The Prince of Egypt

Recently I watched a childhood movie of mine, The Prince of Egypt, which is probably 9 or 10 years since I’ve watched. But what I want to say is that I was totally blown away by it! Gorgeous animation, incredible soundtrack, moving story and convincing voice acting, what else can you ask for? I liked the animation style a lot with its more mature and realistic style compared with other Western animation movies. I didn’t remember the seriousness of the story, probably because I was a child when I watched it, but there were some pretty intense and horrifying scenes in this movie :O Especially with the slaves and the plagues. Loved the songs too which for once didn’t feel out of place and annoying but in sync with the story and entertaining. I especially think Hans Zimmer did a great job on the burning bush scene and the opening sequence, omg! He always make music with great impact if you ask me. Music that gives you goosebumps and is just wonderful to listen to ;)

I also enjoyed the way they portrayed the brothers Moses and Rameses’ relationship. It was not just Moses being the good guy and Rameses being the evil brother. I think they gave Rameses more depth than your usual Disney antagonist. For example when he said to Moses “I won’t be the weak link in the chain” it showed his more vulnerable character, who actually cared a lot about his father’s words and about living up to his family’s expectations. I think the best villains are those who like Rameses also show traits of vulnerability and kindness. Moses also showed us that he could be both a daredevil and troublemaker, instead of the perfect hero who never does any wrong-doing xD So it was great they gave the characters these imperfections, which also made them much more believable if you ask me! ^_^

As mentioned earlier I was blown away by the voice acting. Here I especially think of the characters Moses and Rameses whose voices were provided by Val Kilmer and Ralph Fiennes. It’s obvious they gave this job their best, as you could really believe in the characters and feel the same emotions they felt. I love when actors are able to achieve that! :D I also found it pretty cool that Ralph Fiennes provided the singing voice for his character in the Plagues song also starring Amick Byram (doing Moses’ singing part). That song is just epic, as well as the intro song Deliver Us and especially When You Believe (this song made my sister cry!) is a song you won’t forget after watching this movie. Perhaps I even think the songs alone are enough reason to watch this movie xD They are truly amazing and well written :O

And then I must not forget the animation. Gosh, why don’t they make animated movies like this anymore? ;__; It’s such a masterpiece… You can clearly see this movie took a lot of hard work to make and was made by hand. Then of course computer effects were added whenever anything else would have been impossible. But that is also perfectly acceptable, I just really dislike when people take the easy way and animate entire 2D movies on computer and then look terribly fake and cheesy :/ This is definitely one of my favorite Western animated movies together with old-time Disney classics, Anastasia, The Iron Giant and The Pagemaster. I hope someday movies like this will come back to the cinema screens > < Not only Japanese anime! ;)


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