Sexy Second

DSC03393I was lucky to receive Sexy Zone’s second album Sexy Second on the release day! How awesome is that? So I thought I would make a first impression review right away here on my blog.


1. Sexy Second(Introduction)
This instrumental opening was very orchestral and grand! Something I didn’t really expect, but I think it was a nice surprise and gave a unique intro to the next opening song.
2. We Gotta Go
I’ve already listened to the previews of this song many times, but was really impressed with the full song! It has such a fresh sound to it, which I love. Also, the lyrics is so energetic and happy, I can’t help feeling all set to go somewhere (haha). All in all a really good album start track!
3. Butsukacchauyo (ぶつかっちゃうよ)
Hahaha! This song! Soooo crazy! The tempo of this song was veeery upbeat and the lyrics so funny! Also, the song title’s meaning “I’ll bump into you” is just too comical. However, it fits the crazy lyrics with all their repetitiveness and madness. But overall, this song sounds different from Sexy Zone’s usual songs, so I like it! Also I have a feeling it will be stuck in my head pretty soon too (haha).
DSC034054. 4 Seasons
This was a nice -more relaxed- song after the overly upbeat song, which came before. I almost felt like on summer vacation while listening to this, feeling like  I was relaxing on the beach or something like that! I’m not sure why (haha). Overall a good song, but mostly FumaKen dominant throughout though. I think it will grow on me, probably.
Well have listened many times to this song already (of course). It’s definitely a song which has gotten better with more listens. As I wrote in my review of Sexy Zone’s Japan Tour from 2013, I’ve come to quite like this song, in spite of the lack of two very important members. It has a cool “rock” sound to it, which isn’t that typical for Sexy Zone songs I think.
DSC034046. Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~ (Ghost~君は幻~)
Wow. This song was damn good! I loved the beat of the instrumental and the interesting theme of ghosts (haha). I’m very interested in watching them perform this live, especially with the dubstep parts and all! Uwaa~ I think I like this song the best so far!
7. Congratulations
Love this song. Actually I loved it from the first listen. I know some people say it doesn’t sound like a Sexy Zone song and all that, but why should they continue to just always sound the same? I think the message and heart of this song is beautiful and I think there are also some pretty awesome vocals delivered here from all three members. Yet again, would have been even better if Marius and Sou were in it too, but well, nothing I can do about that. *sigh*
8. Bye Bye Du Bye~See you again~ (バイバイDuバイ~See you again~)
Love this song as well. I remember being all, Dubai? Why Dubai? When I first listened to it, but I’ve really come to love this song. I don’t know, I like the theme of friendship apparent, when they perform this and how they included arabic phrases! Also I like the whole “eastern” sound to it, if that makes any sense? (haha). Then of course, it’s also incredibly catchy like all the past Sexy Zone singles!
9. Shout!!
Well, this is one of the more plain songs of the new album imo. I don’t know, it just doesn’t do anything for me (as of now). I wonder if it will get better with more listens? Right now it’s just boring for me, sorry.
DSC0340710. Soba ni iru yo (そばにいるよ)
This was almost a FumaKen duet (only, Shori had one solo line, but who can tell? lol) and a really lovely ballad song! I think I’ve heard some preview of it from Johnny’s World 2020, because especially the introduction sounded very familiar! However, as I wrote earlier, this is a really good ballad with some good vocals from Fuma and Kento. I don’t know what more to write… no lines from Marius and Sou, from what I could hear… again. *sigh*
11. Be Free
Uwaa~ so funky! This song almost sounded like a song that could be on Arashi’s new album (haha). It’s very mature somehow! I like how Shori got so many solo parts, yay! And overall this song had a nice beat/rythm and so on. I think they could do a really cool dance for this song as well! Kyaa~ *already excited*
12. Real Sexy!
Yeah, well another song I’ve heard many times now. I think this song got a lot better with more listens as well, but I feel like I need a little break from it, perhaps (haha). Otherwise a good song. It’s cute~
DSC0340913. Doki Doki Break Out!! (ドキドキBreak Out!!)
So different from what I imagined from the title! I imagined this song to be more of a cute pop song, but turned out a lot more like a rock-type song. So very surprised. Apart from that I think it was an interesting song… sort of weird even. But in a good way, I think? Hmm… this will take more than one listen for me to decide on! So far I like it though.
Aww this song… brings back good memories from the drama series 49 with Shori. I think Shori’s intro lines are so adorable in this song – melts my heart every time really. Half of this song is basically a Shori solo! (lol) I don’t mind it though~ The song itself is not that amazing, but I think because it’s tied with a good drama and Shori’s charm, it’s still awesome!
DSC0341115. Watashi no Okite (私のオキテ)
This song is just made of awesome! (hahaha). I loved it in 49, but it’s even better in full version! Not only is the concept of the song really interesting (boys working part-time at a host club in girls clothes) and the song very catchy, but the lyrics are really something too. A part of the lyrics says: “If you say I’m ugly, I’ll kill you” (lol). And there are many other funny parts in this song. In a way, I just find it fantastic they included this song on the album – thank you Johnny-san! A great bonus track for us fans indeed.
DSC03412 Well now I will talk about my overall opinion of the album!
First the positive… I think it’s great to hear how much the group’s sound has matured with this album. Somehow their first album seems a little immature now, after listening to this. But alright, that also makes a lot sense with this being over a year after their first album. I liked how this album tried out other sounds, instead of just staying with Sexy Zone’s typical genki, cute, catchy pop sound (or what I should call it haha). Songs like 4 Seasons, Celebration and Be Free definitely had a more mature sound to them. Butsukacchauyo and Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~ was very energetic like usual Sexy Zone, but still had a different sound and style to them, which I really liked. Then we had a few ballad songs, which sadly didn’t come close to Kimi to… Milky way at all, but that’s also kind of tough to beat.
Then to the negative (sorry), but where were Sou and Marius in this album? I swear if you thought they weren’t much present in their first album, they are nearly completely absent in this album *cries* Well, I guess I should have expected as much from the resent trend in Sexy Zone but STILL. The only songs I could hear their voices a little tiny bit was in the songs 4 Seasons, Ghost ~Kimi wa Maboroshi~, the first line in Shout!! and maybe a little bit in Doki Doki Break Out!! of the new songs. So disappointing.
Apart from that I really liked the new album. It contains a lot of great new songs, which I’m sure to listen to many times from now on and in all eternity! (haha). I also look very much forward to watching them perform the new songs in their spring tour beginning soon (I think?). Going to be awesome! Yay~
Here are more pictures of the album. I really like the look of it! Especially the theme with the door and the blue sky, so pretty! And got Sou’s photo card as you can see.

