Happy Birthday Momochi!

My dear princess,

these are for you.

Banana/Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with pink frosting for you Momochi ~♥

Banana/Chocolate Chip Cupcakes with pink frosting for you Momochi ~♥


Happy 19th Birthday Momochi!

I wish you a perfect day with a lot of great experiences, presents, cakes and love from all the people in the world.

I will always support you my Pinky Princess ♥

~Momochi I love you~

Buono is back!

Oh my god, oh my god – OH MY GOD!! xD

Buono is finally back, and what a comeback! 8D I’m so happy right now I could cry x’D

This PV is seriously made of epicness:  epic song, epic clothes, epic setting, epic hair (Miya! :3), epic song title, epic band (Caucasians and a cute black boy wearing sunglasses<3), epic lyrics, epic light and epic directing! 8D Can this PV get any better?!
My favorite moment in the PV is definitely 02:09 to 02:17 (just totally gives me goosebumps!! xD)

Momo, Miya, Airi – you have stolen my heart<3

This is the best PV of the year and you know it!
Thank you H!P

P.S. I’m really happy I ordered a limited edition of this single (Oh, how I can’t wait for it to arrive now! >o<,)

I’m one glad Wota-Girl today! ^O^

Today my Tsugunaga Momoko t-shirt arrived! :D

The t-shirt is from Berryz summer concert: Berryz Koubou concert tour 2010 Shoka ~Umi no ie Otakebi House~
I got the tee in size Large, so of course it's pretty huge, but I think it's really comfortable so that doesn't matter very much ^^ I think the colour is very bright and fresh :D

I love my t-shirt so much <3


There also followed these fine Momo photo cards :3 She's so pretty~

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