‘one Sexy Zone’ to rule them all

Yesterday I bought Sexy Zone’s very first album in the huge Tsutaya in Shibuya. Even before entering the store big Sexy Zone posters greeted me outside the entrance. The first thing I saw when I entered the store was the cd stand made for the Sexy Zone album with a screen showing Sexy Zone PVs. The next thing I noticed was the numerous Sexy Zone banners hanging from the cealing. Seriously, it was amazing! (wish my camera hadn’t gone out…) I had pre-ordered the anniversary box limited edition of the album and went to the second floor to receive it. When I came up to the second floor they were playing the Sexy Zone album in the speakers and I saw another cd stand with the albums lined up. So excited! I also noticed a cd stand with Fairies new single, White Angel, which had a screen showing the making of the PV.
Practically the whole store were filled with various single stands showing PVs or making ofs. I really liked it a lot, especially because you could listen to the songs before buying the single/album! And then also because they were so pretty with pictures and autographs attached. Almost pieces of art (haha).
When I received the album it came with 6 postcards and a special Sexy Zone themed Tsutaya bag. But I didn’t get to flash the baby, because they immediately packed it all up in a plain bag (you know Japanese people and their fear of getting embarrassed!). After having paid I didn’t feel like leaving yet, so I looked around a little longer and noticed there even was a cozy cafe as well on the second floor. Will definitely check that out when I come with a friend next time.
The first thing I did when I came back to my dorm was of course opening and listening to the album. Felt like I had waited forever to do this, even though it was only a month ago the release was announced (but you know!).

The anniversary box was so incredibly beautiful; a simple white cardboard box with the members on the cover in these classy clothes, their names written in gold on the sleeve and another group shot on the back. I think the subtle but beautiful style just blew me away. It got even better when I opened the case, which contained two discs and photobooks all in gold and white, whuaah! I totally didn’t expect such great design and style for Sexy Zone, but I’m so glad they cared to make the album timeless.
The photocards  were Christmas themed as promised and the photobook pictures so gorgeous! The black and white theme works so well for Sexy Zone, yay~

But now to the songs! Shall I start from the beginning?

1. Kanzen My Way
A very energetic song to start off the album. Even though this song is probably the only genetic and a tad boring song on the album I still love it, because I just can’t help love all Sexy Zone songs. It fits well for an intro song though and the instrumental reminds me a lot of a Buono song actually (haha).

2. Silver Moon
The intro to this song is so beautiful~ And then it’s even song by Shori! That fact alone is enough reason for me to like this song already. This song isn’t that great the first time listening to it though, but actually it grows surprisingly much on you, the more times listen to it. I love the chorus and melody and the name is kind of cool don’t you think?

3. Lady Diamond
I don’t know what it is with this song, but it’s just impossible to get tired of! The sound is energetic, the lyrics adorable, the PV magical and the song catchy as hell (lol). Oh and I must not forget to mention Shori’s haiku; so random and weirdly captivating, I can’t help loving it. No matter what, Lady Diamond just always make my day!

This song being on this album is just like the best Christmas present anyone could give me! Yes, I love this song to death. I really hope Sexy Zone will get more songs like this in the near future, especially if they are aiming for the “Michael Jackson style/sexiness” (or whatever they started out saying). The perfect harmony of the members’ light and deep voices and the catching melody is just killing me~ I also love Fuma’s rap part, so great! But I must also admit the live performance sort of raised the epicness bar with a major margin (lol). But my only complaint is they left out the cool intro part with drums, rock guitar, violin, quick breaths and breaking glass sound effects (that almost takes a minute!) in the beginning of the song… It was sort of part of that song imo (cries).

5. rouge
Fuma’s solo song really surprised! Of course I know he’s the best singer in Sexy Zone, but I just didn’t expect his solo to be so well-composed if you know what I mean? It’s almost in league with Justin Bieber imo. I’m also in love with Fuma’s rapping – he’s really talented! This is one of the really strong tracks on this album. Am impressed.

The “rivalry” theme in this song is so nice~ it also sort of has a latino sound to it with the guitar play, which I love in Johnny’s songs ♥ But my favourite part has to be Shori’s solo line. That particular solo line was the first one I ever heard Shori sing  as opposed to his mostly spoken parts like “sexy rose” and the Lady Diamond haiku. Otherwise this is just a cool and very likeable song!

7. Kimi to… Milky way
This song starts out all epic with beautiful piano play and then usually in Johnny’s songs that would change into a typical energetic beat and turn boring, but this doesn’t! Was truly impressed with this song all the way through. First – I didn’t know they could do this sort of ballad style – second – Shori’s solo parts OMG!  (dying) This song is just so beautiful I can’t express how much I love it. I know I have always been a sucker for ballad songs, but this is really something! Both Kento, Fuma and Shori’s solo parts really surprised me. Their voices have such a good chemistry, I’m just wow. This has turned into my new favourite Sexy Zone song and is without a doubt the best song on their first album imo.

