I’m a girl from Denmark who are currently studying Japanese language at university. I love Japan above all and this love includes all from J-pop, Japanese cinema, doramas, the Japanese language to Japanese literature. I’m especially into Japanese idols, mostly from Hello! Project, but also idols under Stardust and Amuse. My favorite group is Berryz工房 but Buono!, Momoiro Clover, Ebichu, Sakura Gakuin, BABYMETAL, Fairies, LinQ, Passpo☆, Morning Musume and Tokyo Girls’ Style are also favorites of mine :3

My number 1 idol is Tsugunaga Momoko from Berryz工房 and Buono!  I just love this cute girl! And she’s kind of a role model for me too ♥ But I have a lot of other favorite idols of mine (It would just take up too much space to write them all here ^^;)

My user-name “Nino-baby” originates from my Arashi obsession back in 2007 (as my favorite member is Ninomiya Kazunari), where I started my very first blog on VOX. But when VOX suddenly decided to close, I was forced to move my blog to another blogsite, or else my blog would be deleted * ~ *;;  But wrongly I chose Typepad (because it seemed most like my previous blog…) but it soon drove me crazy! So now I’ve chosen to stay on WordPress. I still keep the same user-name, because I think it sounds cute (and never is taken by other bloggers ^o^).

Primarily I use this blog to tell about my interests or obsessions (*laughs*), but I also like to review and post about new stuff I’ve bought or discovered. My interests are pretty much all from Japan, as I both love Japanese music, cinema, litterature and culture as well as their obsession with all things cute xD However, I also like things like 90s and 80s movies (I’m especially nuts about child actors and children’s movies as I love nostalgia ~ ^ o^), True Blood, Teen Wolf, Twilight, Justin Bieber, Peanuts, Stephen King, Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings :D
My favorite manga is probably Negima as it’s the only manga I’m still buying and will do until it one day stops ^^; Other manga series I like are: Hana-Kimi, Fruits Basket, Gantz, and Pita-ten. Japanese writers I like to read are Otsu-ichi and Murakami Haruki.
I have tons of Japanese actors and actresses that I like and my favourite Japanese music artists are a never-ending list, so you will have to read my blog to find out more about that ;)

I don’t post as much as I would like, as school nearly always keep me busy, which often makes it hard to find the time ; _ ; ~buhuu… and it doesn’t help that I also like to post a lot of photos, which takes forever to upload! >~<;

But anyway! I hope you find something interesting on my blog and that you will feel like commenting now and then ^_^

Because I’m always happy to get comments! :3

16 responses

  1. I just found your blog and I am really amazed by it. I love Japan too and most stuff regarding it. And I also love True Blood (Jessica is my favo) and movies of the 90’s and 80’s (Do you know the movie “now and then”? It’s one of my all time favorite!). It seem’s like we have some stuff in common. ^-^

    • Wow thank you so much! I’m so glad you like my blog ^o^ (Warms my heart ♥)
      I know “Now and Then” (I have it on DVD actually) it’s a great movie :D Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa are so cute together :P heh
      Nice to meet a fellow True Blood fan as well ^o^ I’m so excited about the new season, gonna watch it when I get the time (it’s available online right?) :) Jessica is also one of my favorite characters, but I also really love Sookie :3
      But nice to read your comment Angi ^_^

      • I am also very excited about the new TrueBlood Season but at the moment it’s only avalible at And your are only able to get an account there when you live inside the USA. I hate this. Now I have to wait until it get’s avalible in europe too!
        However I also think that Christina Ricci and Devon Sawa are really cute in “Now and Then”! (^-^)
        Since the movie I have a crush on Devon Sawa. I love to see movies with him. (>_<)
        Are there other JPop Bands you like or are you mostly into Idol groups like Berryz & co.? (^-^)

