Maki’s new drama!<3

It's finally Christmas time, and I've started watching Maki's new drama series "Innocent Love". I've only watched two episodes so far because there haven't been translated more episodes so far… The drama has a Christmas feel to it, which suits me fine with the season ^__^ I think Maki acts more mature in this drama and then it's totally exciting to watch! There constantly happen nerve wracking things and you really feel for the persons! >O< The drama's quite sad, but when happy moments happen you feel it much stronger! I like the actors and the music is wonderful!! Utada Hikaru sings the theme song which is called "Eternally – Drama Mix" ;) It's just sooo good! <3

Watch the opening here:

Eternally – Drama Mix by Utada Hikaru

The OST is coming out today! :D

But I haven't found the download yet… D'X

Here's some pictures from a press conference with the Innocent Love cast ^o^

Innocent Loce CrewMaki and Yujin

 The Christmas clothing is beautiful! :O

Maki's so pretty… (>o<)<3

Pics from the photo books:

Innocent love makiInnocent love maki2Innocent love yujinInnocent love yujin2

I like Maki's clothes in this drama! It's very feminine and stylish XD

And to complete my obsesness about Maki I made this drawing of her yesterday, it was really tough to make it look right, but I hope you like it! ^O^

 I hope they soon will upload subs for the next episodes! X3 I can't wait >,o<

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My Shugo Chara craze is back! XD

I tried to read further in my Japanese copy of Shugo Chara volume 5, then I watched further in the anime series, and now I'm hooked all over again!! X3 I really can't help it, I just LOVE this manga<3 I'm very grateful to Peach-Pit for making this series ^O^

Yesterday and today I made two new Shugo Chara drawings, one with Amu and one with Rima ^^











Please comment! <3 ^o^

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~Twilight~ the best vampire book ever!

I've just read the book "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer this weekend, it blew me away!! :O I simply just loved the story and the way the narrator told the story through Bella's eyes, SO exciting! And I loved the vampire Edward XD Really -  WOW! 

I'm already reading the next book in the saga: New Moon. It's really exciting! I want to know about, what's going to happen between Bella and Edward >O< I hope Edward comes back! T__T 


And then to the MOVIE! :O I'm really looking forward to this. The actors are just perfect in my opinion, exspecially Bella and Edward X3 And Robert Pattinson looks so hot with this look! I didn't like his look in Harry Potter XD I have watched Kristen Stewart in "Panic Room" she's a really nice actor too :D

I hope this film will come to the theatres in Denmark too, I'm not satisfied with a DVD release >.<


Today I made this drawing, and I think You can guess the reason why ^__~

My scanner ruined all my shadows, but elsewhy I'm pretty satisfied with my drawing :D

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