Will talk about the DVD material soon!

Sexy Zone Japan Tour 2013

Another Christmas has passed and a new year has begun~ This year I received Sexy Zone’s Japan Tour on blu-ray, which I thought I would make a review of here on my blog (which ended up taking much longer than intended!). I’ve actually wanted to watch this for a long time, but simply didn’t have the money to buy it when it came out back in summer last year. These blu-ray concerts are really expensive! I think this costs over 6000 yen, which is around 60 dollars! But even though these Johnny’s blu-rays are crazy expensive, I must admit they are all their money’s worth. I just can’t get enough of watching my favorite idols on a big screen in HD. It’s the closest I get to being next to them, apart from going to their concerts of course. But when at a concert I’m usually so far away from the stage, that the members are so small, I have to look at the concert screens anyway… So yeah, these BDs are worth gold in my opinion!

Sexy Zone Japan Tour02So this blu-ray is a limited edition with two discs, a photo booklet and five member cards. The first disc include the main concert from their Japan Tour in May, whereas the second disc include a cut version of their New Year concert from January (which I went to!) and a Tour Documentary.
Here is a closer look on the covers and inside the BD case. I think this cover isn’t as pretty as the one for their first concert release, but I do like the cover with the blue outfits though. It’s clear that they choose a red/purple theme this time around, where the first concert had a more white/red/black color theme (like the rose in Sexy Zone’s first single, I suppose). Red and purple are the member colors of Shori and Fuma, but I don’t think it’s supposed to give meaning here maybe (haha). Their logo also changed its look for their second concert. They have added a heart instead of a rose, which makes me wonder if they have totally moved away from roses now? But I probably wonder too much, when it comes to Sexy Zone (lol).

Here is a closer look on the member cards and the photo booklet. This time around the member cards are much smaller than those from the first concert release. The first concert came with post card-sized member cards, whereas these are more the size of lobby cards. I guess they wanted to save on the expenses huh? If I have to choose my favorite card though, I would probably say Sou’s. His card is the only one with a member actually looking into the camera and then I also think he shows the best pose and facial expression. As for back of the cards, they just show a picture of the concert stage and the member name. The cover of the photo booklet is a bit boring, once again just showing a picture of the concert stage. However the inside is certainly something else!

Here’s some inside pictures from the photo booklet! I’m thinking of scanning the whole booklet though, as I didn’t had the patience to take pictures of all the booklet’s pages.

And now to my review! I will start of with talking about the Japan Tour. This concert is 2 hours and 19 minutes long and took place at Yokohama Arena.

