We’re GEM!

GEMI know I’m totally slow on this, but I actually didn’t notice that GEM had released their first MV before today, even though it came out Dec. 4th already! However, I’ve watched it now and must say it totally lived up to my expectations. It was bright, colorful and shiny, just like gems are supposed to be (haha). I’ve been keeping an eye on this group for over a year, so was really happy to finally being able to watch their first music video~

GEM member pictureTo make a short introduction to those who don’t know about GEM, their name stands for Girls Entertainment Mixture and they are a new 10-member girl group under Avex’s iDOL Street project. They will be making their big debut next year Jan. 1st with the single We’re GEM! which will be released in 3 versions: CD only, CD+DVD and a mu-mo shop version. The coupling songs include the new song BFF (Best Friends Forever) and GEM’s version of the iDOL Street All Member’s song PAN-PAKA-PAN!

Here are the names, birthdays and member stones of GEM’s 10 members.

I think they are a nice fresh contribution to Avex’s other idol groups, as opposed to SUPER GiRLS and Cheeky Parade, they doesn’t have a overly cute or funny/crazy style. I would rather say there style is more simplistic and dance-focused compared to the previously mentioned groups. Maybe even a more mature style, if you count their songs like Speed up and Do it Do it.

Check out a performance of their previous indie song Speed up below. (This is a performance with some of the old members, before the final line-up was decided)

And also this performance of their song Do it Do it

For their debut song, I think it’s really catchy! It has a more cute style than their previous indie songs like Speed up or Kitto For you! (love those songs a lot btw.) but I don’t find it too much, if you know what I mean? Of course it also helps that GEM’s members all have really good vocals! Here I’m especially thinking of Maaya, Rana, Jurin and Maho. I think We’re Gem! is a solid debut song, easy to remember (which is very important to get noticed in the biz) and extremely catchy as well. This is a song which will be good in concerts as well, I think, as it has this sort of “main song” feeling to it (sort of like SZ’s debut song Sexy Zone). So they can probably use it to open concerts with or anniversaries etc.

To talk a bit more about the music video, I want to comment I was very impressed by the special effects actually. I was afraid they were going to be totally cheap and ugly-looking, but I think they made the gemstones and setting look fairly decent.

Of course it would have been nicer with a real setting, instead of all CGI, but I think in this case it probably couldn’t be helped. So at least it looks alright. I also think the choreography was really nice and well performed by GEM’s super dancers. I especially noticed Sara and Rana’s dancing!

By watching this music video, I also noticed something else… Nana is totally cute! We're GEM22I may even think she has become one of my favorite members together with Rana and Jurin. But I’m also tempted to add Sara to that list, after watching her superior dancing skills!

So these are my favorite (or to be favorite) members so far:

Rana – because she’s cute and have an amazing and unique voice!We're GEM53Jurin – because her voice is amazing, maybe the best of GEM (together with Rana and Maaya of course)We're GEM56 Nana (maybe) – because I love her looks, which reminds a bit of Hashimoto Ai and her gem stone is aquamarine~ (I like marine stuff haha)We're GEM05Sara (maybe) – because I like her energy and bad-ass dancing, as well as she has a cute face.We're GEM29
These girls totally reek of talent, and I’m sure this is the first great release from them of many to come. And I think it’s great to see an idol group with members picked by their talent rather than only their good looks. It’s obvious they trained a lot and their vocals just keep surprising me! I also think 10 members is a good number for a group which focuses on dancing, as they will be able to make cool choreographies with that number. But of course, I know it’s never certain all members will stay for the future. In this case I really hope they do though, because I think all members of GEM have a lot of talent.

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