Super Junior attack!!

Right now I'm really into Super Junior xD (You may call me an ELF ;P) So I' ve just watched their movie "Attack on the Pin-up Boys"! ^o^
It's was so funny and hilarious all the way through – totally awesome! But sadly Kyuhyun wasn't in the movie, because it was made right around the time of his car accident D'x (sob, sob…) Still all the Suju members did a really good job, even Leeteuk in the panda costume! Haha xD

Luckily, all the members had their own names in the movie, or else I would have had a hard time remembering all the new names! Lol It was Kibum and Donghae who played the main characters, but Heechul, Kangin and Siwon had pretty important roles too :3 The rest of the members played either victims of the unknown "attacker" or minor characters in the school ^  ^

The story is mainly about some pretty boys who get attacked (with excrements) by an unknown culprit, and receiving much attention and popularity afterwards! xD Haha Totally crazy~ 83

Sungmin is the first "flower boy" to get attacked by the culprit. After all, he is the prince of his school and fantastically self-centered XD He just made the most hilarious outburst after getting attacked xD Lol But the funny thing is, instead of making the flower boys unpopular by attacking them with sh**t, they just get even more popular, because the attacks get so much spotlight from the public O.o Crazy right? xD This story is just nuts! 

After having attacked popular boys on different high schools (rock singer Yesung and basketball player Hangeng) it is now Neulparan High School's turn *w* heheh. That means either the president of the school body, Siwon; the head of the dance club, Heechul; or head of the Judo club Kangin xD When they hear the rumor that whoever gets attacked will get really popular, the boys try to do everything to be the next victim in the pursuit of glory. 

  The dance club was totally pathetic, which is so hilarious because we all know how great they are in real life! So funny~ ^O^ Just look at that pose – haha XD
Here is the song which played in the funny dance scene ^^:  
08 Rock The Floor (Feat.Marco)
Attack on the Pin-up Boys OST

The panda was so funny!! Loved it's weird personality and the way it growled XD But it's strange that even though you see it's Leeteuk in the end, it was actually Ryeowook who played the part through the rest of the whole movie! :O

Such wonderful and funny rivalry scenes between Heechul and Kangin~ *3*

Ryeowook cracked me up in his role as Siwon's pet, he was so hilarious!  ^  ^  ~ fantastic
Here's the melody which played after Siwon was found out XD (the reaction was so funny because of this melody!)
06 자작극 自制戏剧
Attack on the Pin-up Boys OST

Here's the whole Suju gang from the movie ^o ^ Don't they look cute? x3

I think the movie was really entertaining and had a nice twist in the ending ^  ^ Super Junior did a really nice job ;) I also really loved the song the Suju members did in the ending sequence! It's called "Wonder Boy"

So energetic! :D

Here's more pictures<3

This song was heard in one of the first scenes in the movie, the cool basketball scene with Hangeng ;D
Love it so much!

A~h… Love this song by Yesung, it's so powerful :O

07 새로운 주인공 新主人公
Attack on the Pin-up Boys OST

09 일상으로 日常
Attack on the Pin-up Boys OST

Here's a trailer of the movie ^O^

I really recommend this movie to all people who like a good laugh (^  o ^) And if you don't know that much about Super Junior and their names still bother you (because you can't remember them xD) this movie is a very good start! :D

Actually it's just recently I've become such a die-hard Suju fan, I watched their "It's You" MV and then I was just won over xD

My favorite member is Kyuhyun<3 (Doesn't he have a cute name? :3)

I also really like:


Eunhyuk :D

And Heechul ;D

But all the rest of the members of Super Junior are wonderful too~ <3 Love everyone of them xD

As a last comment, I would like to say that I look VERY much forward to Super Junior's 4th album (which should be here soon according to Leeteuk!) I hope it will be just as good as their "Sorry Sorry" album and ALL 13 members remain in the group D'x I can't take it if they decide to take somebody away… >o< That would be too cruel for words… * — *

I'll pray for you Suju!!

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