I’ve caught the Bieber Fever

I watched Justin Bieber’s 3D documentary/concert movie – Never Say Never – with my sister on the first day of Easter vacation over a week ago and I really liked it. I wasn’t the biggest fan before watching the movie, I just listened to Justin’s songs whenever my sister played the My Worlds 2.0 album and found the songs catchy, but I wasn’t a belieber – if you know what I mean. I respected his work and talent though and was excited to actually get to see how he got to kick off his career.
But the movie was so much more than I expected. It blew me away!
First I want to say the 3D effects were really impressive and suited this kind of movie perfectly, as it made it feel like you really was there at the concert with the other screaming fan girls xD (lol) Great ^^b (And the purple glasses also looks super cool ;D) The second thing I want to say is that I really was taken back how much this kid has fought for his dream – I didn’t know he started to play instruments when he was only two years old or that he did all the promotion himself to get the radio stations to play his songs, because he was too young in their eyes (wow!) and I didn’t know he was raised by divorced parents and a teenage mom :O That was actually the most unexpected (haha) ^o^ It’s just amazing to see how much Justin loves music and how much he appreciate everything: people’s support, his fans, his family, the people who helped him get signed and get him a recording contract (Usher, Scooter Braun and many others) and the ability to do what he loves the most – perform music.
I was surprised to see how much he (over)works too! 89 concerts in a row – that’s just crazy! (I think some time ago Berryz Koubou celebrated their 100th concert performance, and they have been a group for 7 years now. Justin Bieber performed 89 concerts over a single year, alone O_O). The poor kid also lost his voice at some point in the movie and wasn’t allowed to talk for two days! :O It touched my heart to discover how much it bothered Justin to cancel a concert because of his voice problem, he really doesn’t want to disappoint his fans. Ever! (As he wrote to his fans on his Twitter).  It’s nice to find an artist who cares so much for his fans, makes me want to support him ^^
I have really changed my opinion of him. Before I just liked his music – now I like him as a person as well. I feel stupid for not realizing this before now. I’m so slow ^^; (haha) I’m also sad I didn’t get to see him perform when he held a concert here in Denmark on April the 1st :( I know the tickets were sold out anyway, but still ;_; (sigh) Too bad. Now I’m just really excited for his next move. I know his voice is changing rapidly and his new songs probably will be very different from his previous (cute) pop songs. But I’m sure he will pull it off great as always. (Seriously, I haven’t been disappointed with any song he has released yet!)
I really don’t understand why this boy has so many haters. I guess they don’t like him because he’s so popular. It’s the same thing that happened when Twilight got huge. When something get that popular, some people just want to dislike it just because they don’t like the fan-hype. Really stupid actually. I mean there’s a reason for those things get that popular right? Well, I just think Justin Bieber deserves the attention as he is amazingly talented (he really is) and got to be known because of this talent, not a name or an acting career etc.
The last thing I want to say is: I love Justin’s humor. Listened to his new song Dr. Bieber yesterday and find the lyrics hilarious: “Yeah you females know of me – Time to realize I’m a beast” He’s a beast spreading the “disease” xD  “Catch that virus in the night – I know it’s uncurable, it’s durable, but it’s alright” When you get the fever it’s not going away! But “You’ll never regret this“. This song totally makes fun of the Bieber Fever phenomenon and the lyrics are so true in a way it just makes the song even more hilarious xD Would love to see a music video for this, maybe like the video Snoop Dog did for fun with his song Oh! Sookie :P Doesn’t need to be a “official” video, just one for fun ^^ Would be really funny to watch! But anyway – I look forward to see more of Bieber this year :D

Edward Furlong ♥

Gosh I've fangirled about this guy resently xD C3

I've been so crazy about Edward Furlong that I actually bought his album and a single released only in Japan~ :O

Edward Furlong CD's 001
I know – I'm crazy xD But I did say fangirling *ω*

Hold On Tight - Cover Edward Furlong CD's 011
Edward Furlong CD's 012 Edward Furlong CD's 013
I bought his album "Hold On Tight" and the very rare single "I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)" (seriously, I think I got the very last left on the internet! xD) Edward Furlong CD's 003 Edward Furlong CD's 004
Edward Furlong CD's 007 Edward Furlong CD's 009
The single is one of those old-fashioned 3-inch CDs, really small and cute actually~ The snap-pack cover is really pretty, I like the fact that they included a little valentine letter from Eddie<3 ^^  Edward Furlong CD's 014

Edward Furlong CD's 015 Edward Furlong CD's 016 Edward Furlong CD's 017
The pictures included in the booklet to "Hold On Tight" are really goofy, but cute at the same time ^ω^  But the pictures with him in the leather jacket are pretty cool ;D

Now the songs! ^o^  

01. Right For Me

Nice starter track, I really like the mood of the song ^^

02. I Don't Know What I'd Do

This track is pretty cool :3 I like when he sings 'Cause I'm in love with you baby… But I don't know how to say it to you~ But on the other side it's a little comical that he keeps singing I wanna talk to you baby, I wanna walk with you baby and so on. I don't know, it just sound a little funny xD Eddie sounds cute when he sings Yeah~ with his hoarse teenage voice <3

03. Give Your Heart To Me

This song has a more rock feel to it ^^ You could say it's the bad boy song on the album ;D Lol I think it's cool ^^

04. When The Sun Goes Down

 A love ballad :) I think it's the song where you hear Furlong's voice most clearly. I don't know why, but this song really touches my heart xD The lyrics are really nice…  Sigh -  I  just love Edward Furlong so much <3 

05. I'll Be Waiting

This song is really catchy~ I'll be waiting to lead you through the dark, I'll be waiting to find it in your heart~ Oh yeah! There even exists a "cupid" version, which you can listen to if you scroll farther down the page ^^ 

