Japanese Christmas playlist

Now we are in December I thought to myself: I want to do a post about Japanese Christmas songs! I’m not sure I know that many, and most of them I know are from idol groups, but well here is my list~

Many probably don’t know about this Arashi song (I didn’t at least), but as I searched to see if Arashi had a Christmas song hidden in their discography, I found this! Ano Hi no Merry Christmas (あの日のメリークリスマス) is a light, typical Arashi song. Nevertheless, it’s a Christmas song and it has sort of grown on me, after having listened to it a couple of times. I would have liked some solo lines, but apart from that it’s a nice jingle for Christmas~

This is a song I know well, having listened to it many times. As always Buono! produces some great pop-rock tunes and this is no exception. I love Winter Story‘s catchy and groovy sound, as well as the brilliant chorus. A Buono! classic of mine and a great song to make me in mood for Christmas!

I can’t forget to include Momoiro Clover Z’s crazy and energetic Christmas song Santa-san! From the first time I listened to this song, I was hooked. It’s such a great, funny song with a lot of small gimmicks. Here I’m thinking of things like Reni’s ii toko (“good qualities”) dance for Santa Claus (or whatever it is) and a mentioning about Australian Christmas being in midsummer, which results in a throwback to their summer song Coco☆Natsu (ココ☆ナツ)(haha), so crazy!

This year Momoiro Clover Z’s “little brother” group DISH// (under Stardust) has released a Christmas single, nearly as crazy as Santa-san. Itsuka wa Merry Christmas (いつかはメリークリスマス)is a funny rock/pop song with fresh voices from the group’s young members (15-18 years old). Like Momoiro Clover Z they sure like to make funny gags during their songs, which I really like about this group. I also like the message of this song, which is wishing for a girlfriend from Santa Claus in order not to be lonely on Christmas eve (lol). DISH’s members always seem in desperate need of one, even though they are all quite handsome! That I find very ironic. Then again it’s just a song, and an entertaining one at that.

This Christmas song by actress Maeda Aki is from her album Winter Tales, and is the only song of that album which isn’t a cover of previous Christmas hits, I believe. I think it’s a nice “gentle” song (like the title Fuyu Fuwari ふゆふわり, meaning “gently winter”) which a  lot of bell chimes, beautiful violin and Aki’s sweet voice to top it all. I like this actress a lot, as well as this Christmas song.

I love this Christmas love ballad by C-ute! I like Aitai Lonely Christmas (会いたいロンリークリスマス)so much I even listen to it when it isn’t Christmas (haha). It’s such a catchy song and the chorus is easy to remember too~ I wish C-ute could make songs like this again. It has a strong setsunai (“wistful/yearning”) feeling to it right? I kind of like that type of songs. I guess it’s because we all yearn for that special someone during the holidays (sigh).

I know this isn’t a song sung by a Japanese person, but Canadian René Simard released many Japanese songs as a child, and I like his song Christmas Tree (クリスマス・トォリー)a lot, so thought I would include it in my list. René has a nice heartfelt voice and delivers yet a beautiful song to enjoy during Christmas. He has released a lot of other Christmas songs in French as well as some in English I’m sure. So if you like this song, you should check his other songs out (even though they are old)~

This is such a happy song from Hey! Say! JUMP about having fun in the snow with one’s sweetheart (or that’s what I gather at least). I’m not sure it’s a Christmas song, but the theme “snow” is enough for me to make it so (haha). I love the intro line: masaka, yuki da! (“no way, it’s snowing!”). That line always make me in a good mood. Not that I’m too fond of snow, but I guess we all love the magic of the first snow of Christmas right?

I had to include Nino’s Winter Song as well. Nino is my favorite member from Arashi and I just love this beautiful Christmas ballad from him. I only have the version recorded from his radio show Bay Storm, and I’m not even sure if it’s been released anywhere else. He should totally release this on an album though! My favorite part of this sweet song is when he ends the song with the line: Merry Christmas to you, Merry Christmas to you~

Fairies has also released a Christmas song! Sweet Jewel has a very uplifting feeling to it and always make me in the mood to be productive (haha). Fairies always knows how to make very girly, yet stylish songs. That’s what I love about them. In addition, the PV for this song is so glittering and pretty, you should check it out if you haven’t!

