¨¨¨¨¨¨~Oh Jolly Season!~¨¨¨¨¨¨

My mailbox was a happy place when I got home from school today, because my little "before Christmas" order had arrived ^o^ Wohoo! Look!

My order contained:
New Moon – The Motion Picture Original Soundtrack
HOME ALONe – Family Fun Edition DVD
HOME ALONe – Christmas Album

I just had to own the New Moon soundtrack myself after having watched the masterpiece of a movie. The music is great and there is a lot of variation in the genres ^^ About the other stuff, well it's Christmas! XD I'm a sucker for Macaulay Culkin's cute face and adorable acting. I've been watching the HOME ALONe movies every Christmas all my life, as long as I remember! :D

It's the best Christmas movies ever made! (Except movie 3 and 4 – for God's sake – skip those!)
I look forward to all the neat special features on this DVD release, especially the commentary by Chris Columbus and Macaulay<3 That's going to be fun! And then there are the 15 deleted scenes and alternative takes :O That's something huh?
The HOME ALONe music is really something special in my opinion. Every time I hear John Williams' "Somewhere in My Memory" it's like being in another dimension, a Christmas dimension where everything is warm and safe. It's amazing… Maybe I'm exaggerating a bit, but I just love the score and music so much XD The song "All Alone on Christmas" by Darlene Love is one of my favorite songs from the movies, it's so happy and exhilarating. But actually I like every song and music score composed for this movie :D <3<3<3

Now to the New Moon soundtrack

I have looked forward to listen to this album for two weeks now, so you can imagine what a relief it was for me to put it in my Cd-player this afternoon! ^O^ The first number "Meet Me on the Equinox" by Death Cab for Cutie is really nice, and I have already listened to this many times before buying this soundtrack. The other songs, on the other hand, I haven't heard really, other than when they played in the movie itself. I love the tracks: Rosyln by Bon Iver & St. Vincent, Satellite Heart by Anya Marina, Possibility by Lykke Li (from one of my neighbors – Sweden! cool ^^) and Slow Life by Grizzly Bear and No Sound But the Wind by Editors<3

Besides this soundtrack, there is the New Moon Score, which I have listened to on the net. The score is actually much much better than I expected, because at the time I watched the movie I didn't really have time to notice the beautiful composed music in the background XD The first track "New Moon" is fantastic, I love the mysterious sound to it and the sad tone as well. It's composed by Alexandre Desplat (sounds French doesn't it? ^^) and there's a piano version of the track "New Moon" on the soundtrack as well ^o^ Wonderful, wonderful :3 I also love the tracks: Dreamcatcher, Edward Leaves, Almost a Kiss, Break Up, To Volterra, You Are Alive and Marry Me, Bella. XD *Sigh*
I can't wait till Monday, where I'm going to watch New Moon again! Wee~ ^o^ I know… I'm a crazy fan (O3o)/ (<– look! a crazy smiley XD) Haha
Here's some extra pictures from HOME ALONe – now I had them already ^^


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I’m in love~

I've just watched New Moon this Friday… And all I can say is: I totally adore it!!
Taylor was even more amazing as Jacob in tthan I had imagined. He is just so hot! >#< I'm more team Jacob now than ever XD The wolves were incredible, and they had really great facial expressions. The animated fur really looked like real fur! Really well done.

I was surprised about the beginning of the movie. They had visualized Bella's dream about her growing old with Edward forever young beside her. It was a breathtaking beginning, really great! Then of course I loved all the Jacob/Bella scenes, especially the one in Bella's room, when Jacob visits at night and gives Bella the clue. The hug was really intense… XD Sigh… And then the "almost kiss" scene… *dreamy*
The Volturi was


so intimidating! lol ^^ Now that I'm a fan of Dakota, I was bound to love her performance, but I will have to say that she really nailed this. With the read eyes and the grave mood – she was a totally different Dakota :OThen there were Aro, Caius and Marcus… They were fantastic! Sheen was perfect for Aro, he's such a talented actor

The ending scene of the movie was so nice.Jacob seemed so vulnerable when he left the scene… *sob* D'X And those wolf eyes he did; so cute! XD And then Edward ended the movie with the line "Marry me" all the girls screamed – haha ^O^ Actually they screamed through the whole movie  (sometimes I screamed too ^#^) The funniest time was when Jacob took his shirt of in the bike scene, the girls were really surprised, so the screams were even more intense XD haha

I will have to say this cimema experience has been one of the best I've ever had. I will never forget it.

