Getting a lot of new nice things soon~

I’m definitely spending too much money this month to satisfy my shopping needs, but anyway, here goes.

Sometime this month I will get these lovely things:

Sexy Zone / Yuma Nakayama / Johnny’s Jr. 2012.4 -> 2013.3 Johnny’s Official Calendar
As there haven’t been uploaded any official pictures of the calendar yet I’m posting this very exciting picture from CDjapan. I’ve never ordered a Johnny’s calendar before, but as I love Sexy Zone I just had to get their calendar! I hope it has nice pictures, especially with Shori and Marius please ;D

LinQ’s 2nd single 「Calorie Nante / Kimochi / Te wo Tsunaide」

Around a month ago I got interested in this new group from the Fukuoka area, LinQ (rinku/link) who debuted in 2011. I love their song Calorie Nante and as I wasn’t able to find their music anywhere on the net (probably because they are a really new group) I decided to get the single. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you should listen to the highly addictive peace of work here:


(I will do a more throughout report on LinQ as soon as I get their single ♪)

aBUTTON Vol. 3 Tabi – Kariya Yuiko 刈谷友衣子(PLUP SERIES)

I finally decided to get this photo book, partly because I simply adore Kariya Yuiko but also because it’s impossible to find on the net as well ;( It’s quite expensive though; US$ 30 for only 95 pages! o_o But I really feel like I should give the aBUTTON photo book series a try. They do look amazing. I will scan and take pictures from it as soon as I get my fingers on it, I promise! I’m so excited for this omg.
BOMB! 2012 April Issue
It’s been ages since last time I bought an idol magazine. That’s the reason why I decided to get this BOMB magazine. I haven’t tried this magazine yet, but it has a section with Kariya Yuiko and idol groups such as Passpo, 9nine, AKB, Idoling!! and others. There are a feature and a poster with Itano Tomomi whom I’m not that crazy about, but I guess I could hang the poster in my Japanese classroom if I don’t like it too much :P I’m also just buying this for fun, sometimes you can discover many exciting things by buying at random~
Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo – FRIENDS –

Of course I’m also getting Sakura Gakuin’s 2nd album! This time however, I can only afford the regular edition… On the positive side though, this version have all members on it ^o^ It’s sad this album will be the last one to feature Ayami, Ayaka and Airi, but at least they are getting their own song. I look forward to the new songs and hopefully I like Mini Pati and sleepiece’s songs better this time :3

Limited Editions






That’s quite a lot for one month, don’t you agree? ^ ^;


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