This is the theme song from Morimoto Shintaro’s movie Snow Prince and is such a beautiful Christmas song! I love the piano play in the background, as well as the Snow Prince choir’s young adorable voices. I totally wish they could have been a permanent group, but unfortunately they only released this single. And I wish Johnny’s would do other songs like this too. It’s so precious!

I know this isn’t an official Christmas song maybe, but I always found it very Christmas-like for some reason! Apart from that, I see the light ~Bokutachi no Stage~ is one of my favorite Sexy Zone songs. It was included on their first single and also features the very young fresh voices of Marius and Sou (I totally miss their voices now! *cries*). I would have included their more official Christmas/summer song Sexy Summer ni Yuki ga Furu (Sexy Summer に雪が降る)as well, but Soundcloud wouldn’t let me upload it (buuhuu).

So these were my suggestions for Japanese Christmas songs (which aren’t covers of English ones). I hope you enjoyed and if you know some other good J-Pop Christmas songs, don’t hesitate to mention them in the comment section below~
And let’s hope Soundcloud doesn’t delete my uploads.

March single releases :3

Today I finally received my copies of both Berryz and Arashi new singles! ^o^ Believe it or not, but these singles are both my very first Berryz single AND Arashi single… Even though I have loved these two groups for years :O (Shame on me…) But I can make up for it by buying both singles in Limited editions~! xD (Right?!)
3rd March release:

  • Berryz 工房 22nd single: Otakebi Boy Wao!/Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda! (Limited A)
  • Arashi 29th single: Troublemaker (Limited Edition)

Even though the two singles released the same date, Berryz have actually done pretty well on their first couple of weeks. In their first week they got 3rd place on the Oricon weekly rank ^ O ^ In their second week they got 9th place! :O They managed to still be in the top10 in their second week, which is a first for Berryz xD Hallelujah! And last time I checked Arashi was still number one on the Oricon charts ^  o^ Heh…

The first time I heard "Otakebi Boy Wao!" I was really blown away. This new style and much deeper voices really didn't sound like Berryz at first, but now I think it suits them really nicely! ^ 3 ^ I think Yurina's voice surprised me the most. It really took me some time before I could recognize her voice! xD She sounds really cool this way and so do the rest of the members too!<3 So of course this song is my favorite song on their new single, but the other song (Tomodachi wa Tomodachi Nanda!) gets just as easily caught in my head ^^ Heh I like how the two songs is so different from each other, that's nice :)
I ordered the Limited A both because I liked the cover the best, but also because I thought the best PV choice was to get the close-up version of the Otakebi Boy Wao! PV. It's such a cool and crazy PV xD Love it! I really like the Tomodachi PV too, it's really smooth and nice to watch<3 Love how Momo kind of got the lead role in the PV x3 Yay for Momo!! ^O^

I looove Arashi's new song! It's such a lovely catchy song~ ^  o^ Even after 10 years, Arashi definitely still knows how to make a hit! xD Aaah, these boys… I will never stop loving them x3 It's such a crazy, funny and cute PV they have produced for this song<3 Their last couple of PVs have been awfully hot and sexy~ xD But this PV gets their cute and funny side back on the road! I really hope Arashi never stop, even though it's an impossible (and very demanding) dream of mine, I can't stop believing xD Yes… I'm a greedy person xP Love you forever~ <3  

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A long awaited order arrives… ~*O*~

I've waited over a month for this order! Normally it only take 7-14 days for delivery for Yesasia, it's probably the wild winter weather we have had recently which slowed it down -_- But now I've finally received the wonderful goodies, I'm going to gush very very much over it ^O^ heheh ;)

My order consist of

  • Ranie's brand new album: Rainie & Love…?
  • The highly acclaimed Arashi concert: ARASHI Around Asia 2008 in Tokyo
  • The epic Berryz vs. C-ute concert in Nakayoshi: Berryz Koubou & C-ute Nakayoshi Battle Concert Tour 2008 (Berryz Kamen version)
  • Extra: Japan Mini – Rilakkuma Maskot Wall Pocket Christmas
I was really REALLY happy when I finally got to open up these little treasures! I opened the Rainie album first:

