Getting a lot of new nice things soon~

I’m definitely spending too much money this month to satisfy my shopping needs, but anyway, here goes.

Sometime this month I will get these lovely things:

Sexy Zone / Yuma Nakayama / Johnny’s Jr. 2012.4 -> 2013.3 Johnny’s Official Calendar
As there haven’t been uploaded any official pictures of the calendar yet I’m posting this very exciting picture from CDjapan. I’ve never ordered a Johnny’s calendar before, but as I love Sexy Zone I just had to get their calendar! I hope it has nice pictures, especially with Shori and Marius please ;D

LinQ’s 2nd single 「Calorie Nante / Kimochi / Te wo Tsunaide」

Around a month ago I got interested in this new group from the Fukuoka area, LinQ (rinku/link) who debuted in 2011. I love their song Calorie Nante and as I wasn’t able to find their music anywhere on the net (probably because they are a really new group) I decided to get the single. If you haven’t heard this song yet, you should listen to the highly addictive peace of work here:


(I will do a more throughout report on LinQ as soon as I get their single ♪)

aBUTTON Vol. 3 Tabi – Kariya Yuiko 刈谷友衣子(PLUP SERIES)

I finally decided to get this photo book, partly because I simply adore Kariya Yuiko but also because it’s impossible to find on the net as well ;( It’s quite expensive though; US$ 30 for only 95 pages! o_o But I really feel like I should give the aBUTTON photo book series a try. They do look amazing. I will scan and take pictures from it as soon as I get my fingers on it, I promise! I’m so excited for this omg.
BOMB! 2012 April Issue
It’s been ages since last time I bought an idol magazine. That’s the reason why I decided to get this BOMB magazine. I haven’t tried this magazine yet, but it has a section with Kariya Yuiko and idol groups such as Passpo, 9nine, AKB, Idoling!! and others. There are a feature and a poster with Itano Tomomi whom I’m not that crazy about, but I guess I could hang the poster in my Japanese classroom if I don’t like it too much :P I’m also just buying this for fun, sometimes you can discover many exciting things by buying at random~
Sakura Gakuin 2011 Nendo – FRIENDS –

Of course I’m also getting Sakura Gakuin’s 2nd album! This time however, I can only afford the regular edition… On the positive side though, this version have all members on it ^o^ It’s sad this album will be the last one to feature Ayami, Ayaka and Airi, but at least they are getting their own song. I look forward to the new songs and hopefully I like Mini Pati and sleepiece’s songs better this time :3

Limited Editions






That’s quite a lot for one month, don’t you agree? ^ ^;

BABYMETAL have done it again~

Holy cricket! They have done it again, BABYMETAL o_o I’m completely in love with this weird mix of tecno, rock, rap and pop!

Have been anticipating BABYMETAL’s comeback for quite awhile now, so am delighted to hear their new song ^o^ I really love how they mix genres like this. I would never had guessed it was possible to mix genres like techno and rock, but these members of the Juon-bu make it seem so natural and cool! And then they even added a rap part to the madness – lovely! ♥o♥ I think it’s cool when girls’ idols rap; it’s such a nice contrast to the sweet girly image they always have to maintain ^o^ And the dracula capes in the beginning of the video was just an epic intro (haha). Wuaah~ I really can’t wait for the release of this single!










It’s out on March the 7th – so if you have the money (unlike me right now) I think it’s certain you won’t be disappointed by buying this release ;D

BABYMETAL – Do・ki・Do・ki☆Morning 「ド・キ・ド・キ☆モーニング」 PV

To my big surprise they DID actually make a PV for this epic song – やった !  ^ O^ (but why it took them over half a year, I don’t have a clue o_O)  But anyway, I’m so glad they made one! xD This PV matches the song’s style and sound perfectly and then the girls just do a wonderful job, it’s incredible. How can such young girls rock this style so convincingly? :O They never fail to surprise me ^^;

I hope Sakura Gakuin’s new single “FRIENDS” gets an release date and PV as well soon *o* Go Sakura Gakuin, go! ♥