My first Johnny’s calendar

Actually received this last week, but as I’ve been sick 6 days in a row I’m first blogging about it now. When I opened this calendar my first thought was: wow colors! This calendar is seriously colorful and I couldn’t stop smiling while browsing through its pictures. I hadn’t counted on using this as a calendar and was perfectly happy with it mostly containing pictures only ^^ A smart thing about it is that you can connect the calendar’s pages in a spiral bind, but you can also have them separate. This is very handy is you want to hang these beautiful pictures on your wall owo – just what I wanted to do! Then it also came with a separate wall calendar, quite small, but with a lot of nice pictures and 7 pretty photo cards :3 No matter what, if you wanted a lot of pictures of your Johnny’s idols this calendar will leave you very satisfied!

The pictures inside are really great in my opinion. I love how most of them are shot outdoors or in natural light instead of boring studio shoots. That made my day! There were quite many pictures of Yuma in the beginning of the calendar and I was beginning to worry how many Sexy Zone pictures there would be, but in the middle of the calendar there were tons of amazing pictures of both Shori, Sou, Marius, Fuma and Kento ♥ I have a lot of favorite pictures already. There were also interviews with each member, which I’ll try and read when I get the time. Otherwise there were pictures of A.B.C-z, Hip Hop Jump, Kanto Juniors, Morimoto Shintaro and other juniors. So most fans should be happy ^^

My favorite picture xD

I think this calendar was totally worth its money and it’s great finally to own my very own Johnny’s calendar ~

EDIT: For Nana I will include the calendar’s pictures with Juri Tanaka ;)


7 responses

  1. I don’t know how much I should thank you for making this little review!!!!!
    Could you do me a favor and take a photo of one ore two pictures of Hip Hop JUMP because it depends on those pictures if I really will buy this calander, well I am a HUGE Juri Tanaka Fan! >-<
    That would be like super amazing and I would be sooooooo thankful!!!

  2. These calendars are amazing !! those people at Johnny’s really know how to make such great calendars. Correct me if I’m wrong, did you get the separate wall calendar and photo cards for free when you bought the table calendar or you bought that also ? Just wondering…^^
    well, I hope you’re all well and healthy now !

    • It came with the school calendar for free yes. And by the way, it’s not really a table calendar – I just took a picture of it that way ;)
      I’m much better now thanks ♥

  3. Haha I got this year’s calendar, but the one from HSJ. I wish I’d known before hand which secret surprise cards were in which calendars then I’d probably have bought a copy of the Sexy Zone / Jr. Calendar as well D:

    Since it doesn’t hurt to make more fangirl friends, I’ve decided to leave a short message haha.

    Care to check my site out as well?

    • Sorry for late reply, but just want to say your blog looks very pro compared to mine lol Skimmed through your Amazing Spider-man review (now I haven’t watched the movie yet so didn’t actually read it) but it looked very impressive. Your comments were funny xD

      I wonder how the HSJ calendar looks :O

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