Momoiro Christmas

I just received this concert DVD with Momoiro Clover the other day and watched it with my sister. It was a really nice concert, the girls really gave it their best and you could see how much this honor meant to them. So cute ❤

The DVD itself is very neat :3 I love the cover art and it has two discs: one with the concert footage and one with making of footage :O The making of included photoshoots and the girls goofing around on the set, as well as backstage footage of the concert (before and after, as well as under the concert) and interviews with the girls after the concert too :D Really nice! And if those things weren’t enough, they also included a 20-page booklet with pictures from the concert ^o^ wow right? Hello! Project should learn from the guys who made this DVD xD lol

I think they got around to perform all their songs – plus some extra (cover) songs I hadn’t heard before. Shiori and Akari both got to perform solo, while the others will have to wait for next time :) I liked that it was those two members who got to perform solo though, as you don’t hear Akari very much in their group songs (except for the rapping parts maybe) and I just like Shiori very much (she’s my second most favorite member – next to Kanako) so of course I was happy xD Next time I hope to see Kanako or Momoka get a solo performance though ^^ Would be awesome!
Or maybe a Kanako x Shiori duet ❤ ❤❤ *O*

Here’s the setlist:
1 Hashire
2 Believe
3 Pinky Jones
4 words of the mind
5 Rough Style
6 Kimi Yuki
7 Zenryoku Shoujo
8 Momoiro Punch
9 Kibun wa Super Girl
10 Mirai e Susume
11 Fall into Me (Akari solo)
12 Ai desu ka? (Shiori solo)
13 Coco Natsu
14 Kimi to Sekai
15 Ikuze! Kaito Shoujo!
16 Orange Note
17 Mirai Bowl
18 Tsuyoku Tsuyoku
19 Ano Sora e Mukatte

Some of my favorite performances were Kimi Yuki, Zenryoku Shoujo, Akari’s solo – Fall into me, Shiori’s solo – Ai desu ka?, Coco Natsu, Ikuze Kaitou Shoujo and Tsuyoku Tsuyoku~ ❤ The entrance they did to Zenryoku Shoujo was amazing! I loved the outfits and the cool sunglasses xD Haha

The girls sang with playback, but they were singing over the playback as well – if that makes any sense? I wish they would just let them sing without the playback (as I think all the girls are really talented singers) but I guess they had to make the performances *perfect* because they only got to perform this concert one time (on Christmas Eve) as well as film it for the DVD… :/ Too bad. I hope they will sing without playback next time ^^

But otherwise a really great concert – worth your money!

Shiori ‘s solo performance

Akari’s solo performance

Kimi Yuki

More booklet photos ^^

By the way – I really really look forward to Momoclo’s first album releasing July 27th :O I hope there will be some duets or solos on the album xD

My poll results (Hello!Blog) 2010

I've just taken part in Paul's poll on his blog Hello!Blog and I found it very hard to complete my vote xD But here they are…

And here is my unit ranking.

I found it so hard to choose my favorite members… sigh. But I had to make my choice xD
t wasn't hard putting Momo on my top1, but the following members where hard >o< Because I've become more interested in Risako and Chinami lately I ended up putting them on my top2 and top3 (even though I still feel a little bad about Miyabi being on top4…)

Lately I've started to like S/mileage a lot, which are the simple reason why my favorite member from the unit Wada Ayaka has moved all the way up to my top6 xD I like the other members too, but they can't beat Maasa, Yurina, Gaki and Junjun~ ^  ^

I know it looks harsh to put Airi all down to 14th place, but recently she hasn't done much for me, I don't know… I just think she gets a little too much attention, when other members are just as talented (*cough* Maimai *cough*) And now I haven't ever hold the big interest for C-ute, so that's the reason for my low rankings for C-ute members.

I had a hard time placing Mano Erina too. I think I have some kind of love/hate relationship towards her >O< Sometimes I like her, because of her cute looks and personality. But at the same time I'm not too much fond of her singing voice… :/ I also reckon she gets overly much attention/promotion… (both in magazines, television and public promotion – like she just got her own FC Bus Tour Event :/) Maybe UFA should give C-ute or Buono a little more promotion, they need it more. That's my opinion :)

Sorry Aika.. I had to put somebody in the last place position… xD

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My first HMV order ^ ^

Today I stayed home from school, because my throat hurt like mad and I had a terrible headache… But fortunately my day turned for the better when the mailman rang my doorbell and gave me the package from HMV Japan! ^O^ Yay~
First I couldn't believe it, I ordered these things from HMV Japan 5 days ago… FIVE! This is the first time EVER I've received a package earlier than the site claims! :O When I ordered the site said 6-14 delivery days! >O< Wow! Now I know that paying a little extra money for delivery definitely is worth it! ^O^ 

This is my very first time buying Japanese idol magazines, so of course I was very excited! xD Additionally I found out HMV still had the limited edition of Berryz工房 third album: 3 Natsu Natsu Mini Berryz (3夏夏ミニベリーズ) So I just had to buy that too~! x3 My baby~

Every since I discovered ヤ ンヤ ン (YanYan) magazine in January I've wanted to buy a volume ^ ^ So now was the time! Unfortunately Berryz didn't make it to the front page… Even though they have done extraordinary well this month :/ Well let's hope they do next time ;3 They deserve it!
I still get surprised at how small the ヤ ンヤ ン magazine is… :O It's not much bigger than a manga! Additionally it's much thinner than a manga. Well, it still has some lovely pictures and is overall a very nice magazine. But I think I like the BIG ONE GIRLS magazine a little better ^o^ heheh 

The size of the BIG ONE GIRLS (Mew Mew?) magazine was a little better ^ ^ (A4 size) and to my surprise it held collectors cards with Berryz and SKE48 members – nice! xD This magazine had many big beautiful pictures and a great variety of idol groups ^O^ Even Buono was included! Well there was something about their We are Buono! Tour ^^ Check below ;)

And of course it held a section with Berryz pictures from their new album as well ;D

To my surprise S/mileage and Momoiro Clover appeared in the magazine too! (Love~) ^  ^

I really, REALLY hope they will make it… Today I read they still need 1000 smile pictures to win the challenge… And there is only 3 days left! >O<,,, Wuaaa~ I'm worried! I've sent my picture and three other friends pictures in… > o < They have to debut! They just have to! Tsunku how could you even think of this huh?! >U< *@#&¤%=#X!!!!* xD

I really look forward to this groups mayor debut single release in May. Why is there so much time left to wait? XD Sigh I discovered this group maybe two weeks ago and I just love it so much already! My favorites in the group is Kanako Momota and Akari Hayami (aka "Mega" because she's the tallest girl in the group *3*)

At last but not least the Berryz stuff (^O^)/

I've wanted this limited edition of Berryz third album for a loong time xD It feels so good to actually own it myself now (evil laugh~) I just love all the songs on this cute little mini album, especially Maji Natsu Sugiru and Halation Summer ^  ^ <3 I really wish Berryz would make a summer themed album like this again ^3^ I love it~ The limited edition also came with a nice beach ball and beach slippers (too big for me though) I think I'll put the slippers somewhere in my room when it become summer – only as show of course ;D

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