a Jacket Making of :D For once worth buying the DVD version (*rolls eyes*)
But now to the songs! ^o^

01.Mythology ~Ai no Album~ (Mythology ~Love Album~)
I think the intro song is alright, just a bit repetitive maybe. It has a nice funky beat and I the feel of the song is actually quite cool. After some more listens I will probably love it ;)

02.Yononaka Barairo (Rose-colored Society)
This song reminds me so much of 80s Japanese punk rock band The Blue Hearts (especially Miya’s deep tones in the beginning of the song!) :O It also reminds me of their earlier single Maji Bomber – this song is just so much better imo :D The acoustic guitar parts are awesome and the girls sing this song really well too. Love this song~

03.Shy boy
This is actually a really nice song, so am just puzzled why Tsunku chose to auto-tune the whole thing o_o The lyrics and melody are so cool and mature and then the auto-tune just kinds of ruin it a bit :( But it doesn’t change that this song is very catchy and a nice new mature sound for Berryz as well ^o^ (Have a feeling this song would be nice as a live performance :p)

04.Because happiness
Yay~ eurobeat song! I love when Tsunku does these kind of songs :D This song is so Berryz and lovely ^O^ It makes the listener happy and as for me, it makes me want to dance actually xD The title is just typical janglish though :P

05.Renai Moyou (Love Pattern) / Tokunaga Chinami, Sudou Maasa, Kumai Yurina, Sugaya Risako
Without competition the best song on the album. This song is a ballad and a sad love song and I’m just in love with the background music in this *o* It’s really nice!! I can’t even describe it, makes me think of Masayume by Aa! maybe. Kind of makes me want to cry of happiness ;o; The girls sang this so well, especially Yurina’s high note – wow! Just the best song, no doubt about it ;D

06.Ai no Dangan (Love Bullet)
Ai no Dangan. This song is generally a catchy and awesome girl-power song. And then it’s awesome, enough said ;)

07.Amazuppai Haru ni Sakura Saku (On a Bittersweet Spring, The Sakura Blooms) / Berryz工房×℃-ute
Sorry I just can’t take this song >_< Watched the PV once and haven’t watched it since. I wish their new single could have taken this song’s place :( Sorry I just think this song is lifeless and boring T-T

08.Atarashii Hibi (New Everyday) / Shimizu Saki, Tsugunaga Momoko, Natsuyaki Miyabi
Yay another cool ballad song! ^o^ These members work so well together – their harmonies are like perfect ♥ And Saki having so many solo lines in one song, just automatically makes this song great. Then adding Momo and Miya (some of the best singers in Berryz) takes this song to a whole new level of H!P-awesomeness xD Wee~

09.Aa, Yo ga Akeru (Ah, Dawn Breaks)
Definitely my favorite release from Berryz last year. This song is just incredibly catchy ^^; Love the vocals, the beat, the melody and the tones of this song. I’m glad this song was included on the album and don’t mind it taking up a new song’s place at all. This song just rocks! :D

10.Seishun Gekijou (Youth Theater) / Berryz工房 Ver.

As a tradition, Berryz once again ends their album with a “chorus and piano” ballad song (but this time Tsunku joined the choir though ;P) A nice song, but also quite typical. Doesn’t really leave me with any kind of impact, if you know what I mean :/But I guess it’s an overall nice song :)

This album felt quite short, as there only were 10 songs on it, but it still contained some pretty awesome songs! I actually loved them all apart from Amazuppai Haru and Seishun Gekijou :) Otherwise I think Tsunku once again did a pretty good job on Berryz ^_~ I’m not sure if I think this album is better than their previous ones (whom I enjoyed just as much) but it’s definitely not below them in standard!! So generally a strong album – well done Berryz ♥


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  1. I’m a cheapskate, so I just downloaded this album. :D Since it’s a mixed bag, I’m glad I did.
    I like songs 1 and 2, but I agree that 2 is better. Songs 3, 5 and 8 have nice vocals, but some of the worst music I’ve ever heard in my life. Seriously, the music ruins these songs. (Okay, song 8 has a nice guitar solo.) Songs 4 and 6 are pretty cool, with a nice beat. I actually have to disagree with you on tracks 7 and 10. Song 7 wasn’t a favorite when I first heard it, but I guess it grew on me. The ballad that concludes this album is just plain beautiful, although “BE” will never be topped as the best Berryz Kobo – hell, the best Hello! Project – ballad ever! Song 9 isn’t a favorite, but it isn’t as bad as 3, 5 and 8. I guess “Dai 2 Seichouki” (and maybe “6th Otakebi Album”) will never be surpassed as the best Berryz Kobo album. :) Maybe Maiha needs to come back to make Berryz awesome again? LOL

    • I don’t think they need Maiha to be awesome, just saying ^ o^ But everyone have their own opinions I guess, as well as it’s totally fine you think differently about the songs. It’s always interesting to see things from a new perspective ;)

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