  2. Oh really?! Here I was thinking that I was able to watch True Blood online (legally) and then, once again, I will need to download the series (illegally) :( Bummer… But I know I won’t be able to wait! Haha ^^;
    I also always get crushes on actors (like all the time >_>) Devon was no exception :P But actually got a crush on him from the movie “Casper” ♥ Even though he only appears for a brief moment xD Can you recommend me other movies with Devon Sawa? :)
    I would say I mostly like idol groups, but I also really like groups like Arashi, Hey! Say! JUMP, Girls’ Generation, f(x), B1A4, The Brilliant Green, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Gallileo Gallilei, Yui, Tokyo Girls’ Style (I’m not sure they are idols or not?), Rainie Yang, Akiakane and many more ;3 Hehe I love asian music ♥ What about you? ^_^

    • I would recommend you the movies “little giants”, “the guilty”, “Idle Hands” and “slackers” and I am personaly a big fan of “final destination”!! ♥
      About asian music I like a lot of different bands/singer.
      My favorite is Koda Kumi but there are lots of other japanese artist that I like e.g. Yuna Ito, Ayaka, Tegomass, V6, Ikimonogakari and Yuya Matsushita.
      I also listen to a lot Kpop and a few TW/CPop artists.
      My KPop favorite is Wheesung but I also like e.g. Se7en, Shinee, Kara, HyoRi, Rainbow and UKiss.
      My favorite TW/CPop singers are Jay Chou and G.E.M. Tang but I also like listening to Ariel Lin, Rainie Yang, JJLin, Fahrenheit and Show Lou!

      • Thank you!
        Wow I see you listen to a lot of different stuff as well ^^ Cool.
        I like Tegomass, Ikimonogakari and Shinee too ♥
        I checked your blog out, is it new? All the posts seems very new (and up to date!) :O Very nice ^_^ The pic in the upper right corner, is that you? :) If yes, you are very pretty! ^o^ Do you want me to add your blog to my blogroll? ;)

  3. Yes my blog is new I opend it just a few days ago! (^-^)
    I wanted to open a blog where I can post things about japanese Entertainment. (^______^)
    It would be really nice if you could put my blog to your blogroll! ♥
    A link to your blog is on my blog too now!
    It’s not me on the picture it is my favorite singer Koda Kumi.
    Yeah, she is very pretty, I like her a lot since more than 4 years already! (*_*)

  4. Sorry I first reply to you now! >_< I'm on vacation right now, so I don't get to check my mail as often as I used to. I put your blog on my blogroll now too as well ^^ It's always nice to get a new blog buddie ;)
    I'm surprised you already made so many blog posts in such a short span of time! :O I only post once in a while when I get the time ^^; Haha
    Oh! Okay! I didn't know how Koda Kumi looked, only her name (lol!) xD A little pathetic perhaps? ^-^; Wow a fan for 4 years huh? That sounds like my Berryz fandom! :P I have been a fan of them for 4 years as well ♥ Funny coincidence :)

  5. It’s really great to know that someone show exactly the same show as me recently. I watched Ouran Live Action, IS and Kingyo Club XD KYAAAAAAAA!!!~

    It’s so excited to read your blog especially when both of us watch the same Jap Idol show. Currently, what other drama do you recomment to watch? XD XD

    PS: Watashi wa honto ni Ureshii desu

    • Wow, yeah that’s one of a kind encounter xD Which series did you like best then? :P
      I don’t know what I should recommend exactly as I’m only watching those series right now, but do it have to be new series? :) I know someone who said Ikemen Desu Ne is a nice drama, so maybe you should check that one out? ^^

      I’m glad to hear you like my blog and want to read it ^^ I’m always glad to get new readers :D You seem nice!

    • Oh yeah I meant Jewel Kiss! XD sorry, I must have Fairies on my mind lately (they have a song called “Sweet Jewel” lol) but would be really awesome if you could upload some of their singles :O

  6. I found your blog while looking for some HYD Cover art :-) I just converted HYD season 1 and 2 into 1080p onto Blurays. I’m very excited to watch the entire series and SP in HD! You have a nice blog, hopefully you will get the urge to start blogging again…at least on this one :-)

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