I was totally taken aback by the beautiful cover with Rainie<3 How can a gal be that pretty?! xD

I've never purchased a album in such a different shape and style! It's absolutely stunning! I got 4 postcards for her new drama "Hi! My Sweetheart!", I think they were randomly selected, because some of them were a little funny ^^; I'm totally in love with the booklet – it's baby pink!!!<3 I adore the "rain" theme, she looks good damn gorgeous in that white dress! The umbrella handle was decorated with white little pearls – LOVE!! And then, they have somehow managed to make the rain look pink, it's so girly and pretty<3 ;3

Now to the songs.
The first track I've already heard many times in the new drama – "Yu Ai" but now listening to the full version and in much better quality, I think the song is even better! It's such a beautiful song<3 ^^ The second song "In Your Eyes" is a duet with Show Luo (the guy who plays the male protagonist in Hi! My Sweetheart) and when I heard it the very first time, I had a little shock, because I didn't expect a male voice just after the first song! Lol xD But the song was pretty nice, but not something special :)
The third song ROCKS! XD "Tick Tock (Beat The Clock)" is such a cool song and reminds me of electro pop! (and the tick tock part reminds me of "What Are You Waiting For" by Gwen Stefani!) Probably my favorite song on the whole album! :O
Then the three following songs are all ballads – very normal Rainie songs – but otherwise fantastic as always<3
The seventh song "On The Beat" also has a quite different style than her previous songs. It's an up-beat, cute and very much hilarious song :D I really like it, at any rate one of my favorite songs<3 ^o^
The eight song "Jue Dui Da Ling" has a somewhat acoustic feel to it? It sounds really lovely and is a very relaxed song – also one of the top songs on this album ;3
The lyrics for the ninth song "Love Rocks" are really crazy! In the chorus Rainie sings in such a fast pace that it on some point sounds like pure gibberish (maybe because I don't understand Chinese? lol) but it actually make the song stand out and after hearing a couple of times, it's a really great and neat song<3 ^o^b Also one of my favorites.
The tenth song plays so suddenly you can't believe it XD Haha The final song on the album "Er Du Lian Ai" is (surprisingly) a ballad song ^3^ It's a pretty song, but then again – she has done so many ballads now, it's not the most sensational song on the album. If you know what I mean? ^-^; But still a nice song :)
My final opinion of this album is: Fantastic album – my favorite of the whole bunch!<3 :D
(Always wanted to do this –>) Rating: 9/10 ~

Berryz KamenBerryz Kamen 3-ninKanna RangerMomo KamenBerryz Kamen Concert

Afterwards, I opened the Berryz/C-ute concert DVD, and as always the cover is in a smooth quality~ (wonderful, wonderful ^O^) Watched it this evening, and I got to describe it with one word: EPIC!
When Berryz and C–ute perform with combined power, it gets on a totally different level :O They look so good together xD But then the concert also made me a little sad, because Kanna and Erika still were a part of the group, I couldn't stop thinking about the new 5-nin group… How I wished they still were together… T-T *sob* Love Kanna-chan so much! >o< The Berryz Kamen and C-ute Ranger "play" was really funny, I enjoyed it very much :D

Then I opened the Arashi Around ASIA concert DVD<3 The bluish cover is transparent, and the yellow color of the A is actually provided by the yellow booklet inside the dvd! :O Such a cool detail XD Now I haven't watched it yet, but it has received so many great comment from other fans, I have a feeling it's going to be a awesome concert! ^O^ Well, when Nino-kun is performing, all it's perfect ^#^

The last thing I opened was the Japan Mini toy, which came as and extra goodie from Yesasia ^^ I choose a Christmas themed Rilakkuma toy<3 Then I can use it next Xmas ^O^

 All in all, a great batch this month!! x3

Look forward to the new Buono! album and Berryz concert next month! ^^

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