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Twilight – japanese covers and illustrations

I found this on a cool Twilight website, the japanese covers and illustrations XD They are really nice!

Here's the first covers of Twilight (the series was made into 13 parts)

Twilight volume 1Twilight volume 2Twilight volume 3

Neat covers, but why does Edward's hair color change through each cover?? XD

The names of the first 3 volumes:

  1. "The Boy Whom I Love is a Vampire"
  2. "Blood Tastes Sadness" 
  3. "The Vampire Family in the Darkness"

Here's some of the illustrations to Twilight

First SightSaving youSaving youBloodtyping accidentBella and JessicaBella and Mike (gym)Football nightMeadow SceneMeeting the familyEdward and Calisle (past)James, Victoria and LaurentAlice visionJames attackClimax

Here's the covers of New Moon

Twilight volume 4 (new moon)Twilight volume 5 (new moon)Twilight volume 6 (new moon)

How can it be Jacob isn't on any of these covers? DX

The names of volume 4-6:

  • 4. "The Fang Whispers Sweetly"
  • 5. "Month of the Wolf"
  • 6. "The Angel of Sighing"

Here's some of the illustrations to New Moon

Twilight japanese versoinEdward photosJasper going havocJacobBella with jacobNightmaresFulmoonThe wolf PackStorytellingThe Martyr BrideBella almost drowningAro and Co.Alice (before vampire)Bella and Jacob

The first  picture is really nice… Aro looks exactly like I have imagined him XD The picture of Alice past is really great too, a rare sight :O The wolf pack's here too! They look awsome ^o^ 

Here's the covers of Eclipse

Twilight volume 7 (eclipse)Twilight volume 8 (eclipse)Twilight volume 9 (eclipse)

Again how can it be Jacob isn't here? >O< But anyway, lovely covers! Especially the first one ^^

Here's some of the illustrations to Eclipse

BellaEdward with BellaEdwardCool JacobJasperBella with wolf jacobGraduationTrail of Bella's scentWe will protect you!Victoria's rageJacob's choiceJane and Co.The Cullens

I'm totally in love with the picture of Bella and Wolf Jacob…<3 I hope the wolfs in the New Moon movie will look like this version XD Jane looks nice too, she actually looks like Dakota Fanning :P and look at Jasper (from his past) – cool XD

Here's the covers of Breaking Dawn

Twilight volume 10 (breaking dawn)Twilight volume 11 (breaking dawn)Twilight volume 12 (breaking dawn)Twilight last volume

I couldn't find the right cover of volume 10, but just look at the last cover! *Drools* I adore it! X3 It's totally my favorite cover!<3

Here's some of the illustrations to Breaking Dawn

Bride BellaBella and AliceBella and Jacob dancingHoney Moon nightOh no! I'm pregnant!Jacob talking to BellaJacob and wolf packPregnant Bella with EdwardBella transformationEdward and Bella huntingRenesmee and Co.The confrontationAro vs. Bella and EdwardAlice and Jasper returnHugThe End

Renesmee is so cute! XD But I'm a little disappointed about Bella's transformation to vampire – she looks exactly the same! X< And then you can't hardly see she's pregnant XD haha But the picture of Edward in the water… ~Kya~ I like Alice very much on the first picture of her and Bella with the dress, she looks great! 


I think it would be cool if the twilight series would be made into a manga series too, 'cus as you see here, they got the talent to do it! and do it good XD I'm sure it would turn out popular :P

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