The setlist is as follows:

01. Overture
02. Sexy Zone
03. Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (Sexy Summerに雪が降る)
04. Lady Diamond (Lady ダイヤモンド)
05. Sukisugite (スキすぎて)
06. With you
07. I see the light ~Bokutachi no Stage~(I see the light~僕たちのステージ~ )
10. Tsuki no Michi (ツキノミチ)
11. CANDY ~Can U be my BABY~
12. Onaji Sora no Shita (おなじ空の下)
13. Don’t Stop Sexy Boyz!
14. Bayside Elegy (ベイサイドエレジー)
15. Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru (キミのため ボクがいる)
16. Yuuki 100 % (勇気100%)
17. MC
18. Namae no Nai Omoi (名前のない想い)
19. Kimi to Milky way (君と…Milky way)
20. Jr. corner
21. Real Sexy!
22. We can be one
23. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
24. FaKe
25. Silver Moon
26. Just Ima Shika Nai (Justいましかない)
27. Kanzen My Way ( 完全マイウェイ)
28. Kyou Arigatou (今日はありがとう)
29. Kaze wo Kitte (風をきって)
30. High!! High!! People
31. Real Sexy!
32. Sexy Zone
33. Real Sexy!

Pretty long this time! But then again they didn’t have additionally three singles and one album included in their discography at the time of their first concert. I had heard much about this concert having treated the members unequally, with more focus on Shori and FumaKen, so I was sort of anticipating the worst. However, after having watched this concert 2-3 times now I actually don’t find it that bad. Of course, the introduction of the concert already separates the members, with Shori and FumaKen getting special introduction spotlight and being put in the elevated cranes, while MariSou only get to run around with the juniors on the arena stage.

Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD02


Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD005But soon after they join each other singing Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu. This time around you also see that all members got their own box, which runs across the audience area. Usually Marius and Sou had to share one. It’s clear in some performances though, especially Real Sexy! and BAD BOYS, as well as the distribution of solo songs and MC talk time, that Shori and FumaKen got way better treatment. Marius and Sou only got to perform solo together with the juniors. I do think that the majority of songs represented all members with mostly equal spotlight, but I didn’t approve of the different costumes though. To me it felt like it made a big division between the members, making Shori and FumaKen seem more important than MariSou. The most important thing for me however, was that all five members performed together most of the time. Of course, there’s no denying the unfair treatment was there, but I think it was endurable.

I do hope this unfair treatment stops soon. I know that their new volley ball theme song Shout!! (which I fear will be a single) only features Shori and FumaKen, but I sincerely hope that this is the first and last time for this to happen. (EDIT: after having listened to a short preview I’m not so sure anymore, maybe Marius and Sou also sings in this, but are just not volleyball supporters?) They did feature all five members on their last single, so I hope this is a one timer or even better only a B-side song (like BAD BOYS). But only time will tell, I guess. As for their second album getting released in February, I hope MariSou will finally get some more spotlight. They deserve it so much! If Shori and FumaKen once again are the only one to get solo songs, I will be mad. But I fear there’s a good chance that will happen though… *sigh* And that’s despite the fact that my favorite member is Shori. I just despise unfair treatment in idol/johnny’s groups. I know it’s sometimes inevitable in big groups, but hey, Sexy Zone only has five members. I really don’t see the excuse, except the fact that So and Marius are the youngest members of the group. I still don’t feel like that’s a proper excuse. But well, I guess there’s nothing really I can do about it. So I will shut up now, and pray for them instead. And I should probably get back to talking about the concert, don’t you think? (haha)

Now I want to talk about my favorite parts of this concert. As usual, the concert started with Sexy Zone’s first and most well-known as well as genki songs like Sexy Zone, Lady Diamond and Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu. I always enjoy to listen to these songs and I think they suit the intro of a concert really well. Soon after they perform one of my favorite SZ songs Sukisugite! I just love this song and its dance choreography. I think it’s one of their most catchy songs and I always find myself dancing along with the members. I loved how Kento announced the song with asking: oretachi no koto suki desu ka (“do you love us?”), and afterwards saying: oretachi no Sexy Zone – minna sukisugite da yo! (“we Sexy Zone – love you all too much!”) So cute~ Actually, the choreography to this song with the mike stands, reminds me a lot of Arashi’s Wild at Heart‘s choreography! The style I mean.

I loved the part where each member said an individual quote.
Sou said: Yokohama baka yabee! (“Yokohama you are ridiculously awesome!” or so I think, haha!). Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD058Kento the eternal romantic said: sukisugiru kara (“because I love you too much”). Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD068Adorable Marius with his English phrases said: I kiss you! (aww) Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD028Shori made an adorable chu~ face with Jinguuji Yuta and Nakamura Reia joining in (haha).

