Why must Bran Stark be so lovely?

Hello again! It’s been ages since me being active on my blog, and I apologize for that. Well I guess sometimes you are just in some point in your life where you don’t feel like blogging or just have other things who are more important. But now I finally have some free time, after the worst exams are over. So I thought, why not?

Today I feel like writing about Game of Thrones, because I just finished the first book in the series and am currently watching the 3rd season of the HBO adaptation. I must say I’m kind of addicted to the universe lately. I don’t know, I think it has to do with a lovely actor called Isaac Hempstead-Wright and the awesome character who is Bran Stark.
got0302-0032-editgot-09622-editWho doesn’t think Bran, with his mysterious dreams and dangerous journey is interesting? Well he is certainly my favourite character in the Westeros universe! I’m a bit vexed he doesn’t get more spotlight in both the books and the series, but then of course there are over 200 characters in Game of Thrones (laughs). I must have to admit, at first I was mostly into Bran because of the adorable actor Isaac, who portrays him. Gosh, is that kid adorable! I think his hair and eyes are so cute, and then his voice is just… well, I can’t define it really. Then we were quickly introduced to his very special dreams, which of course got me very curious about Bran.
got-09873-editNot that alone, he is also the youngest person that we follow in the main storyline. He is faced with tremendous hardships with his legs becoming paralysed in the terrible fall. Most of his family has left him to fend for himself with his little brother Rickon. And now he has to make a dangerous journey to the Wall, not even knowing his family is safe. Then again, I’m aware of that all the other characters also undergo huge hardships, but they are of course also really interesting to follow. Bran just won my heart, that is all. Especially, now in season three with the addition of the new character Jojen Reed (and the handsome, talented actor Thomas Brodie-Sangster) I’m even more excited to follow Bran’s part of the story.

gameofthroness03e07720p-editI have only watched to episode 5 of the third season so far, so I don’t know all that’s going to happen, but I find the dream sequences with Bran and Jojen really interesting. For example, if Bran actually is the three-eyed bird, will he at some point be able to fly? Well, maybe that’s a stupid question, but would be cool if he could do it in his dreams at least! I have a feeling Jojen is going to teach Bran a thing or two about it all, so am really looking forward to that. It also feels like their is going to be an exciting relationship between Bran and Jojen. Like for example, if they are both wargs they probably have a lot in common and will form a tight bond, I think. Or so I hope! (Go bromance! lol)
gameofthroness03e04720px-editI didn’t actually know Thomas Brodie-Sangster before watching him in Game of Thrones, but lately I’ve gotten quite into him. Have watched him in The Last Legion and Nanny Mcphee, and I really like his acting! As Isaac said in the Thronecast interview, Thomas has a very rich voice, and that I really think works to his favor. Of course his big eyes are very captivating too. As a side note, I marvelled at how old he actually is when I found out his age. Would you think him 23? I didn’t at least. To me he looks at most 19 (laughs). Well, that’s baby-face for you.

ariane179254_GameOfThrones_1x08_ThePointyEnd_0778-editWell to talk more about Isaac, I’m very surprised by him in the new season. Well, first of all Isaac has grown a lot since last season, but I also think he has also evolved as an actor. It’s great to see, not only Bran growing up, but also Isaac the actor who portrays him. I remember watching an interview with him, where he was constantly giggling every time he said something. He seemed so nervous and as if he didn’t feel comfortable in the spotlight. gameofthroness03e02720pp-editNow when I watch his interviews he seems much more down to earth (well as much Isaac gets) and more sure about himself. Well, I can imagine that to be only 11 and start such an enormous adventure, must be nerve-wracking for anyone. Actually I think him more healthy and sane, compared to many other child actors I’ve followed. They almost seem like adults in the way they speak and how they regard their careers! So all in all, I think it’s good to watch a natural behaviour like that.

As to go back to talk about the book I just finished today (wuhuu~). It was a long book to get through, I must admit. I love the universe, characters and story, but at times George R.R. Martin’s writing gets a little too caught up in the small details. I think that slows the story down at times, and that’s too bad if you ask me. I love how Martin does character-building though, and heavens, does he surprise! Whenever we think we know a character really well, he suddenly adds an unexpected memory, thought, incident – all to change the character’s storyline all over again. I really like that. It makes the story much more alive and intriguing in my opinion.
206GoT0259-editThere was one thing I found funny, while reading the first book, after having watched the television series though.  Even though I knew what was generally going to happen to the characters, I found myself still hoping that things would go differently for them at times. Here I’m especially thinking about Eddark Stark’s fate, Dgame_of_thrones_s02e01_hdtv_xvid-fqm_avi0145-editaenerys’ child, Bran’s legs and Jon’s commitment to the Night’s Watch. Like, Martin makes the reader so engulfed in his characters, you just keep wishing for them a better future, you know? Even though nothing can change their destined future (by the author), he still makes me hope! That was both something I found frustrating, but also amusing in a way. I guess, Martin is just a very talented writer.
ariane179254_GameOfThrones_1x08_ThePointyEnd_0762-editI have to say, even though the HBO series is absolutely amazing, the books are in a way even more amazing. When first you have let yourself be captivated by the different story-lines and forgotten everything around you, his universe is incredibly absorbing. For example, I found myself looking up ravens on wikipedia, because of a small notion about them in a conversation between Jon and the grand maester I found surprising. It just seems like this author has such a huge knowledge, to have created these books. I know this is fantasy – fiction – but still. He puts such a big effort into making his details believable and the families rich in character, I think an enormous research went into these works. Not only names-making, I mean (laughs).
ariane179254_GameOfThrones_1x08_ThePointyEnd_0840-editI have ordered the next book in the series and am really hyped to get to the part of season three now. If all goes well, I can finish book two in good time and get started on the third instalment as soon as possible. Am so excited to find out what happens in the story!

But guess that’s all I have for now. See you around~

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