8. Sexy Zone
Sexy Zone’s signature song following that amazing ballad just makes me love the album makers so much. Sexy Zone’s first single is such a fitting song for a first single. It has that natural “let’s do our best”  feel to it and is great for concerts. Well done Johnny-san!

9. Don’t Stop Sexy Boyz!
Wait a minute, when did Sexy Boyz actually turn sexy? This song is kind of kakkoii ikemen potential (haha). The only thing that ruins it is maybe the title and line “Don’t stop Sexy Boyz!”. It just sounds so comical I can’t help grinning when listening to this song. But otherwise I like this song. I’m looking forward to hear more from them. I’m only wondering when will we actually hear Marius and Sou in this unit? They are sort of the main members right?

10. Kimi wo hanasanai kimi wo hanarenai
This was rumored to be a Shori solo song, but unfortunately it’s not… It’s still a pretty nice song though. Maybe a bit typical as a Johnny’s song, but overall pretty catchy. It’s just not the best song on the album that’s all.

11. We can be one
This song is kind of Sexy Zone turning K-pop, but then again not really. It’s just some parts of it (especially when they sing “you know I want it”) has that feeling to them. I have a feeling this song has a connection to the album title “one Sexy Zone” and “We can be one”, but then I could be wrong. This song is sort of mysterious (haha), but I like it! Lol’ed so hard when Kento broke out in that “boku ga iru yo!” line though – almost over the top (haha).

12. Teleportation
This song really grows on you. At first it sounded kind of bland and typical, but with more listens it turned really catchy, wow! I think this type of song fits Kento’s style a lot and even I must admit he’s kind of sexy when performing this song ♥ (I’m not that much a fan of him).

13. Sexy Summer ni yuki ga furu
でたーThis song is so random and crazy it’s actually pretty cool. Who can pull of performing in Christmas costumes with Hawaiian style hibiscus flowers and sing about Christmas taking place in summer apart from these adorable guys? The whole idea of this song is just sort of intriguing to me (haha). Was it really Johnny-san who came up with the idea for this song or was it perhaps Sexy Zone themselves? Well, I’ll probably never know… As a song though, it doesn’t beat Lady Diamond in cuteness, but it’s very close! I still like it though (obsessed, I know).

14. Sukisugite
Yay another concert song included on the album! I’ve always liked this song when they performed it at concerts and Shokura, so was really glad to see it included on their album. The best part is definitely the chorus (tied with the cute dance moves of course lol) and then I also like the “I love you” individual member lines.

15. Kyou wa arigatou
Shori intro again (wee~). His voice is seriously way too cute for my health. It could turn a fangirl crazy okay? But I still want more~ Ehem! Well back to the song (lol). This is a nice ending track (I know it’s not officially the last track, but if we don’t count the bonus track it sort of is) and reminds me a bit of earlier HSJ ending tracks. Not anything in the league of  “Kimi to… Milky way”, but still pretty awesome.

16. Namae no nai omoi (bonus track)
This is a Kento and Fuma duet, kind of slow-paced (some would think boring perhaps), but I like relaxed songs like this once in a while as well. This track is actually only available on the limited edition of this album, so that makes it sort of special I guess. It’s not that amazing though. Still a nice relaxed ending to the album (am not fond of fast-paced ending songs) so it’s definitely approved by me~

 All in all I’m really satisfied with Sexy Zone’s first album. Heck, I’m practically just grateful we are already getting an album from them! I hope they will keep the releases coming (haha). But back to the album; I think the balance (if you can use that word) of the songs in this album is simply spot on. For example the number of happy and lively type of songs opposed to more cool/serious songs and ballads. From the new songs there appeared some real pearls as well, like “Kimi to… Milky way”, “Silver Moon” and “rouge”. Yes even the Sexy Boyz song was surprisingly good! Apart from the new songs, Sexy Zone already had tons of great songs to include on this album, so it wasn’t really possible for it to fail. My only complaints are probably the missing presence of Sou and Marius in the new songs. It was only Fuma, Kento and Shori who got solo lines and in a couple of songs I actually wondered if they were even present at all… I could also have done with a Shori solo, now they made me think he was going to have one and all! (cries) But putting that aside this is really a fantastic debut album, who has a lot to offer and which I’m sure will become a favourite album of mine in my Johnny’s collection. Let me finish with saying I have big expectations for you Sexy Zone and may you rule over them all~