And lastly Fuma said: omae ga kawaisugiru, gamandekinai (“you are just too cute, I can’t resist you”). Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD038Well, Sexy Zone themselves are all too cute! Kyaa~ (haha) At this point in the concert I couldn’t help notice Fuma’s very obvious flirting with Marius. He has really started to show his love for Marius in a very direct way (haha). I find this really amusing, as he used to tease him rather than hug him. But maybe he was just being shy? Boys are like that sometimes I think (haha). Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD0034Well, after this song, they performed yet one of their genki and catchy songs With You and concluded the first act with the slower song I see the light ~Bokutachi no Stage~, which I think is a wonderful song with a great choreography as well!

In the second act (well I really don’t know why I’m separating the concert into acts haha), my next favorite part begins with the song BAD BOYS. I used to really despise this song, because of the fact MariSou wasn’t included. However, I ended up loving it anyway because of Shori (kyaa~). And also because it’s such a really catchy song! But yeah, I thought the performance of this song was really cool, and the outfits fit the song perfectly.

Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD08111The fire effects were amazing in this performance as well!

I also found it really cute when Shori tried to act “tough” throughout the song. MORE POWER TO SHORI (haha).

As always Shori was also awesome dancing solo in the introduction to IF YOU WANNA DANCE (love that song to death).

The lack of Sou and Marius was recovered as well in this performance, where they joined the stage again. The choreography of that song would look wrong without all members, anyway. I liked how they danced to this song on separate platforms moving up and down, which gave the performance a new look, instead of just repeating the same thing.

I didn’t like how they wore different outfits though…Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD1122Also, especially in this performance I couldn’t help marvel at Marius’ height! I remember how he was so tiny when performing this “sexy” song in their first concert, and now only one year after, he just looks way older! Height sure changes things a lot, huh? Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD0822This act concluded with Fuma and Shori performing Tsuki no Michi (as Kento prepared for his solo). I like this song a lot and wonder if it finally will be included on their second album. I hope it will!

The third act – or maybe I can also call it the solo act? – started of with Kento’s performance of his solo song CANDY ~Can U be my BABY~.  The first time I listened to this song, I found it really hilarious. And I guess I still do, but I love it all the same! Kento’s nickname “love-holic senpai” really shines through in this song, and you just can’t help singing back “Love Kenty!” (haha). Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD09

Also all the juniors in pink and blue costumes with their huge lollipops or roller-skates were simply just adorable. Also Kento kissing the lollipop in the end~ They know how to make this girl happy! (haha)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Loved how Kento gave Takahashi Fuu (aka. “TakaFuu”) time to show off his awesome head spinning skills too! As Fuu is one of my favorite juniors~

During the performance Kento made Jinguuji shout “LOVE KENTY!” in full force, poor lad (haha). It was cute though~ Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD19 Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD20After Kento’s solo performance ended, Sou entered saying “Love Kenty” in a funny voice and jokingly said he loved Candy (the love interest in Kento’s solo song) the most (to Kento’s horror), but then added: “No that’s a lie~ I love my fans the most!” (haha) I love when Sou’s acting a troll.

Afterwards Sou introduced Kento to a challenge. He had to remove a tablecloth without making the objects fall off the table. And of course he achieved it without a sweat. That’s Kento for you! (Our Superman haha).

He then began what seemed like a new magic trick, but actually turned out to be Shori’s surprise entrance! Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD30 Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD31 Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD32Was really surprised by the shift of heads, which happened in a blink of an eye! But what a great way to start of my all time favorite part of this concert~

Yes, you’ve probably guessed it, but my most favorite part was without a question Shori’s solo performance! Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD77The cute yellow prince-like outfit, Shori’s radiant smile, the song’s adorable lyrics and the awesome dance choreography, made Shori shine the brightest of all in this concert! (imo) Just look at this beautiful outfit! Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD85The dance choreography was so incredibly cute too…

Somehow they added a new “marching” segment to the number, which I didn’t really see the point of, but it was cool I guess? Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD88I just love this boy so much, it sometimes scares me (haha). He’s just so precious~ *sigh* I already can’t wait for Shori’s next solo performance now ♡♡♡ *fantasizes about all the possibilities* And I’m sure Shori will just continue to get more and more popular from now on, no doubt about it! Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD84The solo act concludes with MariSou and Sexy Boyz’ performance of their song Don’t Stop Sexy Boyz! (love that title btw hehe). This performance was also one of my favorites, as we finally get to see Marius and Sou shine more. I loved the bright green/yellow colored outfits for this song and the energetic dance choreography. Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD50

Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD57The clothes made a really cool effect with different lighting!Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD53 Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD51 It’s really apparent in this song how much Sou and Marius have grown since the last concert. They are full of confidence here and Marius even shout out English lines by himself thoughout the performance. I really liked this performance and hope they get to perform more and more independently from now on!