06. Hold On Tight (Special Album Version)

The title track! :D I think this song's the best on the whole album. It's just genius ^O^ The single release of this song actually beat Whitney Houston's major hit "I Will Always Love You" on the number one spot on the glorious Oricon chart in Japan, whoa! This say a lot about the power of Japanese girl fandom! Lol~

07. People Are Strange

This is a cover of The Doors' People Are Strange, and I think it reminds me very much of the cover Echo and the Bunnymen did in The Lost Boys soundtrack from 1987. It's a pretty cool song, but not as interesting as the other songs on this album ^ ^

08. It's Christmas Time

There has been thought of anything to this album, even a Christmas song! To all of you who love or can't wait for Christmas to come, this must be perfect xD As for a Christmas song, this song isn't all that christmassy. I enjoy listening to this even though there still are about two months left to December ;)

Download Hold On Tight (If you liked what you heard, please download his wonderful album!)

I really like Eddie's album, even though I'm completely aware of that his singing skills aren't the best. I still think the songs are incredibly catchy, as I've found myself listening to the album nonstop ever since I found and bought it. It's like the songs grow better and better the more times I listen to them. At first, I thought something like: Oh, these songs are really goofy, but I'll give them a listen anyway. Now I'm like: It's rediculous how much I love these songs! xD

If I should make a list over my favorite songs from the album it would look like this:

  1. Hold On Tight
  2. Give Your Heart To Me
  3. I'll Be Waiting
  4. When The Sun Goes Down
  5. Right For Me
  6. I Don't Know What I'd Do
  7. It's Christmas Time
  8. People Are Strange

The title song "Hold On Tight" are just great. Love it so much! \(¯     ω ¯)/ LOL XD

Here are the songs from the special single release of I'll Be Waiting


01 I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)

I feels like you hear Eddie's voice more clearly in this version than the normal version. It's also longer, as it has the really nice opening chorus added in the beginning of the song.  Overall I really enjoy this version <3

02 Hold On Tight ~ I Don't Know What I'd Do ~ Right For Me ~ Give Your Heart To Me (Everyday's Valentine Medley)

This medley is long (but aren't all medleys like that?) I think the beginning with Hold On Tight are so awesome, and generally this medley is nice if you want to listen to all his love songs together ^o^

03 I'll Be Waiting (Instrumental Version)

Now YOU can sing I'll Be Waiting~ ;D 

Download I'll Be Waiting (Cupid Mix)

I'm really happy I bought this single. It's a really nice version of his song I'll Be Waiting and the medley and the instrumental are some nice extras ^^ It's also amazing to see how much work the Japanese put into a little single release like this.  It's incredible! I love Japanese fan-service (it's with no doubt about it the best fan-service in the world!) :D

Now I only need to buy Edward Furlong's photobook, then I  truly can call myself an obsessed fan – LOL! xD Edward Furlong PB


¨¨¨¨¨¨~Oh Jolly Season!~¨¨¨¨¨¨

My mailbox was a happy place when I got home from school today, because my little "before Christmas" order had arrived ^o^ Wohoo! Look!

My order contained:
New Moon – The Motion Picture Original Soundtrack
HOME ALONe – Family Fun Edition DVD
HOME ALONe – Christmas Album

I just had to own the New Moon soundtrack myself after having watched the masterpiece of a movie. The music is great and there is a lot of variation in the genres ^^ About the other stuff, well it's Christmas! XD I'm a sucker for Macaulay Culkin's cute face and adorable acting. I've been watching the HOME ALONe movies every Christmas all my life, as long as I remember! :D

It's the best Christmas movies ever made! (Except movie 3 and 4 – for God's sake – skip those!)
I look forward to all the neat special features on this DVD release, especially the commentary by Chris Columbus and Macaulay<3 That's going to be fun! And then there are the 15 deleted scenes and alternative takes :O That's something huh?
The HOME ALONe music is really something special in my opinion. Every time I hear John Williams' "Somewhere in My Memory" it's like being in another dimension, a Christmas dimension where everything is warm and safe. It's amazing… Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I just love the score and music so much XD The song "All Alone on Christmas" by Darlene Love is one of my favorite songs from the movies, it's so happy and exhilarating. But actually I like every song and music score composed for this movie :D <3<3<3

Now to the New Moon soundtrack

I have looked forward to listen to this album for two weeks now, so you can imagine what a relief it was for me to put it in my Cd-player this afternoon! ^O^ The first number "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie is really nice, and I have already listened to this many times before buying this soundtrack. The other songs, on the other hand, I haven't heard really, other than when they played in the movie itself. I love the tracks: Rosyln by Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Satellite Heart by Anya Marina, Possibility by Lykke Li (from one of my neighbors – Sweden! cool ^^) and Slow Life by Grizzly Bear and No Sound But the Wind by Editors<3

Besides this soundtrack, there is the New Moon Score, which I have listened to on the net. The score is actually much much better than I expected, because at the time I watched the movie I didn't really have time to notice the beautiful composed music in the background XD The first track "New Moon" is fantastic, I love the mysterious sound to it and the sad tone as well. It's composed by Alexandre Desplat (sounds French doesn't it? ^^) and there's a piano version of the track "New Moon" on the soundtrack as well ^o^ Wonderful, wonderful :3 I also love the tracks: Dreamcatcher, Edward Leaves, Almost a Kiss, Break Up, To Volterra, You Are Alive and Marry Me, Bella. XD *Sigh*
I can't wait till Monday, where I'm going to watch New Moon again! Wee~ ^o^ I know… I'm a crazy fan (O3o)/ (<– look! a crazy smiley XD) Haha
Here's some extra pictures from HOME ALONe – now I had them already ^^


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