In the fourth act, Shori and FumaKen joined Marius and Sou to perform the song Bayside Elegy. In this performance Marius, Iwahashi Genki and Jinguuji Yuta tried out filming by themselves, which called for special poses from the members! (haha)

Oh yeah, LOL’ed so hard at this part! Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD44 Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD4244I actually love the talking-part with Shori of this song, but sadly it wasn’t included in the shortened concert version. Hopefully they will include it another time! They then sang Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru and Yuuki 100 %, which are songs I love too, so happy they got included~

Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru!

Kimi no Tame Boku ga Iru!

Afterwards there was a long singing break, where they talked about how happy they are to have their own fan club now (which I won’t be able to enjoy *sob*) Then they fooled around a bit and Sou and Kento did cute monomane of Nobita and Doreamon. Was so adorable! They also teased Marius with a heartfelt line he was trying to say by himself, but Sou finished for him. Poor Marius (haha).

Poor Marius (haha). Luckily for him, Fuma was there to protect him from bullies like Sou! Aww~ Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD4030However there is something Fuma is even better at than protecting Marius, and that is talking! He just went on and on and on, so the other members started asking him: when do you come to the point? (haha)

That's Fuma in a nutshell! Really, that boy loves to talk!

That’s Fuma in a nutshell! Really, that boy loves to talk!

After talking, they performed the song Namae no Nai no Omoi. This song is always very soothing somehow, isn’t it?

After the break, the fifth act started off with one of the best songs of their first album: Kimi to Milky way. I just love this song! Even after having listened to it like 50 times, the live version of this song still gives me the chills. So of course this performance was also one of my favorites from this concert.

Cute, how Kento was looking in Shori's direction during his solo line~

Cute, how Kento was looking in Shori’s direction during his solo line~

By the way, I liked how the members created black silhouettes against the lit up S and Z stairs. Such a cool idea~ Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD5167After this slow emotional song the concert took a drastic step in a more upbeat and energetic direction, with the juniors performing solo. The junior dancing solo in the beginning of this performance, was so good! Too bad I could recognize who it was though. Sexy Zone Japan Tour BD4088The juniors performed with amazing energy and the song choice was really nice this time around. I didn’t know which songs they performed either though. Hope someone can enlighten me ~please~

Marius and Sou then joined the juniors, to start off the next performance in the 6th act: Real Sexy!

I enjoyed how they had sort of made it seem like the PV, with Marius touching an invisible barrier and even adding a sound effect as well. Was a nice touch!

Also Shori, Kento and Fuma’s entrance was so epic! Seemed like each member had their own element.
Shori – fire, Kento – water and Fuma – wind (or smoke? Dunno!). elementsI must say I wasn’t a fan of this song when it came out, because of the treatment of MariSou, but quite enjoyed the live performance of it.



The next performance was of the song We can be one, which also is one of my other favorite songs from their first album. So happy it got included~ I do think it would have looked better if they had performed in similar outfits here to go better with the song’s theme (to be one), but wasn’t possible with the previous performance being Real Sexy! I guess.

On a site note, Shori’s intense look with the smoke effect in the end of this performance was just too epic for words! (kyaa~)Sexy Zone Japan Tour12Then they performed Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!, where I couldn’t help notice how obvious it was Marius’ singing  parts were playback. His voice wasn’t that light and clear at the time of this concert. I just don’t see why they had to do that, as I personally think it wouldn’t hurt anyone to hear his singing voice having changed a little bit.

The seventh act starts off with Fuma’s solo song FaKe – which I’m not that much a fan of – but must have to admit it’s kind of catchy. I just feel like he’s trying too hard to imitate Akanishi Jin. Would like him better if he found his own style, I think. And Fuma should know, it’s completely okay to just be himself! It really seems like he care a lot about what other people think of him. I say this, because I read in an interview that he put his watch on his left wrist, even though he likes to wear it on his right (because he’s left handed), just because fans had commented it was the “wrong” wrist! And true enough, I noticed in this concert too that he wore it on his left! I think that has to say something about him (haha). Maybe this is the reason why he imitate Jin? Because he’s popular, so he thinks it’s safe? I don’t know though.  Sexy Zone Japan Tour14

I did find the effects in the start of the performance pretty cool ~Sexy Zone Japan Tour13After the Fuma solo the other four members performed the amazing song Silver Moon~ Fuma joined soon after to make the performance complete of course. I just love the intro to this song! One of the juniors danced to this, and I was really impressed! I think his name is Miyachika Kaito. So talented! The music and the dancing also worked really well together, I think!Sexy Zone Japan Tour17 I liked the black and white outfits for this act, even though it looked like Kento was wearing a skirt (haha).Sexy Zone Japan Tour22

Sexy Zone Japan Tour27Following this performance, they sang the songs Just Ima Shika Nai and Kanzen My Way. It was funny to see Fuma and Shori giving it their all in this performance! (haha)

Sexy Zone Japan Tour28

Sexy Zone Japan Tour34However, they ended this act in a more calm manner, singing Kyou wa Arigatou, which is such a “concert ending song” imo. I really like this song though. Especially Shori’s intro line ♥

Sexy Zone Japan Tour40They then said goodbye and disappeared from stage, followed by a huge encore chant from the audience.

The eight act was just a sort of a typical “saying goodbye –> fans shouting encore —> coming back to sing again —> saying goodbye —> encore again etc.” ending to a Johnny’s concert. I get the point they want to prove: they want to show their love for their fans. I just think it goes a tad overboard sometimes, especially when they do three encore performances (haha). I love to watch them sprint around on the stage though and marvel at the amount of energy they have left, after having performed for two and a half hour with a lot of energy consuming performances! But they are young, I guess (haha). Sexy Zone Japan Tour61

Now they look a bit tired after all!

Now they look a bit tired after all!

I also suspect the reason for doing all these encores is because the members want to get in contact with their fans more. However, it usually ends up being the children who get the best treatment! (so unfair… haha)

Shori was the last to leave the scene and was kind enough to say: "be careful going home" to his fans. Love him!

Shori was the last to leave the scene and was kind enough to say: “be careful going home” to his fans. Awww!

All in all, I liked this concert a lot and will probably go back to watch it many times in the future, to enjoy special moments like Shori’s first solo performance, the awesome BAD BOYS performance and cute Fumarius moments. This concert had so many good performances and wonderful moments, which you can probably tell just by watching how much I wrote about in here! (sorry guys haha)

But I’m not nearly done yet! I still have to talk a bit about the New Year concert, which was the most special to me personally, because I attended it myself, but also the tour documentary! So yeah… this post is going to be super long (sorry!).

The New Year concert also took place in the Yokohama Arena and had a similar length to the Japan tour concert, however they shortened it down to only last just under an hour in this release. Too bad, but then again it was added as “extras”. Sexy Zone Japan Tour65 Sexy Zone Japan Tour66

The setlist looks as followed:
01. Overture
02. Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (Sexy Summerに雪が降る)
03. Lady Diamond (Lady ダイヤモンド)
04. Sukisugite (スキすぎて)
05. With you
06. I see the light ~Bokutachi no stage~ (I see the light~僕たちのステージ~ )
07. Silver Moon
09. Za ABC ~5stars~
10. Kimi wo Hanasanai Kimi wo Hanarenai (きみを離さない きみを離れない)
11. Teleportation
12. MC
13. rouge
14. Kyou wa Arigatou (今日はありがとう)
15. Knock! Knock!! Knock!!!
16. High!! High!! People

So short… But still great to watch it again! I went to this concert with my twin sister and it is a very dear experience of mine, so am so happy they released some of this concert on blu-ray! I remember feeling very out of place, being almost the only foreigner in a sea of Japanese girls, but that was sort of expected! (haha) It was great fun though and sort of surreal to sit in the Yokohama Super Arena, which I had watched on the TV/PC screen so many times before. Sexy Zone and the juniors looked so small down on the stage platforms, but yet they were so close! At some point Fuma was lifted up just in front of our seats in one of those standing boxes and was really close to us. And remember that some hardcore Fuma fangirls went beserk in front of us, pointing like crazy at their own heads to catch Fuma’s attention (which I have no idea if worked). Sexy Zone Japan Tour119But it was really fun and entertaining to look at all the things happening at once on such a huge stage. Usually when watching the recorded concert, the camera focuses at one thing at a time, but when you are sitting in a seat above the whole arena, you can get quite busy following all the things going on (haha). That’s something you can only experience being there yourself! As well as singing along with the other fans and shouting your favorite member’s name. When watching this New Year concert once again on blu-ray it felt like I was just there yesterday. Just amazing. I’m sure I will treasure this release forever.

I won’t make a long walk-through review like the one above (can’t manage it! lol), but I think I will talk about my favorite parts of this concert and also the things that separated it from the Japan Tour. A thing that made this concert different was especially the member treatment! I think the members were much more united while performing, as well as mostly wearing the same outfits. The solo performances differed from the Japan Tour as well, with Fuma performing rouge and Kento performing Teleportation. Fuma’s hair was also still dark brown in this concert (much prettier imo). They also hoisted huge canvas posters with the members’ faces on in the ending of the concert to express their gratitude to their fans, which came as  a big surprise for me, I remember! Was a pretty cool effect though~Sexy Zone Japan Tour117 Sexy Zone Japan Tour121

As for my favorite performances I will have to mention: IF YOU WANNA DANCEKimi wo Hanasanai Kimi wo Hanarenai, Teleportation, rouge and High!! High!! People.

I (almost) think the new year concert version of IF YOU WANNA DANCE beats the Japan Tour one. The members wear matching outfits here (which are a come back from their first concert with small modifications though) and Marius haircut is better (lol). I also think they kind of filmed it better? I’m not sure what it is – it was just full of epicness. Or maybe I just love this song too much? (haha) I also think gold looks more epic than red~

Sexy Zone Japan Tour76Now to Shori’s (almost) solo song! Kimi wo Hanasanai Kimi wo Hanarenai was not included on the Japan Tour, so good thing it was included in the new year concert. I love this song, so of course I would also love the performance~ I think Shori looked so dashing in the white suit with the red rose attached (so romantic ♥) and his smile was just the cutest thing! He didn’t get the spotlight all to himself, as I meant by “almost” solo song, Kento and Fuma joined the performance too in nice black suits. The only thing is that the performance felt too short. I’m not sure, but maybe they cut it? I think it’s a shame if they did (*sobs*). Sexy Zone Japan Tour83 Sexy Zone Japan Tour85

Sexy Zone Japan Tour89The best part of the performance was when Shori threw the rose to the audience though *kyaa*

~Sexy Rose~

~Sexy Rose~

My next favorite part was Teleportation. I love this Kento solo (even more than the Candy song lol) and he performed so well here! I remember when I watched this live, they did a cool intro to this song, where it looked like Kento “teleported” himself round on the stage. Such a waste they didn’t include that! However, it was really amazing to watch this close-up (kyaa). Kento’s dance moves were awesome and the dance fit really well with the song imo. You could really see he had practised long and hard for this performance! That’s Kento for you. Always working extremely hard to impress his fans. Have also noticed how often he expresses his gratitude for being where he is now and how surreal it all is to him. I think that’s a really cool thing about Kento~Sexy Zone Japan Tour99

Now to Fuma’s solo song rouge~ This is without a doubt my favorite solo song of Sexy Zone’s discography, even though I want to say nothing beats Shori’s solo,  I must have to admit that Fuma’s vocals are amazing! They added some special intro to the song though in the concert performance, which I remember made me believe Fuma would perform another song instead of rouge (gave me quite a fright actually). Luckily, that wasn’t the case though! And the performance turned out just as good as the song~ Loved the dance choreography and the whole blue/red color symbolic. As the song’s meaning is “red”, I wonder if there was a special meaning to that? Oh, and there was also a chair segment included in the dance, which I love when they do in concerts! So epic~

chairs (oh yeah!)

chairs (oh yeah!)

Sexy Zone Japan Tour114Now to my last favorite part of the new year concert (well I would have had more if just they had included the whole concert!), which turned out to be High!! High!! People. This was the last song they performed and loved it because of all the funny things going on while they performed it! In the beginning of the performance Kiyomoto Taiga and Morimoto Shintaro made their guest appearances on stage out of nowhere, and  started doing silly stuff with Fuma and Kento. There were also a cute moment with Marius and Kento~

Sexy Zone Japan Tour126 Sexy Zone Japan Tour127 Sexy Zone Japan Tour128

Mariken moment ♥

Mariken moment ♥

They also gave the juniors some credit in the last minutes of the concert. So cute~

And this was a cute moment with Jinguuji and Shori ♥ They seem to be good friends! Sexy Zone Japan Tour142 Sexy Zone Japan Tour143Well that’s it for the new year concert I guess? I just want to comment that I really wish they had included MariSou and Sexy Boyz’ performance of Ame Datte
(雨だって) which was really adorable, after what I can remember and watch from clips included in the tour documentary. But, I guess I will never get to watch that performance again now *sobs*. Well, nothing to do about that… But holy moly, this turned out a long post! I didn’t know I had the patience in me to make such a long post, but I guess I just proved it (haha). For you who made it this far, I want to give you something in return, which is the scans from the booklet included on this release.

Here you go! download booklet *hugs*

And last but not least, pictures from the tour documentary! Enjoy~

Marius in English: "So Fuma, please stop destroying my hair, OK?!" ROFL

Marius in English: “So Fuma, please stop destroying my hair, OK?!” ROFL

Japanese Christmas playlist

Now we are in December I thought to myself: I want to do a post about Japanese Christmas songs! I’m not sure I know that many, and most of them I know are from idol groups, but well here is my list~

Many probably don’t know about this Arashi song (I didn’t at least), but as I searched to see if Arashi had a Christmas song hidden in their discography, I found this! Ano Hi no Merry Christmas (あの日のメリークリスマス) is a light, typical Arashi song. Nevertheless, it’s a Christmas song and it has sort of grown on me, after having listened to it a couple of times. I would have liked some solo lines, but apart from that it’s a nice jingle for Christmas~

This is a song I know well, having listened to it many times. As always Buono! produces some great pop-rock tunes and this is no exception. I love Winter Story‘s catchy and groovy sound, as well as the brilliant chorus. A Buono! classic of mine and a great song to make me in mood for Christmas!

I can’t forget to include Momoiro Clover Z’s crazy and energetic Christmas song Santa-san! From the first time I listened to this song, I was hooked. It’s such a great, funny song with a lot of small gimmicks. Here I’m thinking of things like Reni’s ii toko (“good qualities”) dance for Santa Claus (or whatever it is) and a mentioning about Australian Christmas being in midsummer, which results in a throwback to their summer song Coco☆Natsu (ココ☆ナツ)(haha), so crazy!

This year Momoiro Clover Z’s “little brother” group DISH// (under Stardust) has released a Christmas single, nearly as crazy as Santa-san. Itsuka wa Merry Christmas (いつかはメリークリスマス)is a funny rock/pop song with fresh voices from the group’s young members (15-18 years old). Like Momoiro Clover Z they sure like to make funny gags during their songs, which I really like about this group. I also like the message of this song, which is wishing for a girlfriend from Santa Claus in order not to be lonely on Christmas eve (lol). DISH’s members always seem in desperate need of one, even though they are all quite handsome! That I find very ironic. Then again it’s just a song, and an entertaining one at that.

This Christmas song by actress Maeda Aki is from her album Winter Tales, and is the only song of that album which isn’t a cover of previous Christmas hits, I believe. I think it’s a nice “gentle” song (like the title Fuyu Fuwari ふゆふわり, meaning “gently winter”) which a  lot of bell chimes, beautiful violin and Aki’s sweet voice to top it all. I like this actress a lot, as well as this Christmas song.

I love this Christmas love ballad by C-ute! I like Aitai Lonely Christmas (会いたいロンリークリスマス)so much I even listen to it when it isn’t Christmas (haha). It’s such a catchy song and the chorus is easy to remember too~ I wish C-ute could make songs like this again. It has a strong setsunai (“wistful/yearning”) feeling to it right? I kind of like that type of songs. I guess it’s because we all yearn for that special someone during the holidays (sigh).

I know this isn’t a song sung by a Japanese person, but Canadian René Simard released many Japanese songs as a child, and I like his song Christmas Tree (クリスマス・トォリー)a lot, so thought I would include it in my list. René has a nice heartfelt voice and delivers yet a beautiful song to enjoy during Christmas. He has released a lot of other Christmas songs in French as well as some in English I’m sure. So if you like this song, you should check his other songs out (even though they are old)~

This is such a happy song from Hey! Say! JUMP about having fun in the snow with one’s sweetheart (or that’s what I gather at least). I’m not sure it’s a Christmas song, but the theme “snow” is enough for me to make it so (haha). I love the intro line: masaka, yuki da! (“no way, it’s snowing!”). That line always make me in a good mood. Not that I’m too fond of snow, but I guess we all love the magic of the first snow of Christmas right?

I had to include Nino’s Winter Song as well. Nino is my favorite member from Arashi and I just love this beautiful Christmas ballad from him. I only have the version recorded from his radio show Bay Storm, and I’m not even sure if it’s been released anywhere else. He should totally release this on an album though! My favorite part of this sweet song is when he ends the song with the line: Merry Christmas to you, Merry Christmas to you~

Fairies has also released a Christmas song! Sweet Jewel has a very uplifting feeling to it and always make me in the mood to be productive (haha). Fairies always knows how to make very girly, yet stylish songs. That’s what I love about them. In addition, the PV for this song is so glittering and pretty, you should check it out if you haven’t!

This is the theme song from Morimoto Shintaro’s movie Snow Prince and is such a beautiful Christmas song! I love the piano play in the background, as well as the Snow Prince choir’s young adorable voices. I totally wish they could have been a permanent group, but unfortunately they only released this single. And I wish Johnny’s would do other songs like this too. It’s so precious!

I know this isn’t an official Christmas song maybe, but I always found it very Christmas-like for some reason! Apart from that, I see the light ~Bokutachi no Stage~ is one of my favorite Sexy Zone songs. It was included on their first single and also features the very young fresh voices of Marius and Sou (I totally miss their voices now! *cries*). I would have included their more official Christmas/summer song Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (Sexy Summer に雪が降る)as well, but Soundcloud wouldn’t let me upload it (buuhuu).

So these were my suggestions for Japanese Christmas songs (which aren’t covers of English ones). I hope you enjoyed and if you know some other good J-Pop Christmas songs, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below~
And let’s hope Soundcloud doesn’t delete my uploads.